5 Best Kratom Vendors of 2022: Reliable Websites to Buy Quality Kratom Online (Kratom Vendors Near Me)

Kratom’s popularity has soared as people discover the many health benefits of this ancient herbal medicine. Kratom is a proven treatment for many conditions, including fatigue, depressed mood, loss of libido, anxiety and even substance addiction.
Its popularity, however, also means that a lot of untrustworthy sellers are vying for your kratom dollars. How do you find trustworthy sellers? That's where our list can help.

Best Kratom Vendors Online

First look:
  1. Best kratom vendor overall - Golden Monk
  2. Kratom vendor with free shipping - Kraken Kratom
  3. Best website for fair trade kratom - KratomSpot
  4. Best kratom vendor for opioid addiction - OrganicKratomUSA
  5. Best for bulk kratom - Kratom Crazy

1. Golden Monk - Best Kratom Vendor Overall (Highest Quality)

Founded in 2016, this Las Vegas company sells red, green and white kratom in capsules and powder form. It’s a small company that prides itself on genuine, high-quality items and a commitment to customer service.

Their kratom comes directly from Indonesia and is laboratory tested for the presence of alkaloids. Golden Monk limits itself to a few high-quality products and pure, potent kratom.


  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Loyalty program.
  • Discounts on bulk shipping.
  • Third-party lab testing.
  • Free shipping on orders over $50.

2. Kraken Kratom - Kratom Vendor with Free Shipping
Portland, Oregon, is the home of this company that specializes in medicinal and therapeutic kratom. It sells high-quality kratom strains in extract, powder, tablet or capsule form.

Kraken stands out for its enhanced kratom, which has been refined and purified to be the highest performing kratom in the market. If you’re using kratom primarily for therapeutic or medicinal purposes, this may be the best choice.

  • Generous rewards program.
  • Third-party lab testing.
  • Sells empty capsules and tea accessories.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Free shipping on all orders.

3. The Kratom Spot - Best Website for Fair Trade Kratom

This California-based company gets its kratom from the finest sustainable farmers and growers in Southeast Asia. It says it’s committed to pure kratom that’s sustainably sourced and farmed.

The Kratom Spot offers a purity guarantee. The company also has a wide variety of potent red, white and green kratom strains in powder or capsule form.

  • Third-party lab testing.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Sells products with no additives.
  • Offers bulk sales.
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50.

4. Organic Kratom USA - Best for Kratom for Substance Addiction Treatment
Organic Kratom USA is one of the largest kratom sellers in the US. This company offers a nice variety of kratom strains in powder and capsule form. These pure formulas are especially good if you're using kratom to treat substance addiction.

Organic Kratom doesn’t use large-scale, traditional agricultural sources for its kratom. Instead, it gets its kratom from independent Indonesian-based suppliers who use organic harvesting methods. Its blog has a wealth of informative articles on kratom.

  • Independent lab testing.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Also sells CBD hemp buds.
  • Helpful website articles.
  • Free shipping on orders over $89.

5. Kratom Crazy - Best for Buying Bulk Kratom
Kratom Crazy offers a large selection of kratom, a satisfaction guarantee and purity-tested products. Kratom Crazy is a straightforward site that uses clear language to explain what you’re getting.

The company is based in North Carolina, but their kratom comes from Southeast Asia and US distributors. They specialize in bulk sales to individual buyers.

  • Third-party lab testing.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Offers bulk sales.
  • Provides helpful FAQ about each kratom strain.
  • Dedicated customer service hours.

Why We Created This List on the Best Kratom Sellers
How can you find a reliable online kratom seller?

If you’re wondering the same thing, you’re the informed buyer we want to reach. We put together this guide after running into some questionable products and some even more questionable behavior by so-called kratom suppliers.

Everyone deserves fair treatment and a fair product for their money. If you’re looking for kratom, you probably need help, and you certainly don’t need to be scammed. We put this list together to ensure you’ll only deal with reputable sellers of genuine kratom.

How We Chose the Top Kratom Sites

When we sat down to create this list, we knew we had to do it methodically. We’re experienced kratom users who have also experimented with buying kratom in bulk, testing out various kratom therapies and struggling with the same issues you are.

We knew a scattershot approach would not work and would not serve our readers. We only have one goal: We want to make sure you buy real kratom from real suppliers.

Our Kratom Vendor Ranking Methodology

When we drew up our list, we started by looking at dealers we’ve had success with, recommendations from other experienced kratom users and online reviews.

We then narrowed that list by only including sellers that met these non-negotiable criteria.

Pure kratom with no additives: You shouldn’t buy from sellers who offer mixes or blends that contain kratom. A reputable dealer should sell you pure kratom with no additives or chemicals.

Third-party lab results: Results from an independent lab are the only way to know your kratom is genuine. It’s also the only way to know you’re getting the quality and potency you are paying to get. If the seller doesn’t provide third-party test results, what are they hiding?
v Quality guarantee: A serious guarantee shows the company stands by its product and its service.

Genuine kratom: Kratom grows in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar. Sellers who import directly from these countries are more likely to sell genuine kratom.

Ratings and reviews:
Online reviews can be deceptive because some companies pay people to post positive reviews. We looked for reviews that seemed genuine and addressed kratom buyers’ genuine concerns. We also asked our fellow kratom users about their experiences with various sellers.

