5 Best Penis Extenders: Top Penile Stretcher Reviews 2020

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If you're looking for a natural way to increase your penis size without pills or expensive surgery, you may have heard of penis extenders before.

Penis extenders, also referred to as penile traction devices, offer men a non-invasive method for increasing penis length and correcting penile curvatures. Additional benefits include harder erections, improved sexual performance, and increased confidence in the bedroom.

However, not all penis extenders are created equal. Some devices are too bulky to wear discreetly under your clothing, while others just aren't that comfortable to wear for long periods of time. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

We've reviewed all of the best penis extenders on the market and rated them on a variety of factors including comfort, safety, user reviews, price, and guarantee.

Without further ado, here are the best penis extenders on the market.

Top 5 Best Penis Extenders of 2020

1) Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro gets our top choice as the best penis extender available. This product allows you to enlarge your penis up to one inch per month, which is faster than most penile traction devices on the market.

This product is a medical grade device that was designed to be a safe alternative to penile enlargement surgery. This penile extender works by applying a light stretch to your penis as you wear the device discreetly under your clothing. This constant tension to the penis is painless, gentle, and most men experience no discomfort at all while using it.

Here's what we like most about Quick Extender Pro:

  • Features a Double Strap Support system for maximum comfort and proper tension to the penis.
  • Works great for correcting penile curvatures (Peyronie's Disease).
  • Industry-leading 4,000g of spring force tension.
  • Permanent gains in penis length and girth.
  • Device is made from 100% hypoallergenic medical grade materials.
  • Lightweight and durable, requiring zero maintenance.
  • All purchases are backed by a lifetime warrant and a full 6 month money back guarantee.

The results you get from using Quick Extender Pro will depend on how much tension you want to apply to your penis and how many hours per day you wear it. This product comes with several different recommended programs that you can follow.

If you're looking for a safe and effective method for increasing your penis size safely without surgery, give Quick Extender Pro a try. It's guaranteed to work or your money back!

2) Jes-Extender

Jes-Extender has been one of the top rated penis extenders on the market since 1995, with over 500,000 satisfied customers from around the world. This penile extender promises to give you a bigger penis, improve erections, correct penile curvatures, and help improve confidence in the bedroom.

This product is designed in Denmark and handmade using the highest quality materials. It's branded as a luxury penis enlarger, thanks to its sophisticated style and refined taste. Jes-Extenders offers several different models to choose from, depending on your preference. You can choose between Lite, Original, Titanium, Gold, and Platinum.

The Jes-Extender is manufactured using high quality medical grade parts. The device has adjustable rods that can easily switch between tension levels of 1200, 2000, and 2800 grams of traction. This penis extension device can be used during the day or night and fits penis sizes from 2 to 10 inches.

Here is what we like most about Jes-Extender:
  • Permanent size gains up to 28% on average.
  • Patented Danish design for safe and comfortable penis enlargement.
  • Easily adjustable tension rods, allowing you to move at your own pace.
  • 5 different models to choose from, fitting nearly any budget.
  • Comes with a quick-start guide with easy instructions.
  • 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.
  • Luxury models include Titanium, Gold, and Platinum coating.

If you're looking for the Royals Royce of penis extenders, Jes-Extender is a great option to consider. Thanks to its superior design, it's one of the most comfortable penile traction devices that you'll find anywhere.

3) SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is a FDA cleared medical device that aims to take your penile size and sexual performance to the next level. Whether you're looking to add inches to your penis, fix penile curvatures, or achieve better erections, SizeGenetics can help you reach your goals.

SizeGenetics is made with quality medical-grade components and has been classified as a Medical Type 1 Device. This product is endorsed by penile enlargement surgeons and has been featured in several prominent magazines including GQ and Men's Health.

SizeGenetics is very easy to use and lightweight, making it easy to wear discreetly underneath clothing for extended periods of time. You can wear this device for anywhere from 6 to 12 daily, but optimal results are achieved with just 4 to 6 hours per day. It's recommended that you wear this extender for at least 5 days per week.

