5 Best Penis Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction

Dissatisfied with your penis size? You're not alone. According to researchers, 45% of men are unhappy with their natural endowment. One of the best solutions to this problem is the penis pump.

Yes, penis pumps can provide you with harder and larger erections in a matter of minutes. They temporarily increase blood flow to your genitals, making it easier to sustain an erection during sex. The devices also provide a cost-effective alternative to ED medication if you struggle with erectile dysfunction.

Whether you're looking to increase the size of your erections or need help with erectile dysfunction, here are the best penis pumps that money can buy.

Top 5 Best Penis Pumps For Better Erections
  • Penomet: Best Penis Pump Overall
  • Hydro7: Best Penis Pump For Beginners (5-7")
  • Hydromax5: Best Pump For Small Penises (Less than 5")
  • HydroExtreme9: Best Pump For Large Penises (7-9")
  • Encore Deluxe Vacuum Therapy System

Penomet: Best Penis Pump Overall

Penomet is the best penis pump brand on the market, hands-down. This water-based pump allows you to achieve visible penis enlargement results within just 15 minutes, allowing you to perform at your best in the bedroom. According to the manufacturer website, Penomet can increase the size of your penis up to 3 inches in length and 30% in girth.

The difference between Penomet and other penis pumps is its unique design. Penomet offers 5 interchangeable gaiters, allowing you to gradually and safely increase the pressure on the penis pump. This increases your penis size up to 65% faster compared to other penis pumps that only have a single gaiter setting.

Arctic Sea Limited, the company behind Penomet, has put more than a decade of research and development into the penis pump. Not only does the penis pump work, but it delivers visible gains almost immediately.

Some other benefits include:
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Decreased impotence
  • Reduced chance of premature ejaculation
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Reduced effects of Peyronie's disease

Results vary with each person, but Arctic Sea Limited claims the average user will see a noticeable difference. The company recommends using the item for 15 minutes before sex, and in return, you'll gain up to three inches in length and possibly 30% in girth. That applies whether you purchase the Standard or Premium version.

The Penomet is worth your consideration, regardless of your budget. It has earned multiple Venus Awards for design and a Sign Award for Best Male Enhancement Device. If you want a penis pump that is not only safe, but also effective, you need the Penomet.

Hydro7: Best for Beginners

Bathmate opened for business in 2006. The first product it made was the Hydro7. This revolutionary pump gave the company a boost into the upper echelon of the penis enhancement industry.

The Hydro7 product promises to improve your sexual stamina, erectile hardness, and sex life. The device has a rigid exterior and soft interior for optimal durability and comfort.

The Hydro7 caters to first-time users, with penises between 5 and 7 inches. Add warm water to the pump and gently apply pressure. You should see visible improvements in less than 15 minutes.

Bathmate goes above and beyond with its attention to detail. Each of its hydro pumps has skin-safe medical-grade materials that it manufactures with help from Aspen Clinical Research. The global testing clinic ensures that the penis pumps don't cause unwanted abrasions or discomfort.

The Hydro7 comes with a measuring gauge, capsule case, towel, and Bathmate clean. The kits also have shower straps, so you can use the pump in the shower without making a mess. It even comes with a two-year warranty in case of defects.

Join the more than one million men who use Hydro7. This product has free worldwide shipping and discreet labeling, so you don't raise suspension at home. If you don't love Hydro7, you can return it within the first 60 days for your money back.
  • Perfect for beginners that are new to penis pumping
  • Improve erection hardness and sexual stamina
  • Suitable for men with an erection length between 5-7"
  • 60-day return policy if you're not satisfied

Hydromax5: Best for Smaller Penises

If your manhood measures 5 inches or less, Hydromax5 can help. The hydro pump provides long-lasting results so that men can deliver in the bedroom. Hydromax5 is part of Bathmate's Hydromax series, the best-selling penis pump line in the world.

The pump works best for men who measure 3 to 5 inches while erect. It gives users the extra blood flow and hardness they need when jelqing and male enhancement pills are not enough. The Hydromax also has 35% more power than its predecessors, helping smaller members get additional enlargement.

The increased power comes from the reimagined design. The Hydromax5 has new bellows that improve pumping. These substantial bellows work in combination with improved flexibility and strength to create unparalleled suction.

The Hydromax5 doesn't just deliver power. It also offers comfort. Each pump has an ultra-soft comfort pad for a flexible fit between the device and body. The snug connection ensures suction and a hygienic experience from start to finish.

