Best Christian Dating Sites

Christians date for marriage. Our faith instructs us to do many things differently, which means we may have some difficulty finding partners who share our beliefs if we go through the conventional dating apps.

Make no mistake about it; embracing your spirituality is not without hurdles. One of those areas is in dating – finding a partner who shares your beliefs can be tricky, especially now that the world has moved many areas of our lives online. There are dating sites that help single Christians meet and find love, and some even have apps you can download.

Christian dating sites are exclusive platforms that allow us to find true love in a partner that has similar beliefs.

With the popularity of hookup culture, finding the right person online is becoming increasingly difficult. To make dating as a Christian significantly more effortless, you can visit some of the websites we’ll explore in this article.

However, before you go, we’ll also consider their pros and cons and how you can use them. Don’t stop reading if you don’t know the benefits of looking for the ideal Christian partner online. Finally, we’ll provide some infallible tips for dating in the digital world. We bet you won’t want to miss out on all these!

The Top Five Christian Dating Sites
  • eHarmony – Overall best Christian dating site for marriage.
  • EliteSingles – Best site for Christian dating in the professional sphere.
  • ChristianDatingForFree – Most Secure Christian online dating site.
  • Match – Best progressive Christian dating site.
  • ChristianCafe – Most decorous Christian online dating site.
What are Christian dating sites?

The uniqueness of Christian dating warrants an exceptional platform for singles to meet and mingle. That way, it’s much easier to match with dates that don’t need to be told your beliefs before they know and share them.

Some sites have been created especially for Christians from across the globe to meet, mingle digitally, and meet the one. While the site may not necessarily dictate the Christian beliefs regarding dating, it’s assumed that members of the site are guided by the same.

As such, there’s a fair certainty that you’ll escape eager participants of the trend that’s hookup culture.

Are Christian dating sites safe?

The statistics regarding online dating and its dangers haven’t exactly been friendly. Although a significant percentage of the people using a Christian dating site are there to find love, it’s not surprising to see that there are a few catfishes there too.

However, some have been designed specifically to reduce the chances of this occurring. Of course, you’ll also play your part by adopting safe online dating principles.

So, to answer whether Christian dating sites are safe, it will be to say it’s relative. As such, we’ll save you from unnecessary experiences by highlighting the top Christian dating sites according to safety, ease of access, and beautiful testimonies.

How to stay safe on a Christian dating site

If tares can grow among the wheat, impersonators can also find their way anywhere. As such, it’s best to use online dating platforms with caution. So far, they’re the greatest threat to online dating.

You reduce your chances of encountering a catfish when you adopt the following:

Avoid sharing too much information

Creating a profile on any popular Christian dating site means you have to provide some information about yourself. It’s non-negotiable because that’s how their algorithm roots out your ideal matches.

However, the information most sites require is basic and harmless – questions like your sexual orientation, hobbies, city, or region, among others. They seldom ask for sensitive personal details like your phone number, street name, and email address.

You also have to make a personal decision to never share too much with a stranger. Create a balance between being open and engaging and being private.

There’s no harm in saying no

You’re not obligated to go along with anything that doesn’t sit right with you. This applies to physically meeting someone you’ve been in regular contact with on the dating site. If you don’t yet feel comfortable meeting them, you can always politely decline.

Always choose a public location

When you’re meeting someone off the internet, your priority should be your safety, and it’s at its maximum when you’re in a public place. There are slim chances of you encountering harm somewhere like the park, movies, or restaurants.

The ideal activity for your first offline meeting is a coffee date. It’s usually at a public and safe place, doesn’t take time and gives you enough opportunities to leave if you just aren’t feeling the vibes.

Tell someone you’re going out

Even if you don’t like the idea of informing someone about your whereabouts, you’ll have to put that aside when you’re meeting someone from a dating site. Tell someone where you’re going, who you’re going with, and how long you plan to be out.

Don’t forget to keep checking in with them until you feel safe and comfortable enough to stop. You can also try the conventional hack of texting them to call you, so you can create the perfect excuse for leaving earlier.

Never allow the other party to pick you up the first time
Allowing your date to pick you up the first time you’re meeting physically isn’t safe. Even though you feel you’ve built significant rapport and within the time you’ve known them, you shouldn’t forget the fact that this individual is still typically a stranger.

Allowing your date to pick you up is akin to sharing your address online, which is one of the vital don’ts of internet dating.

Leave if you’re uncomfortable

If something doesn’t feel right, consider exiting the premises. Remember, you’re under no obligation to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, and that includes staying until the end of the date.

It’ll be best if you only do this when you feel safe and comfortable. However, if your senses keep insisting you run, you don’t want to turn down this is advice.