Here's what we like most about SizeGenetics:
  • Clinically proven, medical grade device.
  • Massive 2,800 grams of tension, more than most penile extenders.
  • Includes 16-way Ultimate Comfort System.
  • Delivered discreetly to your home to ensure ultimate privacy.
  • Can help with micro-penis syndrome or penile curvatures.
  • Simple, lightweight, easy-to-use design.
  • Money back guarantee if you aren't 100% satisfied.

Whether you have a small penis, average penis, or a large penis, SizeGenetics can help you add permanent size gains in length and girth. Since SizeGenetics is a Medical 1 Type Device, it's also the greatest option for anyone that wants to fix their penile curvature.

4) Male Edge

Male Edge is among the best penis extenders for guys on a budget. It's the brainchild of DanaMedic, a Danish tech company with more than 20 years of industry experience. The organization's extensive track record and quality products make it one of the most trusted manufacturers.

How does the product work? All you need is to follow a few steps and have a bit of patience. The device can take up to six to nine months before you see results.

Insert your genitals into Male Edge. The ring will encircle the base of the penis while providing partial support to the head. The device has metallic arms on either side that run parallel to the shaft.

You can adjust the arms that lightly stretch the genitalia. DanaMedic recommends applying 900 to 1,000 g of force for the first two weeks. Once you complete this initial period, you can raise the tension to 1,200 g. Make sure to wear the device for three to five hours daily for optimal results.

Male Edge comes in three varieties: Basic, Extra, and Pro. Each model provides a cost-effective and reliable way to enhance your endowment naturally. If you live in the United States or the European Union, you can get free shipping.

What Is A Penis Extender?

Penis extenders are medical devices that doctors commonly recommend to correct Peyronie's disease, a condition that causes curvature in the penis. A mechanical penis traction device stretches genitalia while flaccid. Men should wear them for at least six hours a day and up to six to 12 months.

Penile enlargement devices are not the same as penis pumps, which you can purchase to correct erectile dysfunction. Initial research shows that extenders can increase penile length over several months. You should only use a penis pump for 30 minutes at a time to avoid penile injury.

If you want a penis extender device, you'll need to see a doctor first. You won't find it at any of your local sex shop or drug store. Most men use it to treat Peyronie's disease, though some people buy one for cosmetic reasons.

What To Look for When Buying A Penile Traction Device

Medical Grade Devices Only

Penis extenders are medical devices. If you want a top-quality product, make sure your penile stretcher comes with medical-grade certification. For instance, the Quick Extender Pro uses aluminum and hypoallergenic memory foam padding to create the most comfortable and practical device possible.


Penis enlargers are the equivalent of a neck brace for your genitals. They provide structure and support but can be uncomfortable, especially when you sit. Avoid plastic models that don't move with your body and can cut into your skin.

Amount of Tension

The top penile stretchers on the market have calibrated springs the deliver up to 4,000 g of tension. This threshold creates an ideal environment for growth. It enables mitosis and cytokinesis, so your penis becomes thicker and longer with time.

Urologist Paolo Gonetero and his colleagues performed research on different levels of tension. His team found that "highly motivated" users had traction force between 1.3 and 2.6 pounds. These subjects saw significant gains in the first month before the results plateaued.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you want to try a penis stretcher risk-free, find a company that has a money-back guarantee. The offer lets you see if the device works for you before committing to the purchase. Some businesses have a double money-back guarantee where the organization will pay you twice the retail value if you want to return your extender.

Positive Customer Reviews

While you should always take customer reviews with a grain of salt, they can be useful for finding the best penis extender. Other users can provide insights into a device's effectiveness, side effects, comfort system, and customer support. Penis extender reviews can even help you decide between two equally viable options.

Benefits of Using A Penis Extender

Increase Penile Size

Penile stretchers are the only scientifically proven way to extend your genitals without surgery. Researchers from the University of Turin say it's a viable alternative, noting high patient satisfaction and consistent results. The study found that males who use the device for six months saw an increase in size by 32%.

Improve Erections

No one wants to disappoint their partner in the bedroom. A dick extender provides a way to gain size and improve erection quality simultaneously. The same study from the University of Turin found a 36% increase in erectile functionality over a year.

Helps Correct Penile Curvature

While some people fixate on length and penis enlargement, extenders serve an essential medical purpose for individuals with Peyronie's disease. The device can reduce the fibrous buildup that leaves some males with unnaturally curved penises. Talk to your doctor to see if a penis stretcher is right for you.