Our top five sellers met these criteria. They also met the standards of knowledgeable kratom buyers. They all named these sellers as reputable and honest. You can buy from them with confidence.

Kratom Vendor FAQs

What Is Kratom?

Mitragyna Speciosa is the name of a tropical evergreen tree that grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea. Kratom is the name of the drug produced from the leaves of this tree.

Alternative and Eastern health practitioners have long prescribed kratom for a range of physical and emotional disorders. Its ability to bind to opiate receptors has made it a promising treatment for drug addiction.

What Are the Health Benefits of Kratom?

In traditional medicine, kratom is primarily a treatment for mood disorders. It is a natural stimulant that can help you improve your mood and your energy levels. Some people use it to cope with chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

Kratom’s key ingredients include powerful antioxidants and immunity boosters. As a supplement, it can help fight the effects of disease and aging.

Kratom is an option for people who want a natural way to alter their mood and energy levels. Like any stimulant, however, it should be used with care.

What Are Some Conditions Kratom Can Treat?

Substance addiction: Ancient healers treated substance addiction by having users chew on kratom leaves. Today, kratom offers enormous promise for people with opiate addictions. It is not an opiate, but it can activate the opiate receptors in your brain and bind to them. This reduces your brain’s cravings for drugs when you stop using.

Blood sugar:
Kratom leaves are high in alkaloids, which are proven to help regulate insulin and glucose levels. Using kratom can help you manage your blood sugar and prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

Anxiety: Kratom elevates your mood by reducing anxiety, depression and fatigue. It contains psychoactive substances that prompt the release of endorphins and serotonin. Kratom helps restore the balance of these emotion-related hormones.

Loss of libido:
Some people report an increase in libido levels when they use kratom. Its ability to increase energy and elevate mood may help lift the depression that frequently leads to a loss of interest in sex.

What Are Some Ways To Use Kratom?

Most kratom comes in a crushed powder form. This is the most convenient way to use it because you can add the powder to your food or drinks.

Kratom has a bitter taste. Experienced users suggest mixing it with a sweet juice like orange, grape or apple. The juice masks the flavor of the kratom.

Others add it to their food. Many users say they add it to applesauce, oatmeal and pudding.

Some people don’t mind the taste. They make kratom tea from the powder and drink it hot or iced. More adventurous users add it to their smoothies or their food recipes.

There is no loss of potency when you add it to food or drinks.

How Long Do the Effects of Kratom Last?

Once you ingest kratom, the psychoactive effects will last at least three hours. They rarely last more than a day. It is not a quick-acting stimulant. It can take up to an hour before you feel its effects.

Does Kratom Have Side Effects?

Like any drug, kratom can have nasty side effects if you take too much or take it too frequently. These include:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Dizziness or confusion.
  • Sleepiness.
  • Dry, itchy skin.
Is It Legal To Buy Kratom?

Most states consider kratom a food product rather than a drug. In these states, it’s legal to buy it if you're over 18.

State laws are all different, and they keep changing. Check with your state to be sure of kratom’s legal status before you buy it.

States Where Kratom is Illegal
It’s currently illegal in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin.

Local Bans

Other states have age restrictions and local bans.

Kratom is legal in Illinois but not in Jerseyville, Illinois, which has a kratom ban.

In California, kratom is legal everywhere except the city of San Diego. It is legal everywhere in Florida except Sarasota County, and it's legal everywhere in Mississippi except Union County.

Kratom is legal in Colorado except for Denver, where it is banned for human consumption but can be sold in non-food products.

Countries Where It’s Illegal

Don’t travel with your kratom. It is illegal in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Myanmar, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand and Vietnam.

Is It Safe To Buy Kratom Online?

Are you concerned about shipping kratom to your state? If kratom is legal in your state, ordering online is a safe, convenient way to get your kratom.

There are two types of online kratom seller. Specialists in Eastern medicine sell kratom and other herbs specifically for medicinal use. You are likely to find a selection of various herbal treatments on their sites.

Others specialize in kratom. You can get kratom there, but you won’t find other herbal drugs or supplements. Both types of seller are good, and both can be excellent sources of high-quality kratom.

How Do You Choose the Right Online Kratom Vendor?

Before you order, look for:
  • An established business with a good reputation.
  • Genuine kratom with no additives.
  • Product guarantees.
  • Secure shipping.
  • Third-party lab testing.

How Do You Choose Safe, High-Quality Kratom?

Buy regular kratom: Most kratom you find online or in stores is Maeng Da or other well-known varieties in red, green or white. These are the traditional kratom types. Don’t be tempted to try something new and exotic. Stick to tested, proven varieties.

Texture: Is the kratom powder soft and silky? The higher the quality, the finer the powder will be. A rough, gritty powder indicates inferior quality.

Color: If the powder has a bright white, red or green color, it is more likely to be fresh. Old, stale kratom will turn brown.

When Searching for “Kratom Near Me”, Check Online Kratom Websites First

We found Goldenmonk was the best kratom vendor due its high quality Kratom, good prices, and fast shipping times. Kratom is a useful, beneficial herb that can improve your quality of life. If you want a reliable source of high-quality kratom, these vendors fit the bill.
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