11 Best Synthetic Urine Brands and Fake Pee Kits to Pass a Drug Test With Confidence

Have you failed a drug test just because your pee was packed with cannabis metabolites? Sadly, legal weed states test for weed too, dashing your hopes of ever sitting in that fancy new CEO’s office.


But here’s the good news: You can pass a drug test with synthetic urine. In this article, we’ve listed various categories of the best synthetic urine kits to help you pass a drug test.

We’ve tacked on some of the best practices you might want to arm yourself with too, so the lab technician won’t suspect a thing.

Ready to scroll down? Let’s do this!

Best Synthetic Urine Kits & Accessories
  1. Best overall kit - Incognito Belt
  2. Most realistic formula - Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine
  3. Best on a budget - Powdered Urine Kit
  4. Fake pee for practice - Clear Choice Practice Kit
  5. Heated fake urine - Quick Luck Premixed Fake Pee
  6. Synthetic pee with urinator - Urinator Powdered Urine
  7. Great for extra urine - Quick Fix 6.2 Urine
  8. Fake piss for fetish use - Quick Fix Plus Kit
  9. Fake urine belt - Synthetic Urine Belt
  10. Kit for hiding urine - Stash Undies
  11. Fake-urine leg strap - Stash Leg Strap

1. Incognito Belt - Best Synthetic Urine Belt For Tricky Drug Tests

Price - $125

  • Real-urine chemical compounds
  • Realistic PH
  • Includes heat source
  • Premixed

  • Shorter shelf life

This Clear Choice kit is a lightweight apparatus with a rubber tube, through which your fake urine passes from the bladder bag. Simply wrap the tube around your waist, under your clothing. To dispense the pee, release the clip that’s retaining it in the bag.


The attached pee is toxin-free and comes premixed so you don’t have to worry about mixing it. It has vital chemical compounds, too, including urea and uric acid.

Because it’s balanced for PH and specific gravity, it’s slightly acidic as well as denser than water, like real human urine.

2. Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine - Best Synthetic Urine Formula

  Price - $80.00

  • Realistic gravity
  • Premixed
  • Organic-urine chemical compounds
  • Includes heat source

  • Shorter shelf life

The premixed synthetic urine is unisex so you can use it irrespective of your gender. The included heat activator formula helps heat it to match your body temperature.

This pee’s composition mimics organic pee’s. It includes urea, creatinine, uric acid, and more chemical compounds. It’s balanced for PH and specific gravity, too.

They’ll never know!

Because it’s toxin- and biocide-free, the Clear Choice Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine might be safe for handling, unlike organic urine. However, it has a shorter shelf life, typical of liquid synthetic urine.

3. Clear Choice Practice Kit - Best Fake Pee Kit for Practice

Price - $65

  • Heat source
  • Temperature strip
  • Mixing container
  • Cap with spout

  • No synthetic urine included

So, if you don’t know a thing about using heat pads or heat activator powders, you might be the right candidate for this Clear Choice kit.

The kit comes with an ideal heat source (heating pad and heat activator powder) so you can practice how to heat your synthetic urine beforehand. Included is a temperature strip, too. You’ll need to purchase your synthetic urine separately, though, as it’s not included.


Still, as one of the best synthetic urine kits, Clear Choice Practice Kit is designed for use with the Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine or Quick Luck Premixed Fake Pee (our next entry).

4. Quick Luck Premixed Fake Pee - Reheat Fake Urine for Drug Test

Price - $100

  • Realistic specific gravity
  • Premixed
  • Includes heat source
  • Real-urine chemical compounds

  • Shorter shelf life

Reheating your synthetic urine sample couldn't be more convenient with this kit. The included heat pads can last up to 10 hours when activated. This might be more than enough time for you to reheat your pee countless times.

You get heat activator powder, too, just in case.

Quick Luck Premixed Fake Pee boasts a formula that’s based on years of lab research. It’s balanced for PH and specific gravity. And it features just over ten chemical compounds, including urea and uric acid.

The well-sealed product is toxin- and biocide-free, like all Clear Choice synthetic urine.

5. Powdered Urine Kit - Best Powdered Fake Pee

Price - $49.95

  • Balanced PH
  • Includes heat source
  • Real-urine chemical compounds
  • Toxin-free

  • Not premixed

Any lovers of powdered stuff in the house? This Test Clear powdered urine kit might be worth a shot. And because it comes with user instructions, it might make for hassle-free first-time use.