Improved Confidence

Penis size correlates strongly with self-confidence. A high-quality penis extender can provide men with the natural enhancement they need to look and feel their best. It also alleviates the social pressure to have a massive and hard erection during intercourse.

Treating Peyronie's Disease with a Penis Extender

Believe it or not, not all men want to increase penis size. Individuals may like to correct a curvature in their genitalia due to Peyronie's disease. The condition causes an unnatural bend in the penis due to fibrous plaque. The plaque contorts the soft tissue to one side and creates functional problems.

Researchers do not know Peyronie's disease's origins, though experts suspect genetics, trauma, and bruising. The condition only exists in one in every 100 men in the United States. Individuals with Peyronie's disease may experience a diminished sexual performance, a lack of confidence, and erectile dysfunction.

Penis stretchers provide a way to straighten out the genitalia. The device gradually corrects the bend while improving length and girth. Physical therapy via penis traction is scientifically proven to have positive results for men with Peyronie's disease.

Alternatives To Penis Extenders


Jelqing is a primitive form of penis exercise. It involves creating micro-tears to make your penis appear longer and thicker. Most of the evidence supporting jelqing is anecdotal, though some studies suggest that it may work.

Jelqing requires men to form a partial erection. They then place lube in one hand and gently massage their shaft. The process circulates blood through the penis tissue and takes up to 20 minutes. Potential side effects include bruising, soreness, and irritation.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps provide men with temporary penis enlargement. The device goes over the genitals to form an airtight seal. A pump creates suction that draws blood into the penis, making it harder and larger.

Pumps provide a cost-effective solution for anyone dealing with erectile dysfunction. The relatively-safe device does increase blood flow, but only for a short time. Side effects may include bruising and blistering.

Male Enhancement Pills

Anyone interested in increasing their penis length has probably considered male enhancement supplements. The best male enhancement pills provide a non-surgical way to improve penile size. Unfortunately, there's almost no scientific evidence suggesting that these supplements work.

Marketers can claim their product works due to a loophole. The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate penis enhancement supplements, so companies do not have to prove their effectiveness or safety. While some supplements may improve penis sizes, most pills do little to nothing.

Penile Enlargement Surgery

Doctors can improve penile length through surgery. Surgeons insert a crescent-shaped piece of silicone into the underside of the penis. The silicone acts as a sheath to make the genitals appear longer and wider.

Penis stretchers are a significantly more practical and affordable alternative to surgery. The Phallosan Forte only costs a few hundred dollars, while penis enlargement surgery costs roughly $15,000. That doesn't even include the $1,000 premium you pay for surgery or potential side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Penis Stretchers Really Work?

If you want to enhance your manhood, buy a penis stretcher. It is the only way to improve your length and width without surgery. The device even has scientific research backing the application.

A study in the British Association of Urological Surgeons found that penis stretching adds 0.67 inches of length. Participants had to wear a penis extender for four hours daily for six months. While a fraction of an inch might not sound like much, consider that the average penis length is approximately five inches when erect.

Other studies show a penis extender can all but guarantee results. Thousands of men have had medical professionals verify penis stretching as a viable technique. The average participant can expect a 12% overall penis enhancement.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Penis extenders take time to work. Even if you buy the best cock extender, you should expect to wait six to 12 months to see results. Some products, such as Phallosan Forte, tell users to wait six to seven months, though you may see results sooner.

The process takes a long time because it's incremental. Penis stretching involves gradually pulling the genitalia in the opposite direction of its curve. While it's challenging to recognize a partial improvement, you can rest assured knowing the results are there.

Are Penis Extenders Safe To Use?

Penis extenders do not have severe side effects like other competing products. The penis enlargement device may cause skin irritation or abrasion, but little more. The most significant setback will likely be that the device feels uncomfortable while you use it.

Most doctors recommend that patients use a penis extender. Not only are they practical, but they're also safe. Many companies provide a money-back guarantee if you find the device unsatisfactory.

What Type of Results Can I Expect?

Penis extender results vary based on a couple of factors. That includes your current penile length, the amount of tension, and the brand. Most users see significant results in the first month before the lengthening levels off. If you buy a penis extender, you should expect a one-inch improvement in length.
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