Look out for the red flags

Finally, look out for personal red flags. If your date has some characteristics that make you feel unsafe or even does anything that remotely depicts violence, don’t hesitate to excuse yourself.

The best Christian dating sites

With the right partner, every other thing feels right. The desire for completion, companionship, and sometimes procreation drives us to seek out the one.

It has now become much easier because of digitalization. Everyone is online, so you can find your better half by brushing through hundreds of profiles.

However, dating sites give you exclusivity and the option of limiting your matches to like-minded singles. Without further ado, here are the best Christian dating sites:

The ideal Christian relationship is aimed at the long term. Eventually, we’ll hear wedding bells. As a Christian, you know short-term flings and hookups aren’t for you, so the best platform to find love online is via a Christian singles dating site.

Although eHarmony wasn’t explicitly designed for Christian dating, the interface works in an all-inclusive way. Every user has to take a long, in-depth personality quiz. That way, you can limit your searches and suggestions to Christian profiles alone.

If anything, we can say Christian singles have a community on the eHarmony website.

Because online safety is also crucial, eHarmony has an on-site video calling feature to help you verify the identity of the people you make matches with. You can also enjoy the video dating feature, which allows you to engage in genuine long-distance relationships or go on virtual dates.

One of the perks of using eHarmony is giving every user access to conversation starters. Because each profile contains in-depth details about the user, you can easily strike conversations which will be even better because of your matched compatibility levels.

However, to enjoy some of the benefits of using this site, you must become a paying member. Then, you’ll be able to see other users’ profile pictures and filter your searches by religion, location, age, and whatever criteria matter when on your quest to find the one.

Beyond the personality tests you’ll have to take before you start swiping, eHarmony also uses science to identify compatible profiles for you. This method is called “main effects,” It focuses on the potential outcomes of interactions with your partner based on the impact of your personality traits on them or vice versa. As such, the chances of compatibility are pretty high.

eHarmony also encourages progressive Christian dating. So, regardless of your sexual orientation, you’ll feel welcome on this matchmaking site. Don’t be afraid to seize the opportunity to connect with other progressive Christians seeking long-term partners.

You can enjoy all these benefits with a starting payment plan of $35.90 monthly.

Pros of using eHarmony:
  • Access to dating advice from professionals.
  • The compatibility feature makes it an excellent dating site for Christians.
  • A free trial that allows you to explore the exclusive features of this site.
  • Identity verification is non-negotiable.
Cons of eHarmony

Expensive premium plans.

How to use eHarmony
You’ll have to visit the eHarmony site to get started. The main page instructs you to choose your gender and the gender you’re interested in dating. Then, provide an email address and password to get started.

Then, you’ll enter your zip code, country, email address, and password.

You get an automatic membership for the free trial, which you can also enjoy to a large extent. You can take the personality assessment, receive match suggestions in your email, and send winks. You can also access direct messages, but they’ll only be accessible on special occasions and holidays if you use the free trial.

Visit eHarmony site
Elite Singles

Requirements or expectations regarding our love lives differ. If you’re big on academic and professional achievements in a partner, then visit Elite Singles. One of the perks a Christian will enjoy when using this site is the exclusivity that comes alongside it. This is because every profile has to be verified by customer support before activation.

You can meet Christian professionals like yourself who are ready to marry and settle down. This site frowns heavily on hookup culture and doesn’t even permit it. It also discourages casual encounters, making it perfect for every Christian dating for marriage.

You have to take a series of personality tests on Elite Singles. You can take these tests without a paid plan and access your results. You can also exchange smiles and likes and get ideal matches.

There are five million-plus US citizens on Elite Singles, with almost a million weekly active users. Most of the men on this site are above age 30 and ready to settle down. The women are just as many as the men, with the majority having university degrees at the very least.

Matchmaking on Elite Singles isn’t restricted to academic compatibility alone. It also factors in your financial capacity when matching you with another user. One more feature we’re confident you’ll appreciate is the “Have You Met” option.

It’s a collection of the matching users that you may have missed while surfing the site. It provides an overview of profiles that are highly compatible with yours. This feature has been known to help users find their special someone.

Finally, you can enjoy the favorites list – it automatically saves the profiles you’d like to go over later. If someone left an impression on you earlier, tap on the star icon to add them to this list.