Put an end to your erectile problems with the Hydromax5. It blends power, pressure, and performance for industry-leading results every time. Find out why millions of people worldwide trust their manhood to the Hydromax penis pump models.
  • Ideal for men at 5 inches or less when erect
  • 92% satisfaction rate reported among users
  • Noticeable, lasting improvements with regular usage
  • 3 different colors to choose from
  • 60-day return policy for all purchases

HydroExtreme9: Best for Bigger Penises

If you struggle to fit into most pumps, this option is for you. The HydroExtreme9 has a "go big or go home" attitude tailored for anyone serious about penile enlargement. The massive chamber offers water-based power that makes maximizing your gains easier than ever.

Use it once, and you'll benefit from:
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Harder erections
  • Enhanced girth
  • Longer-lasting erections

The pump appeals to larger users, who have erections up to 9 inches. You should use it if you're naturally well-endowed or recently graduated from the Hydromax5 or Hydro7. If you're unsure about your ideal fit, check out the size calculator at the Bathmate website.

The HydroExtreme9 features an intuitive handball unit, so you can start pumping in no time. The device gives you complete control over the process. You can monitor your penis girth, length, and hardness until you reach the optimal erection.

Each model has an advanced design for reliable performance. That includes a plush pad for a firm seal plus a durable exterior that can hold up over years of use. You only have to fill up the pump with your free hand, and you'll start seeing results in minutes.
  • Ideal for men with erection sizes between 7 and 9 inches
  • The most powerful penis pump model in the industry
  • Includes easy-to-use handball unit
  • Unlock your full potential for growth in penis length and girth
  • Includes full set of accessories absolutely free

What Are Penis Pumps and How Do They Work?

Penis pumps are medical devices that increase external penile rigidity. The products use vacuum pressure to draw blood through the capillaries and into the penis. It's why some people refer to them as vacuum pumps and vacuum constriction devices.

Men start by placing their genitals into the chamber. The bottom of the chamber should lie flush with the skin to form a vacuum seal. They can then activate the hand pump or battery-powered tool to initiate the penis enlargement.

The vacuum devices gradually draw blood into the penis. Once men achieve a complete erection, they should place a constriction ring at the base. The ring helps the user maintain the erection through intercourse.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Top Penis Pump


Penis pumps are available online, over the counter, and at specialty stores that sell items like sex toys. Some penis pump models can cost a few hundred dollars, while others can be under a hundred dollars. You should compare features so that you only pay for what you need.

If you purchase one for medical purposes, your insurance company may cover part of the cost.

Quick-Release Valve

Penis pumps require a vacuum to work effectively. If you leave your genitals in the chamber too long, they may appear swollen or hyper-sensitive. A quick-release valve mitigates the chances of harm. The item quickly releases the pressure from inside the air pump, so you obtain the vacuum erection you want without ill effects.

High-Quality Materials

The best penis pump brands use medical-grade equipment for a safe, hygienic, and effective experience. These parts include a metal, silicone, or plastic chamber durable enough for repeated use but gentle enough to avoid scraping the skin. Other noteworthy features include rubber constriction rings, wear-resistant surfaces, and LCD control panels.

Product Guarantee

You wouldn't make a major purchase without some type of guarantee. Why should vacuum pumps be any different?

Find a manufacturer that stands by the quality of its vacuum device and offers customers a money-back guarantee or a lifetime warranty. Be sure to read customer reviews to ensure that brands honor their promises.

Types of Penis Pumps

Air Pumps

Most people are happy with air pumps. They're easy to use and typically more budget-friendly than their water-based counterparts. The products work for a wide range of purposes, including erectile dysfunction, prostate surgery recovery, and enhanced sex life.

Many people prefer air pumps for the sake of convenience. You can use them anytime, anywhere. Air and hydro pump brands deliver similar results when it comes to temporary penis enlargement.

Water Pumps

Water pumps, also known as hydro pumps, use water pressure to achieve the same effect as air pumps. That said, brands like Hydromax say their products provide more uniform results and pleasure.

If you purchase the Hydromax, fill-up the chamber with warm water. Secure the device to your groin and check that there's no water coming out of the sides. Pump the Hydromax, like you would any other penis pump, to initiate blood flow to the genitals.

While water-based items have their upsides, water can also be a drawback. You might have difficulty achieving the optimal erection if the water temperature affects you. These pimps are also less convenient since you must be near a shower or bathtub.

