7 Best Sites to Buy Essay Online: Cheap and Original

There are many reasons why you might need essay writing services. Maybe you’re a student crunched for time and can’t keep up with all the deadlines piling up. Or you’re juggling a part-time job with studies, so you have a tight schedule with no time to think and write an entire essay.

Whatever your situation is, there’s always a solution, and that’s by availing of an essay writing service. We did a review of the best writing services to avail and discussed the factors to consider when choosing one. Read on!

The Best Essay Writing Service

After much review and consideration, we have rounded up the best essay writing services as follows:
  • Paper Help – The all-around solution to buy essays from
  • GradeMiners – One of the oldest writing services in the USA
  • Studdit – Wide range of topics from high school to Ph.D. essays
  • FinestEssay – Essays done by professional writers and experts in the discipline
  • MyAdmissionsEssay – Made for college admission essays
  • Master of Papers – Offers direct communication with essay writers
  • 99Papers – One of the most popular with competitive pricing
Now, let’s review these best essay writing services in detail below:

1. Paper Help
If you’re looking for one of the best writing services out there, then you can’t go wrong with Paper Help. This company prides itself as the universal writing solution, where you have more customizability with the writers you want to hire and when you want the work delivered.

The platform gives you the option to choose between basic or native English writers, with the former having more positive reviews. At just $10 a page, you can have a high school paper written. They also handle other topics, and the prices remain affordable, though they vary depending on the academic level and topic.

One of the best features Paper Help offers is how its writers can finish tasks as quickly as three hours. You can even ask if they can submit it with an even tighter deadline for an additional fee. That's why it's deemed the best essay writing service and number one on our list.

Key Features:
  • 100% anonymity and plagiarism-free paper guarantee
  • Choose who you want to write your college paper
  • Affordable prices starting at $10 a page
  • Offers rush delivery options
2. GradeMiners If budget is on your mind without scrimping on quality, GradeMiners is a great solution for those who haven’t ordered from them yet. Why? Because you can get 15% off your first order, you can buy essays cheap! Besides that, the prices are still affordable even without the discount, and for an additional fee, you can choose to have one of the top writers in a certain field of study, suitable when you need a research paper done.

You can get advanced features at affordable prices, such as receiving an initial draft when the paper is 30% complete. You may even get two versions of essays from different writers, with the second one costing a whopping 50% less. That way, you get the bang for your buck when you buy essays online from GradeMiners.

If time is of the essence, you have no worries about this platform, as they can complete academic writing within an hour, depending on the length and expertise. However, do note that they will need more time for complex tasks.

Key Features:
  • Prices start at $9.64 a page
  • New clients get 15% off their first order
  • Up to 97% of tasks are finished on time
  • Academic papers can be done within an hour
  • They offer a money-back guarantee
3. Studdit As the name suggests, Studdit is an excellent essay writing service for students. They can cover over a hundred subjects ranging from high school to college, as well as graduate studies like a Ph.D. for research papers. They even offer other higher-level services.

The level of expertise their professional writers have does come with a cost. While one page starts at $10, the price can quadruple if you need the essay writer to finish your task within three hours. That said, this is a standard rate among other companies.

It’s relatively quick and easy to place an order, and with every order comes a Turnitin report, ensuring the work is unique and plagiarism-free. You get assurance of receiving only the best essay without any form of plagiarism with Studdit, along with a cashback and free revisions to make it worth every penny.

Key Features:
  • Prices start at $10 a page
  • Receive a 5% discount and 10% cashback
  • They cover numerous subjects at various academic levels
  • Receive free revisions
  • Turnitin report included with the work
4. FinestEssay FinestEssay is a suitable choice if you want to be quick with your ordering and need academic writing at cheaper prices without sacrificing quality. The company has a user-friendly essay writing site and intuitive platform where you can easily place an order, customizing every detail needed.

The platform also offers multiple additional services for your convenience, including an editor quality check, summary, rush deliveries, sources used, and more.

With over ten years of experience in the writing industry, FinestEssay knows what they’re doing and what their clients need, making them one of the best essay writing services around. You can communicate with your essay writer directly, and you can even re-hire them for future tasks. This makes it easier for students as the academic writing style stays consistent. Of course, anonymity and confidentiality are there, just like with other best essay writing services.

Key Features:
  • Starts at $8.24 a page
  • Company has over a decade of experience
  • Many different essay topics and styles covered
  • Easy to order from with various payment methods
5. MyAdmissionsEssay
While MyAdmissionsEssay is a fantastic solution for availing college admission essays online, they also offer other services. They started offering admission papers and expanded, but the name stuck.

Either way, the essay writing service remains consistent, with the company offering academic papers from scratch by their writers. Clients can even hire editors and proofreaders if they have existing work that needs sprucing up. You may even find and hire a professional here for any calculations-related tasks for research papers.

From book reviews to term papers, high school assignments to Ph.D. dissertations, this platform has everything covered. The only minor issue is that they have limited payment options.

