5 Best Research Paper Writing Services in the USA

Writing a research paper requires a deep understanding of the subject. Not only this, but the entire process can be exhausting and time-consuming. Now, time is not a luxury you have as a student. This is where a reliable research paper writing service can help. You can employ any of these research paper writers and escape the grueling process of writing your paper and still end up with the highest grade. Sadly, not all paper writing services are equally reliable. That is why we have reviewed the 5 best research paper writing services in USA that are worth considering.

1. EduBirdie

The first reputable professional writing service on our list of top 5 is EduBirdie. The team of professional research paper writers handles all forms of writing assignments and papers, including research, proposals, case study, coursework, essays, and term paper writing services. Established in 2015, EduBirdie has over 800 professional writers and 32 support agents. It has completed more than 380k ordered papers and is available in 172 foreign countries.

How it works

To hire any writer from EduBirdie, you need to complete the following processes:
  • Submit your details: you will fill out a quick order form to find the best research paper writers that match your project. After registering your email address, the site will generate an account for you. The order page contains information about the order type, deadline, detailed instructions, and an option to select the writer you want.
  • Choose a writer: each writer has dedicated profiles, rates, and reviews. As a result, there is no one size fit. A smart bidding system will recommend a writer that suits your requirement, since they all specialize in certain fields. If you want, you can request a chat with the writer to determine if you deem them qualified enough to handle your project.
  • Track your project: collaborate with your writer from anywhere for an update about your project. EduBirdie will send notifications when a draft is ready, and your writer will also message you when the draft is uploaded.
  • Review and receive your essay: ask for revisions if you are not satisfied with any part of the project. In the absence of any complaints, pay and download your paper.
Who will write your paper?

EduBirdie employs native speakers with a Ph.D. or Master’s degree from American universities. The writers also possess experience in formatting, editing, and academic writing, and they have good interpersonal and communication skills. On the homepage, you will find information about each writer, including details about past projects and ratings.


The cost of writing per page starts from $13.99. However, other factors like deadlines and the experience level of the writer may increase the price. The cost is $9.99 if you want EduBirdie to choose a writer for you.

Online writing tools

If you want to create a perfect paper yourself, you can still use various online writing tools on EduBirdie to navigate various challenges. Some of those tools include:
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Conclusion generator
  • Citation generator
  • Thesis and topic generator
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Word to minutes and word to pages converter
  • Word counter
  • Case converter and GPA calculator
  • Alphabetizer
  • Essay maker
  • Writing prompt and title page generator
Review from client

Wow! Exceeded my expectations!

An essay was completed ahead of the scheduled deadline. It was very well organized and followed all the instructions. Thank you for the fast delivery and service. – Customer 1758912

2. StudyClerk

StudyClerk is a popular professional research paper writing service of the highest quality. After only four years in the industry, the company has completed more than 250k written orders for over thirty thousand customers. There are more than 500 writing experts and editors that work in teams to ensure that you get the best out of your papers.

StudyClerk hires only the best writers that don’t only look good on paper but display the necessary skills to deliver outstanding content. Therefore, apart from assessing expertise and experience, the company administers various tests to check the authenticity of their knowledge.

As a result, the writing team comprises mainly Ph.D. and Master’s degree experts. They are also familiar with various formatting guides and are native speakers.

The company offers a cheap research paper service that covers assignments, research papers, thesis, college essays, and scholarship essays. It also provides a functional plagiarism checker software that clients use to check their papers against thousands of other contents to ensure uniqueness. For a company that has its plagiarism checker, it goes a long way to demonstrate that your essay or assignment will be 100% free of plagiarism.

How it works
  • Place your order: on the homepage, visitors can select the type of services they need and enter their email. Then, you will select the type of order type, choose your deadline, give detailed instructions, and select the writer you want. Since there are different levels of writers, you are free to choose the perfect writer for your project.
  • Payment: StudyClerk accepts VISA and Mastercard payments. More importantly, it offers a money-back guarantee on unsatisfied projects. You are also entitled to free revisions in case there is a part of the assignment you are not pleased with.
  • Receive your paper: You can proceed to pay and download your paper once you are satisfied with the job.
What you’ll enjoy:
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Privacy and security
  • Top-rated writers
  • Convenient services

StudyClerk charges $13.99 per page of professional essay and term paper writing service. However, certain factors may contribute to paying more. For example, there are different levels of writers on the platform. So, hiring a Platinum writer will cost more than a gold writer.

The reason for the difference is because of their ratings and experience. StudyClerk displays personal ratings of their writers, so you can determine who you want to hire.