You can use hydro pumps without water, but this will not be as effective as the intended use.

Manual Pumps

Manually operated pumps are often more affordable and intuitive. They require the user to squeeze a pump that circulates blood through the genitals.

Manual pumps are ideal for anyone dealing with erectile dysfunction. They're also suitable for users with health problems that make them more sensitive to the pressure. The products give people complete control over the process, allowing them to enlarge their manhood at their own pace.

Electric Pumps

Electric pumps remove all the guesswork from vacuum therapy. Once you select your desired setting and place your genitals in the chamber, the battery-operated device does the work for you. The item uses a pumping action so that you can enhance your manhood without lifting a finger.

Electric brands appeal to tech-savvy users, as well as people in search of more convenience. The pump takes care of increasing and decreasing the negative pressure for you while you toggle the control panel settings. Some models even have USB outlets, LCD screens, and integrated drain valves. These penis pumps are ideal for people with arthritis or other issues that may be aggravated by manual pumping.

Alternatives to Using a Penis Pump

Penis Extenders

If you want long-lasting penis enlargement, invest in a penis extender. It's the only way, other than surgery, to permanently increase your penis size. Men must wear the penile traction devices for at least six hours a day but can gain up to 1.6 inches in penis length and 0.4 inches in girth.

Most men use penis extenders to treat Peyronie's disease, a condition that causes irregular genital curvature. Extenders can gradually correct this unwanted curve, as well as other health conditions like erectile dysfunction. Make sure to visit your doctor for medical advice before purchasing a penis extender.

Male Enhancement Pills

The world of male enhancement pills is fraught with peril. Brands claim they can increase penis size without medical intervention. These claims are often speculative at best and lack concrete scientific evidence.

One of the reasons male enhancement pills are so popular is because of a loophole in U.S. law. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn't review the claims associated with male enhancer brands. That means there's no oversight regarding an item's efficacy. While some penis pills may improve user endowment, most brands do next to nothing.


Jelqing is a primitive masturbatory technique that some men use to improve their penis size. After they obtain a partial erection, the man forms a circle with his thumb and index finger. He places that loop around the shaft and gently strokes toward the tip.

Most of the evidence that supports jelqing is anecdotal. People claim it creates micro-tears in the shaft and can increase penis size after they heal. The jelqing process takes up to 20 minutes, and common side effects include chafing, bruising, and irritation.

Precautions to Take Before Using a Penis Pump

The last thing you want is to add another problem on top of your erectile dysfunction. Take a few moments to prepare yourself and your manhood before using a penis pump. That way, you can enjoy a safe and more practical experience.

Follow these tips:
  • Shave your pubic hair: Snagging your pubes in the penis pump ring hurts, and it's a mood killer. Make sure to snip any unruly hair before you begin.
  • Don't use it for more than 30 minutes: If you use a penis pump for more than half an hour, it can cause severe penile damage. Remove the constriction ring to avoid long-term side effects.
  • Use lube: Having a bit of lube on hand makes it easier to slide the vacuum penis pump on and off and can even make the experience more pleasurable. Place a dab on the shaft and the base to reduce friction and chafing.
  • Use as directed: This step is self-explanatory, but it bears repeating. Follow the instructions on the item to achieve the optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do penis pumps cost?

The cheapest devices cost around $20, while higher-end items cost a few hundred dollars. The good news is that medical professionals consider penis pumps a reliable treatment for erectile dysfunction. Some insurance companies will cover part of the cost, usually 80%, whether you want a manual pump or water penis pump.

Are penis pumps safe?

Yes, penis pumps are safe and effective for treating erectile dysfunction. Men can use them as often as they need to throughout the day without adverse health effects. While most people use a vacuum pump once per day, there's no limit to how many times it will work.

The products do come with some potential side effects. Incorrect usage may cause bruising, numbness, and a lack of firmness. A pump can also cause small blood vessels to burst under the skin, resulting in red dots called petechiae on the genitals. Talk with your doctor for medical advice in case of complications.

What type of size gains can you expect?

Not only do penis pumps work, but they provide visible gains to the male endowment. While the results vary from person to person to person, you can gain half an inch to two inches. Considering that the average penis size is 5 inches, that would mean, on average, gaining another inch.

How long do the results last?

Even the best penis pumps only deliver temporary results. While the longevity will depend on the user's arousal and penis size, you can expect most penis pump benefits to last for 30 minutes. After this, the blood will slowly leave the genitals and restore regular erectile function.
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