Pros of EliteSingles
  • Most users are active and ready to settle down.
  • Personality assessments to help you find your special someone.
  • Stringent measures to discourage the prevalence of fake profiles.
  • You can access the free but limited mode.
  • Thorough personality assessment process.
  • High-quality Christian profiles.
  • Security and privacy
Cons of EliteSingles
  • Some users don’t upload their real pictures on their profiles.
  • Somewhat unresponsive customer support.
  • The least payment package spans six months, and it costs $39.95.
How to sign-up for EliteSingles

The registration process is pretty straightforward, but it requires about twenty minutes. Here’s how to do it:
  • Visit the EliteSingles site and click the signup button. You’ll provide your email address and choose a strong password.
  • Then, you’ll take a personality test that analyzes your personality traits and helps you determine who’ll be a suitable match for you. You don’t need to complete this stage at once; you can save your progress and take breaks.
  • Move to the next stage and fill in all the necessary details. Then, upload one of your best pictures on your profile.
  • Finally, swipe happy!
Visit EliteSingles site

There’s nothing like having a community where you know you can find genuine love. On ChristianDatingForFree, Christian singles can meet like-minded users looking to get married. While you can access some of the best features you need to succeed in the world of online dating for free, you’ll still have to make some payments for this site.

ChristianDatingForFree uses a physiological matching method to pair ideal users together. Since this site has been mainly designed for Christians, any form of immorality is highly discouraged. Only Christian users are allowed on this site, so if you’re not ready to convert, then this isn’t a suitable place for you.

If you’re also looking for hookups or flings, you won’t find it on this Christian online dating site. The more common age among Christian singles on this site ranges between 20 to 23; however, it also includes other ages.

The site is famous for its decorum compared with other online dating sites. There are incredibly slim chances of getting assaulted here, and the guilty account will be suspended at any sign of unruly activity.

Regardless of your location, you can meet the ideal Christian partner here. With more than 500,000 users globally and 50,000 active users weekly, the chances of finding the right person increase considerably.

You’ll likely get an immediate response from a woman if you have a profile picture. The same applies to men, but you may have to overlook some of the restrictive measures users put up to avoid encountering scammers.

Pros of ChristianDatingForFree
  • Rigorous verification process to ensure maximum security.
  • You have to take a personality test to make matchmaking easier.
Cons of ChristianDatingForFree
  • Too many disruptive ads on the site.
  • Doesn’t have many unique features.
How to sign up for ChristianDatingForFree

You can choose to subscribe or stick with the free version. But here’s how you signup either way:
  • Visit the ChristianDatingForFree site.
  • You can choose the shorter signup process by using your Apple or Facebook account.
  • Verify your account and start swiping, with or without your premium subscription.
Visit ChristianDatingForFree Site

The online dating scene is largely incomplete without match. It was launched in 1995 and is one of the oldest options for online dating. It’s accommodative of Christian singles looking for something serious and those looking for a casual relationship. If you’re still unsure what you want, then you can give this site a try.

There are Match servers in over fifty countries, which means you have access to a global dating pool when you use this site. One of its unique features is advanced searching, and it allows you to filter your searches significantly. Some of the options include search results based on who is online, mutual matches, religion, sexual orientation, among many others.

If you feel suspicious about any account, you can easily block and report it. What’s more, there are games you can play while waiting on messages, and a Match weekly magazine you can read.

Some fantastic features include sending and receiving instant messages, getting email notifications, accessing the favorites list, among others.

Although match isn’t exclusively for Christian singles looking to mingle, it’s a great platform that allows you to dictate the results of your searches.

Pros of Match
  • Perfect for meeting good quality Christian singles.
  • Excellent for casual or serious dating.
  • Top-rated site for dating and relationships.
Cons of Match
  • Not the immediate choice for long-term relationships.
  • Doesn’t facilitate in-depth matchmaking.
How to signup on match
  • Signing up on this site takes about five minutes, and here’s how to get started:
  • Visit the website –
  • Fill in your email address, username, and password.
  • Provide personal information about yourself by clicking on the “Let’s get started”
  • icon. Start swiping!
Visit Match Site

ChristianCafe is another old but gold online dating site for Christians. It’s a religious dating site that charges $8.33 monthly. It is owned and run by born-again Christians, and they apply the principles of the Bible when running this site.

More than half of this popular Christian dating site users are between 25 and 44 years. However, older Christians also find love on ChristianCafe. All forms of immorality such, as hookup culture, uploading pornographic content, and using swear words, are not allowed.

There’s no place for inactive profiles on ChristianCafe. If you don’t use your profile in three months, it’ll be removed.

Before you are allowed access to your ideal matches, you’ll have to complete your profile. Here’s a quick catch – when you upload your picture on your profile, you get an additional three days for your trial period. So, you can imagine how rightly the site will be.

Married people are not welcome on this site.

