50 St. Louis Bars and Restaurants With Great Patios [PHOTOS]

If you're looking for a great patio to chill on this summer, we know all the best spots.

By Riverfront Times Staff

(2709 Cherokee Street, 314-354-8180)
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New St. Louis Area Restaurants to Check Out This Summer [PHOTOS]

The weather is starting to heat up, and the restaurant opening are coming in hot. If you need plans on what to…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Pizza Champ
(2657 Lyle Avenue, pizzachampstl.com)
Read our food editor Cheryl Baehr's review here.
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Heated St. Louis Area Patios That Will Keep You Warm When It's Cold [PHOTOS]

The fall and winter — not to mention early spring in St. Louis — can be a real bummer when you want…

By Riverfront Times Staff

The Royale
    (3132 S Kingshighway Boulevard, 314-772-3600)
    The Royale’s fire pits will keep you warm for the rest of fall.
    Photo credit: RFT File Photo
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20 Dog-Friendly Places in St. Louis to Take Your Fur Friends

One thing about St. Louisans, they love their pets (sometimes more than humans). They love their fur friends so much that St.…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Lafayette Park
    (2023 Lafayette Avenue, 314-772-5724)
    Photo credit: Riverfront Times / @riverfronttimes on Instagram
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Rec Hall St. Louis: Where Adults Go to Play (and Drink)

Rec Hall St. Louis is a 21+ interactive game bar located in St. Charles. A place where you can unleash your inner…

By Riverfront Times Staff

    (800 S Duchesne Dr, St Charles, MO 63301)
    Photo credit: Riverfront Times / @riverfronttimes on Instagram
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The Best Food & Drink in St. Louis in 2020, According to RFT Readers

We asked Riverfront Times readers for their food & drink picks on everything from best casual takeout to best bar to visit…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Best Restaurant Service
    The Blue Duck
    (2661 Sutton Boulevard; 314-769-9940)
    Runner-up: Louie
    Photo credit: Mabel Suen
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Black-Owned Restaurants You Can Support in St. Louis

We have four words for you: Support Black-owned businesses. St. Louis' Black-owned bars, restaurants and other businesses are central to our economy…

By Riverfront Times Staff

4 Hens Creole Kitchen
     (3730 Foundry Way)
    Find out more here.
    Photo credit: Cheryl Baehr
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33 St. Louis Restaurants and Bars That Have Closed Their Doors in 2020

The restaurant industry is a tough one, even in the best of times — and 2020 has presented a whole bunch of…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Three Monkeys
    3153 Morganford Road, Tower Grove South
    Photo credit: Ed Aller / @AllerNothingDotCom
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The Top 25 St. Louis Bars of 2019, According to Yelp

Want to go out for a drink but aren't sure where to go? Or maybe you're just sick of the same old…

By Riverfront Times Staff

Narwhal's Crafted
    (3906 Laclede Avenue, 314-696-8388)
    "These guys KILL the frozen drink game. Their drinks aren't a "gimmick," or packed with cheap liquor, they are well-thought out and crafted with the best ingredients. One of my favorites is the Hibiscus G&T, which has no added sugar! Soooooooo good. If you are a first timer, I recommend a flight! I still get them every time, because they are always adding new drinks to the menu." - Mary D. via Yelp
    Photo credit: Kelly Glueck
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