Review from client

This is an excellent website for students. When ordering an essay, I left a note that it should be done quickly and still be good enough to get an A. It’s obvious these guys used a professional writer. My essay looked like someone with a Ph.D. wrote it, and on top of that, I received it right on time – Customer 1574161

3. Aresearchguide

This website is a trusted research paper writing help and a good place to start if you need to do a bit of research for your paper. Unlike the ones we’ve reviewed above, Aresearchguide is a digital educational platform on literature, writing, and presentation of academic work. Students that don’t understand how to complete an assignment use any of the resources available on the site to complete their assignment.

Aresearchguide has received more than 50 awards from various educational institutions. All the contents on the websites are also written by expert educators in various fields, and there is a guide students can use to find a particular author.

How it works

Essentially, Aresearchguide provides writing guides for students. They include the following:
  • How to write a research paper and how to format a research paper
  • Research, writing, and style guides
  • How to use search engines and presentation tips for public speaking
  • First Footnotes and Endnotes - Examples in MLA Style
  • Sample Footnotes and sample Endnotes
  • Parenthetical references - examples in MLA style
  • Works cite, References or Bibliography?
  • How to write a bibliography or works cited page
  • Sample Bibliography or Works Cited
The website contains in-depth resources that you can use to find answers to virtually any research dilemma.

Plagiarism checker

Aresearchguide has a free plagiarism checker tool you can use to detect if a part of your text is copied or not. Apart from this, there is a dedicated section on the website that explains the types, examples, and consequences of plagiarism, and answers questions surrounding self-plagiarism and the illegality of the concept itself.

Recommendation services

Aresearchguide conducts periodic reviews of top-rated research paper services that students use. Since they are a noteworthy expert in the field, they recommend the best that will get you the results you desire. It also extends its recommendation services to include a review of other plagiarism checks you can use.

Third-party services

Like we said, Aresearchguide reviews various writing services. If you want to write any type of paper, you can locate “get my paper” on their website. This will direct you to any of the top research paper writing companies they have links to. Therefore, instead of searching for the best providers, you can leverage their expertise and easily find quality writing services.

4. EssayVikings

EssayVikings is a legit research paper service you can use for your papers and assignments. There are 556 research paper editors on the platforms that have completed more than 65,332 orders. As a standard, all completed projects adhere to strict educational standards and academic institution rules and regulations. EssayVikings writers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in various fields. Therefore, you can be sure that a college student is not going to handle your project.

One of the most interesting features of EssayVikings is its dedicated editor dashboard. Unlike most vague dashboards, it is comprehensive enough to help visitors make a decision. It contains the following:
  • Badge: there is a badge at the top right corner that rates an editor based on proven reliability, customer satisfaction, and punctuality. If any of the badges is not present on any profile, you automatically know where the writer is deficient.
  • Rating: there is a star rating system based on over 100% that reflects the success and level of satisfaction.
  • Field of expertise: this field contains the total subjects the writer is an expert on.
  • Customer reviews and finished papers: check the number of finished papers and reviews from the projects.
How it works
  1. Submission requirement: the first step is to register with an email to create an account. The aim of this is to allow you to track information about the progress of your paper. After registering, you will provide information about the project and any other specific requirements you want.
  2. Editor selection: after submitting the information for your order, every editor on EssayVikings will review it and bid on it, provided they have the necessary qualification. Then, you will review eligible candidates and choose the one you want. After selecting the writer, you can go ahead and discuss terms and conditions directly before the project starts.
  3. Progress report and review: the editor will immediately start working on your paper immediately after you confirm your order. You can check the status of the project from your dashboard and review it if you need to.
  4. Payment: you will only pay for a project you are happy with.
Advantages of using EssayVikings
  • Money-back guarantee: like all the other research paper writer services we have reviewed, EssayVikings will only charge on a completed project. You are also entitled to free revisions or ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the paper.
  • Confidentiality: a strict confidentiality agreement and data encryption ensure that you stay anonymous.
  • Support: the platform offers 24/7 customer service and prompt submission. You can even order a paper with a 3 hours deadline, although it will cost more.

EssayVikings writing services start at $18 per page.

Review from client

Amazing quality editing. He gave a lot of attention to detail and followed my requirements very accurately. Customer - 897229

5. Samedaypapers

Samedaypapers is one of the best research paper writing services for busy and overwhelmed students. Their writing services cover research writing, custom dissertation, term papers, coursework, and other types of homework. The company has been around since 2015, and like the ones we have reviewed above, has a simple ecosystem.