Key Features:
  • Price starts at $11 a page
  • Communicate with writers directly
  • Many topics and academic levels covered
  • Up to three revisions included
  • Can opt to avail of a plagiarism report
6. Master of Papers

This service isn’t only for students; this service is practically for everyone, including adults who are looking to build their careers! Whether you need a business plan, resume, or research papers, Master of Papers has a team of professional writers with remarkable writing skills to go up and beyond the standard.

Besides that, the platform offers one of the more affordable prices among its competitors. They even offer a 15% discount for new customers on their first order. Save even more money by giving writers a 1-month deadline while getting the best quality research paper since expert writers can conduct further research and avoid the rush.

Key Features:
  • Price starts at $8.24 a page
  • Request for three revisions within two weeks
  • Delivery is done as quick as three hours
  • Save money by offering a 30-day deadline
7. 99Papers

This is another great option if you’re looking for the bang for your buck. 99Papers already offers the pricing page publicly, so you can compare the costs of different services to see what suits your needs and budget. You can avail of various services whether it’s from high school, college, graduate degrees, or even professionals in business settings. There are even author categories you can avail of at varied rates, from basic to professional native writers with amazing writing skills.

What makes 99Papers worth the money is their policy on unlimited revisions, which come with every order. While they do have specific policies to adhere to, clients can avail of unlimited revisions when followed. Moreover, those with large orders will also be able to join the company’s reward program and discount system, saving clients even more in the long run.

Key Features:
  • Prices start at $9.95 a page
  • Offer installment payments
  • Over 800,000 orders completed
  • Free and unlimited revisions
How to Choose the Best Writing Services

Now that you know what the best writing services are, the next question is: How can you choose among the seven options?

Understandably, you want exceptional services within budget, though it isn’t easy identifying the most suitable solution for you.

These are the factors you must consider and what to know about essay writing services:

1. The Pros and Cons of Buying an Essay Online

When purchasing products or availing services, it’s crucial to measure their advantages and drawbacks first. The same goes with availing of writing services.

Why You Should Avail Paper Writing Services
  • Save time with tough assignments: You may be struggling with certain subjects, maybe finding the topics uninteresting or difficult. Expert writers will be able to take care of that for you, writing about your topic in detail. This saves you a lot of time so you can rest or perform other duties.
  • Focus on other responsibilities: If you’re carrying a lot more responsibilities, like jobs and other subjects with multiple assignments, you must have a tight schedule. If you can’t do all your essay papers, you may get academic assistance from essay writing services to deliver your assignments on time.
  • Receive high-quality custom essays: Maybe you aren’t an expert in paper writing, or you don’t understand the topic well. Professional essay writers will be able to give you top-notch work you’ll love! Moreover, you will be able to impress your professors and other readers, which will give you higher grades.
  • It’s confidential and plagiarism-free: You don’t need to worry about anyone finding out you availed of paper writing services. You stay anonymous with their secure payment methods and take complete ownership of the work after delivery. It will also be free from plagiarism to avoid any grave consequences.
What to Be Wary of
  • A non-native writer may not deal with the task: Students on a budget are thrilled with cheap essays, but not until they’re aware that questionable writers are doing them. You can get low-quality work that results in low grades, or even plagiarized academic papers that can get you in a lot of trouble.
  • The writer may not meet your requirements: Some writers, particularly those offering cheap services, are only looking to finish the essay without reading through the instructions. This may result in you receiving a paper that doesn’t meet the school standard, deeming it useless.
  • You aren’t learning enough: The reason why your professor assigned that essay paper was for the student to learn. You won’t be able to learn as much about the topic if you don’t write the assignment yourself. However, if the subject isn’t that important to your major or goals, then this isn’t a huge loss.
2. Is There the Risk of Plagiarism?

There is only a risk of plagiarism if you avail of essay writing services from an inexperienced company or one that produces low-quality work.

The leading essay writing services (including the seven mentioned above) have a team of professional essay writers who do their best to give clients ultimate value by submitting a plagiarism-free paper. This is one of the major factors that keep the top essay writing companies operating successfully.

So, there’s nothing to worry about submitting a plagiarized essay paper. Legit essay writing services provide 100% plagiarism-free work and also use proper plagiarism checkers to ensure the paper’s originality and quality before submitting it.

If you availed of a paper writing service and want to check for plagiarism, you can ask for a basic and free plagiarism report, which can either be for free or for an additional fee. It depends on the essay writing service you work with. You can also do plagiarism checks yourself using a trusted platform.

3. The Cost of Essay Writing Services

There is no exact price for a paper writing service, as it depends on various factors, such as:
  • The number of words needed
  • The topic or discipline the assignment is about
  • Writing style (will it be an academic paper, research papers, essays, etc)
  • The deadline (rush deliveries may incur additional fees)
While you can find companies and writers who can do academic papers for dirt cheap, they are not recommended options. Affordable deals may indicate you’re getting a writer who is either a newbie, a non-native English speaker, or who isn’t knowledgeable about the topic.