The included temperature strip is reusable, and the attached heaters can last up to 6 hours when activated.

This powdered synthetic urine is balanced for PH and gravity, and it boasts all the vital urine chemicals, including urea.

While you’ll have to mix this powdered pee yourself, you might not have issues transporting it as it comes with a medical transport vial.

6. Urinator Powdered Urine - Best Fake Urine With Urinator

Price - $169.95

  • Includes free (powdered) urine
  • Reusable
  • Includes heat source
  • Self-regulated heating element
  • Includes temperature strips

  • Included urine isn’t premixed

If all you care about is maintaining your pee’s temperature, you might want to give this kit a try.

The urinator uses cutting-edge technology to keep your fake urine warm for up to 4 hours. It comes with a self-controlled heating element. You get temperature strips, too, so you can test your pee’s temperature before it hits the lab doors.

And did we mention this device is reusable?

Included is over $100 of powdered urine, complete with a user manual. Make sure to follow instructions to the letter when mixing the urine. Otherwise, you could end up with a compromised urine sample.

7. Quick Fix 6.2 Urine - Best Kit for Extra Fake Urine

Price - $39.95

  • Realistic specific gravity
  • Premixed
  • Real-urine chemical compounds
  • Includes extra urine

  • Shorter shelf life

Sometimes, you can get your artificial urine spilled. Quickfix understands it, and they’ve included a little extra pee with this product. The urine is premixed, which might make it a good fit for emergency use.

Sometimes you need pee in a pinch!

Like all of our top picks, this Quick Fix synthetic urine is toxin-free. It boasts a balanced PH, too, as well as specific gravity. The piss includes all the vital chemicals (urea, creatinine, uric acid, etc.) present in organic pee.

However, because this unisex pee comes premixed, it might have a shorter shelf life.

8. Quick Fix Plus Kit - Best Whizzinator Synthetic Urine

Price - $139.95

  • Has a silent flow
  • Includes whizzinator
  • Includes heat source
  • Reusable

  • Someone may notice the “extra” organ

Looking to dispense fake urine discreetly so the lab technician has no clue you’re doing it? Then you might want to use this synthetic urine product.

The prosthetic urine delivery system comes with synthetic urine so you don’t have to purchase it separately. You get a temperature indicator and hand warmers, too. And the detailed instructions might make for hassle-free first-time use.


The reusable Piss Perfect comes in 5 skin shades (white, black, latino, etc.) for your pick. It also has a silent flow (no awkward clicks); the closest person to you may not suspect a thing, even.

9. Synthetic Urine Belt - A Top Quality Synthetic Urine Belt

Price - $34.95

  • Adjustable
  • Medical-grade vinyl bag
  • Medical-grade syringe
  • Includes heat source

  • Synthetic urine not included

If you’d rather just use a belt to dispense synthetic urine, this product could be worth a try. Only you’ll have to purchase the pee separately as it’s not included with the purchase.

The belt comes with the basics you’ll need for dispensing fake urine, including a heating pad, syringe, and vinyl bag.

To use the belt, which comes with an adjustable elastic band, wrap it around your waist or neck – it fits a waist of up to 40 inches. Then, heat your fake piss, pour it into the bag, and affix a warmer to it.

10. Stash Undies - Best Way to Conceal Urine for Drug Test

Price - $24.95

  • Hidden pocket
  • Various waist sizes
  • Can substitute normal undies
  • Helps conceal synthetic urine

  • Synthetic urine not included

Sometimes, it can be challenging to conceal synthetic urine during a drug test. In this case, the Stash Undies accessory might come in handy. It boasts a hidden front pocket so you can throw in your urine bottle secretly.


The dedicated pocket is easily accessible – no bothersome zippers or buttons. Simply pull out your urine bottle from the pocket when you’re ready to use it. You’ll need to purchase your urine separately, though, as it’s not included with this product.

The QuickFix product comes in various waist sizes, from medium to large and extra-large, for your pick. Wash and dry it like you would normal underwear.

11. Stash Leg Strap - Best Synthetic Urine Leg Strap

Price - $19.95

  • Adjustable
  • Fit for extended-period usage
  • Helps conceal synthetic urine

  • Synthetic urine not included

Need to get to some distant lab with your fake-urine bottle intact? You might want to stash it in this discrete strap so no one knows what’s sitting beneath your clothing.