Why choose Samedaypapers?

Secured payment: no prepayment means that you can’t lose your money or end up with a badly written paper. Instead, you will only be required to pay after verifying that you are satisfied with the work and approved the order. You can use Discover, PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard to deposit on the platform. Apart from this, you can ask for a refund of your money if you are not satisfied with the project.

Plagiarism-free paper: Samedaypapers have a free grammar checker and plagiarism checker tool that site visitors can use. In other words, the platform understands the importance of a unique assignment. Therefore, all writing staff creates original content that represents the thoughts and ideas of the client.

Support: 24/7 customer support ensures that you can always find answers to your questions at any time of the day.

Who will write your papers?

There is an extensive database of writers that site visitors can choose from. All Samedaypapers writers are rated based on customer reviews and you can scroll down to learn more about a writer’s area of expertise. For example, on the writer’s profile, you can find their skills, ratings, number of completed papers, and a brief introduction about what services they can deliver.

How it works
  • Place an order
  • Choose a writer
  • Monitor the order
  • Pay and accept your paper
Review from client

She was way more excited about writing the paper than I was. Returned the assignment before our agreed time and did a great job. Customer - 1316622

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will I get caught if I buy a research paper online?
No one can know that you bought a research paper online unless you reveal that fact yourself. If you noticed, all the websites we reviewed promise confidentiality and anonymity. What this means is that they won’t reveal your identity to a third party. The website does not save credit card information or contents that you check on the plagiarism checker tool. Therefore, it won’t flag your content if your supervisor decides to run a plagiarism check. So, again, you won’t get caught unless you tell someone. Even if you did, there won’t be proof.
  • Is it legal to hire a third party to write my research papers?
The companies are registered as business entities under the law. As a result, they are legal. You definitely won’t be arrested or fined for using any of their services. A legitimate research paper writing company aims to guide clients toward enhancing their academic performance. Whether your institution has a problem with giving your assignment to a third party is an entirely different issue. But as far as legality is concerned, the companies are not breaking any law.
  • How can I find genuine reviews of research paper writing services?
Finding genuine reviews is the same for anything, including a research paper writing service. The answer is not to rely on one source or platform for objectiveness. A platform can doctor their reviews or censor the ones that make them look bad. However, they can’t do this on sites that are out of their reach. So, check multiple websites and compare reviews of research paper writing services and opinions so that you can gather enough information about the company of concern. If the service provider does not have any negative reviews on their site, go to their app store and check what people are saying about their mobile application and offerings. If there is still no negative review, it is a clear warning to avoid such an agency.
  • Are research paper writing services worth it?
Yes, they are. Why do we have such services in the first place? To help busy and overworked students handle tasks so that they can concentrate their productive efforts somewhere else. Are the companies fulfilling this promise? Yes. Students that have jobs, families, and other projects can simply hand over some assignments and let professionals do it for them. Apart from this, professional research paper writers understand certain format requirements and writing styles that most students don’t know. Therefore, such services guarantee a higher score and provide an opportunity to learn how to do better.
  • How can I know the best paper writing services?
The best research paper writing services have a few things in common. They include exceptional writers, timely submission, affordable prices, and confidential services. You should also check for a money-back guarantee and support. Because several writing services fit these criteria, that is why we have reviewed the 5 best research paper writing services in the USA. You can’t go wrong with any of these providers.
  • How can I hire the best paper writers online?
When you submit your order, different writers will message you, showing interest in your project. Each website, especially the ones we have listed above has a dedicated profile page to showcase its writers. Therefore, the first thing you should look out for is a personal writer’s profile. The profile contains everything you need to know about the writer – their history, number of completed papers, review, badges, the field of expertise, and possibly cost. Check through their reviews and match them to the number of completed projects and star ratings. Then, schedule a session with the shortlisted writers to know if they can deliver to meet your expectations.

All the websites we have reviewed have a few things in common. They include:
  • Plagiarism-free papers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Confidential and anonymous services
  • Timely submission
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Professional writers
  • Easy-to-use websites
  • Affordable services
  • Credible reviews

You can end up with a badly-done paper even with an online research paper writing service. For example, some unreliable providers charge a high rate without providing quality projects. This strategy is designed to attract people that think higher prices determine quality. These websites violate money-back guarantees, offer poor customer support, and will sell heavily-plagiarized content.

But we understand that schoolwork can be extremely stressful, and you need all the help you can get to ensure the judicious use of your time and reduce stress. Take a cue from any of the 5 professional paper writing services we have reviewed above to get the best out of your essays and assignments.

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