Pros of ChristianCafe
  • A free trial is almost as enjoyable as a paid subscription.
  • There are extensive profile options to make finding your special someone easier.
  • Long inactive profiles are automatically removed.
  • An excellent place to find the ideal Christian partner.
Cons of ChristianCafe
  • Lack of access to the video call feature.
  • It’s somewhat expensive, with a starting price of $33.33 monthly.
How to use ChristianCafe

Here’s how to signup:
  • Visit the ChristianCafe page and click on the signup button. This is where you provide your username, email address, city, zip code, gender, and age.
  • Then, complete the verification process
Visit ChristianCafe site

Tips for preparing for an online date

While exchanging messages on the dating site, you may discover someone you’re very connected to. In that case, meeting physically is expected.

However, we should never forget that these matches are also people we don’t know.

So, before you meet that date, consider the following options:

Explore your potential date’s social media

Before going on a date with someone you met on an online dating site, it’s best to explore their social media pages. This gives you more information about them, not just by looking at their pictures. You can also tell if a person is natural or not by the number of posts they’ve put up on their page or the newness of their account.

If no linked accounts or information can lead you to their social media, their profile may be fake.

Pick a public place

One of the reasons hookup culture is fast losing its popularity is because it’s not safe. It entails two people meeting privately, which isn’t ideal because they’re still strangers.

So, when you’re planning to meet that date, never opt for a private place. Instead, select a location like Starbucks, popular restaurants, the movies, among others. It’s much safer and makes it possible for you to politely excuse yourself if you just aren’t feeling the connection offline.

Always tell someone

Before you go on a date with someone you meet on a dating site, it’s best to inform a friend. Even if you’re going to a public place, you’re much safer when someone else knows your location.

When you arrive at the location, check-in with someone to let them know you’re safe.

Opt for coffee dates

Your first offline meeting with someone you’ve been talking to for a while on the internet may have a few awkward moments and silences. Alternatively, it may be filled with constant and engaging conversations and stronger connections.

The truth is that you never know how it’ll turn out. So, it’s best to avoid choosing an activity that’ll make it difficult for you to leave if you don’t feel safe enough.

Eight benefits of online dating for Christians

Until recently, we viewed dating sites as an option for hookups and desperate people. However, the world has now embraced this option, and statistics show that 19 percent of people use online dating sites worldwide.

However, if you’ve never attempted it, and are just discovering this piece, then you’re likely unaware of the benefits of online dating. They’re many, but we’re confident these eight will help you understand why it’s an ideal option for finding the perfect Christian partner:

Starting is easy

As you’ll realize when you explore the best Christian singles dating sites that we’ve provided you, starting is pretty breezy. It’s as simple as having an internet connection to register on the website.

Then, you’ll set up your profile by providing harmless personal information. Afterward, you can start swiping sideways. Just like that, you have the opportunity to experience online dating in all its glory.

Access to flexibility and convenience

Two excellent perks of using Christian singles dating sites are the flexibility and convenience you have access to. Creating an account is pretty easy, and gaining access to it is even easier as long as you have a device that browses.

It gives you higher chances of finding love

An advantage online dating has over physical dating is the broader dating pool. The best Christian online dating sites categorize people based on the compatibility tests they take during the early stages of creating an account.

As such, you have access to millions of Christians who are also looking to date for marriage. Additionally, you can streamline them to your spec – ethic-wise, age-wise, and in other regards personal.

You’ll often get ideal recommendations for matches that are perfect for you, thereby exposing you to a wider variety of suitable Christian partners.

It widens your geographical reach

Love can be found anywhere, and the top Christian dating sites allow you to explore the globe on your search for it. It’s as easy as changing our geographical location to any country where the site is available and finding your match there.

Who knows, maybe your one true love is waiting for you in another country entirely!

It helps you feel out their personality first

Chatting online offers fewer distractions than meeting offline. As such, you’ll be able to interact and ask all the right questions that help you feel the other party’s personality. You’ll find it easier to determine if they’re true believers through their online conduct.

The time you’ve spent chatting with and getting to know them can play a significant role in deciding whether or not to take things further.

When you finally meet the ideal match in person, relating with them will be much easier because you’ll have built a good rapport online.

You’re in charge of the pace

One more perk of online dating is determining how fast or slow the relationship goes. You’re under no social obligation to them, so you can decide how you want the relationship to play out.

For any marriage or relationship to last long, both parties must connect. It’s not enough to share the same religious beliefs. You don’t have to force a connection with someone you don’t feel it with, even though communicating on the internet is significantly more enjoyable.

If the vibes aren’t there when you’re offline, then the relationship may not work. So, don’t hesitate to leave if you have to.

Bottom line

For most of us, finding true love doesn’t come easy. Sometimes, it may even be more challenging for a believer because finding a partner who shares your Christian beliefs is becoming increasingly difficult.

However, that’s only because you haven’t tried Christian singles dating sites. We’re confident that once you signup with any of them, you’re considerably increasing your chances of meeting the bone of your bones.
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