This is why it’s best to spend a bit more money on a premium author, namely experienced writers with stellar client reviews.

Also, keep in mind that additional services will incur additional fees, like the inclusion of a table of contents, a list of sources, tables, charts, and the like. This would extend the writing process, thus the need for a price increase.

4. How Long the Essay Writing Takes

If you have a very tight deadline, you can breathe a sigh of relief. There are excellent college paper writing services that can produce a quality paper as quickly as 1-3 hours since the order. You just need to ensure you specify the deadline as you place your order and that it is a realistic one.

For instance, a 1-page paper can be finished within an hour. But you shouldn’t expect a 20-page college essay to be done within the same timeframe! To receive quality work, you must also give the writing companies more time. If you want to buy essay, then try to give the writer at least a few days to a week.

A longer timeframe ensures that the professional writer will focus on all the details, conduct the appropriate research, and follow all the instructions given. Moreover, it gives the writer time to edit and proofread the paper to ensure an almost-perfect quality. Understandably, not all students have the luxury of giving writers a long timeframe, but writers will truly appreciate the longer deadline.

Not to worry, as you can find a trusted essay writing service that also offers rush deliveries. This is an additional fee but professional writers will do their best to deliver a paper within a short timeframe while still retaining quality.

5. Quality of the Written Essays

Just like any product or service, you’re after high-quality work. You want to ensure that the essay written to your dream college, terror prof, or any other assignment will produce positive results and high grades.

This is why it’s crucial to choose platforms with a team of professional essay writers who can write college papers regarding the topic you need to be written about. A top-rated professional writing service will always do their best to submit impressive quality papers, from showing the expertise of the topic down to the grammar and structure in the custom paper writing.

Only cheap writing services have non-native writers, resulting in subpar to low-quality papers that may even be plagiarized.

Before selecting an essay writing service, it’s best to check genuine reviews from previous clients to see if their writers delivered what was asked and more. Furthermore, you may also look into specific author ratings to know if the platform provides only expert writing.

Besides checking reviews, you must also check on their policies regarding edits or revisions. Some platforms offer one or two revisions; others offer unlimited revisions for free. You might even find a few legit essay writing services offering a money-back guarantee if their work was not up to you or the school’s standards.

6. Customer Support Team

The best company would pride themselves on their 24/7 customer service. That said, when you buy essay online cheap, you most likely won’t get priority in customer support. It may come at an additional fee, and it is a wise investment if you’re dealing with important papers.

Excellent customer support will mean that you can speak with an agent no matter the time and receive answers promptly.

Also, after you buy essays online, a good platform would allow you to monitor the progress (similar to tracking online shopping orders). You get to see if the essay writer has begun working on your essay or if s/he is editing it before submission. Some platforms may even provide the feature of communicating with writers directly so you can express your expectations and the results you want.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is it safe to buy an essay?

It is relatively safe to buy an essay, provided that you do so from the best paper writing service. Remember, not all essay writing sites are legit, particularly the cheaper ones with little to no client feedback. As long as you choose reputable services, then you won’t have trouble in terms of scams or plagiarized work.

2. Is there a chance I can be caught availing of academic writing services?

There is only a chance a student gets caught availing of a college essay writing service if s/he submits a paper with plagiarized content.

If essay writing services plagiarize, then they are not reputable. However, the best essay writing service will ensure that the work they do is 100% plagiarism-free and checked before submission. This means college students won't be caught using a college essay writing service.

3. How can I avoid plagiarism?

You can avoid plagiarism by buying essays online from ESL writers familiar with following your academic writing standards. The essay writing platform you choose should have reliable service and check their work for plagiarism before delivering it to you.

Moreover, you can avoid plagiarism by checking the submitted custom essay yourself using third-party software.

4. What’s the difference between a good essay writing service versus a bad one?

The best paper writing service will ensure that it only has professional writers and native English speakers producing excellent work. Moreover, they match your writing needs with writers who are experts on the topic you need.

A bad essay writing service would not have any client feedback and have a team of unprofessional writers who may submit plagiarized work or one that hasn’t been proofread. Usually, this is a cheap writing service without customer support or guarantees.

5. Can I communicate with customer service regarding my essay?

Yes, you can contact the customer support team regarding any questions you may have about the writing process after you buy essays. You may avail free revisions as needed, or a money-back guarantee if they offer one.

But as mentioned, a cheap writing service may not have the best customer support, if they even have one at all.

Wrapping It Up

For students short on time and who need the best essay writing service to meet deadlines, the seven writing companies above are great options. With companies like them, you will get well-written, plagiarism-free work by a professional writer. Not only that, but the quality of work you receive will surely impress and heighten the chance of a high grade.

Remember, a cheap essay may indicate poor quality, so find a service that offers excellent work within an appropriate budget. If you’d like to order an essay, contact any of the writing services for their rates and scope of work now!
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