The strap is adjustable, which might make it fit most leg sizes. It’s made from neoprene, a high-quality material that might make it comfy for extended-period usage. Just make sure to secure your bottle so it doesn’t slide out of place.

Like the Stash Undies above, though, this Stash Leg Strap doesn’t come with artificial urine. You’ll need to buy it separately.

What Is Fake Pee?

In the context of passing drug tests, fake pee is artificial urine that’s lab-designed to test as organic pee – it smells and foams like real human urine, probably because it boasts a more or less similar composition.

It needs to look, sound, and splash like real pee!

Reliable synthetic urine is slightly acidic as it’s balanced for PH. It’s denser than water, too, as it’s balanced for specific gravity. Moreover, it features real-urine chemical compounds: creatinine, sodium, urea, uric acid, etc.

Usually, synthetic urine comes with an ideal heat source and temperature strip. These help in warming up the urine and testing the temperature, respectively.

Of course, some brands are better than others.

Some companies will go the extra mile and include helpful accessories – whizzinator, belt, etc. – with the urine so you can dispense the thing worry-free. In other words, you can have some “pretend” genitals that are squirting out the pee for you.

Synthetic Pee Reviews - Does Synthetic Urine Work?

Synthetic urine works! Often, ineffectiveness is tied to not following all the instructions, using expired products, or/and not checking the pee’s temperature.

Here are synthetic urine reviews (real quotes from Reddit threads) where people have or haven’t passed weed urine tests.
  • deleted member: I used the synthetic urine at Quest and it worked.
  • tonicwaterinice: Used it last year have the job. Works
  • kujyle: Quick fix did not work for me.
  • sirjackmalley: I did a 6 panel test at quest with quickfix and it worked.
  • dom2190: I used the current quickfix at labcorp about a month ago and passed with flying colors.
  • witheredking: ...used it several times at labcorp and have passed.
  • Discobiscuit4005: I've used it 5 times and passed.

So while we can’t always guarantee that fake pee will work for everyone EVERY SINGLE TIME, the top brands like QuickFix seem to work most of the time.

Different companies use different techniques and methods for drug testing urine, so there are a lot of variables that can affect the outcome.

Nonetheless, these products work most the time if you buy reputable brands.

Quick Fix Review

One of the best synthetic urine brands on the market, Quick Fix has been in business for 25+ years. Their products have been used by millions of people.

The company has been updating its formula consistently, and they’re currently on their 6.2 version.

Quick Fix recommends that you buy directly from their website. According to them, you might bump into expired products (which often go at high discounted prices) in other spots.

Don’t fall for it!

The company also recommends that you follow instructions for optimal results..

Their lab-generated pee mimics real human urine and is unlikely to be detectable. This might explain why it’s widely used by labs to calibrate urinalysis equipment.

How to Pass a Drug Test with Fake Pee

Smuggling in fake pee to a urine test can be nerve-wracking, but follow these basic instructions and you should be okay.
  1. Consider using the various accessories you can buy, such as Stash Undies and the Leg Strap - these can conceal your synthetic urine under your clothes.
  2. The Piss Perfect (a monkey-whizz alternative) might be your other bet, as is a urine belt. These let you dispense your urine discreetly as well.
  3. You want to warm up your pee before it hits the lab doors. Ensure the temperature oscillates between 90°F and 100°F (32°C and 37°C). Many kits have thermometers to help with this, or you could sneak in a small thermometer yourself.
  4. If you’re going to mix your urine, assuming it’s powdered, make sure to follow instructions to the letter. One missed step could compromise your drug test.
  5. Relax and act natural as best as you can!

Different fake urine products work differently, so be sure to read the instructions for your product, relax, and try your best to act natural throughout the drug test.

Conclusion - Which Is the Best Fake Pee?

For us, the best synthetic urine product is the Incognito Belt. The kit not only makes for a reliable urine delivery system but is also one of the best synthetic urine kits on the market.

Our first runner-up is Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine, a kit that comes packed with everything you need for a urine test, including heating pads.

Both synthetic urine products include premixed pee.

Just because you smoke weed doesn’t mean you should fail a urine drug test. Get it done with synthetic pee – a new job might never slip through your fingers again!
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