Best Collagen Supplements: Buy Top Collagen Protein Peptides

The anti-aging portion of the supplement industry has long been one of the largest niches in the entire sector. It’s not hard to see why, either. Consumers have always been interested in finding ways to fight the aging process. In particular, supplements that might help reduce wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of the skin are immensely popular among aging supplement users. There are several types of supplements which can help to fight signs of aging—although none can truly prevent the natural aging process.

Collagen is one of the most common supplements used to prevent the signs of aging. Collagen comes packaged and is taken in a number of ways. Some people use collagen by swallowing capsules filled with the supplement. Others use collagen protein powders, which can be mixed into teas, shakes, or other beverages. Regardless of how it’s taken, the benefits of collagen are often the same.

Taking collagen regularly can help consumers relieve pain in the joints, recover from workouts, maximize youthfulness and tightness in the skin, promote health in the skin and nails, and more. Collagen is uniquely backed by scientific research. The protein helps to tighten the skin and reduce inflammation, which often causes mobility issues in the joints.

Supplements containing collagen can vary widely in effectiveness, reputability, dosages, and more. Some supplements will contain only a little bit of collagen, meaning that consumers might have to take quite a bit in order to experience any substantive results. Other supplements contain high-quality, pure collagen.

To complicate things even more, there exist several types of collagen, which vary in chemical composition and effectiveness. Finding out which collagen type is right for them is an essential aspect consumers must consider when looking for the perfect supplement to obtain their desired results.

This guide should serve as a comprehensive resource for consumers looking to improve their knowledge while shopping for collagen supplements. In addition to a full list of the top collagen supplements available in 2020, there is also an elaborate list of frequently asked questions about collagen supplementation to comb through as this space continues to emerge as one of the leaders to come.

Top Collagen Supplements to Buy in 2020

Ranking the best collagen supplements is no easy task. As with all supplements, it’s hard to find a way to objectively decide which supplements are the most effective and valuable. But with collagen supplements, an additional challenge is that collagen can come in many different forms. Differentiating between different types of collagen supplements can be difficult, especially for consumers who aren’t quite acquainted with the existing industry.

We’ve got you covered. Our list of the best collagen supplements in 2020 is the product of extensive research conducted by our editorial team. As always, these supplements are included in no particular order, and readers should always do their own research.

Here are the best collagen supplements to strong consider using today:

  • Organixx Clean Sourced Collagen
  • Prime Health Daily Collagen Renew
  • LiveWell Collagen Peptides
  • Organifi Glow
  • Vital Proteins Collagen
  • BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein Powder
  • Essential Elements Collagen Peptides
  • VitaPost Collagen Complex
  • Team Keto Collagen
  • My Obvi Collagen
  • Prime Greens with Collagen

Organixx Clean Sourced Collagen

Organixx Clean Sourced Collagen is a complete anti-aging protein blend that uses five different types of collagen. It also has vitamin C plus tryptophan for max absorption to help support skin firmness and joint elasticity.

This supplement is primarily being sold as solutions to the aging problems experienced by many consumers. This makes it a bit different than the workout proteins being sold by other companies. By using this silica-rich anti-aging blend as a complete protein supplement once every day, consumers might be able to get rid of pesky fine lines, as well as wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other signs of aging due to collagen's unique importance to skin hydration and tissue elasticity.

Additionally, the official product website for Organixx’s collagens says that users might experience relief for their joint pain, as well as other anti-aging benefits. If true, this could be a comprehensive solution to the age-related problems that millions of Americans experience each year.

We are impressed by the variability of the types of proteins included in this collagen supplement. Types 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 are all present. Additionally, the anti-aging benefits are bolstered by this supplement’s inclusion of Vitamin C, as well as Tryptophan. Collagen sources for this supplement include fish, chicken, cows, and eggshells.

The price for this supplement is relatively reasonable, especially considering the wide variety of collagen types that it contains. Only $29 per bottle isn’t a bad price for a collagen supplement of this kind.

Price: $29 (20 Servings)

BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein Powder

BioTrust is another major name brand within the supplement industry that deserves respect when it comes to longevity. The long standing brand has won quite a bit of praise from consumers for the clarity of ingredients and the effectiveness of the unique patented formula, especially over the years. This collagen protein supplement comes in the form of a powder, which can be mixed into nearly any kind of drink. Drinks used to take this supplement can either be hot or cold. This is not always the case; some supplements can only be used in either hot or cold drinks.

The BioTRUST Ageless Multi-Collagen supplement is a 5-type collagen blend that is said to help the beauty elements of hair, skin and nails, along with joint support due to this being a high quality protein source that only requires water or favorite whole food juice to drink it with. The multi-collagen protein powder has a 2-year shelf life and is said to provide a ‘wall of defense' for enhanced immunity too.

The benefits of BioTrust Ageless Collagen are relatively clear. Regular use of this supplement can help consumers to minimize the visual effects of aging, especially on the hair, skin, and nails. Additionally, this protein powder might help to boost joint health, bone density, and more. Some users even drink this protein powder in order to boost their athletic performance and recovery.

This is one of the more expensive supplements on our list, but it isn’t particularly invaluable. The reputation of the manufacturer, as well as the benefits and ingestion methods, help to give this supplement some additional value. Dealing with a reputable company is always a solid move, especially for consumers who are new to the collagen supplement market.

Price: $39 (20 Servings)

Prime Health Daily Collagen Renew

Collagen types I, II, and III make up this anti-aging aging supplement. Additionally, a 3-for-1 special on the official product website helps to make this an even better deal than it would be normally. Preliminary reviews of Prime Health Daily Collagen Renew praise the supplement for its digestibility and effectiveness in addressing the signs of aging in both men and women.

This supplement also might help consumers to improve their metabolic function, which can aid in weight loss. The combination of anti-aging and metabolic effects helps to make this a multi-faceted solution for consumers looking to improve their appearance and overall wellness.

Like the above supplement, Prime Health Daily Collagen Renew contains collagen from a wide variety of different sources. Bovines, chickens, and fish are all used in this supplement to give it a solid range of sources. To use this collagen supplement, mix two scoops into 8 to 16 ounces of nearly any kind of liquid and mix it together.

Considering the 3-for-1 deal currently in effect, this is one of the most cost-effective collagen solutions on our list.

Price: $80 (30 Servings)

LiveWell Collagen Peptides

This supplement has sold extremely well on Amazon. This isn’t necessarily a reason to buy it, but it does add to the legitimacy and public perception of this popular supplement. The main benefits associated with this collagen supplement have to do with the hair, nails, joints, and skin. The formula is also highly keto-friendly, which might help users who want to improve their health without interrupting their existing diet.

Aside from the benefits to the hair, nails, and skin, consumers using LiveWell’s Collagen solution might experience anti-aging benefits. The official product website claims that it can help to take “years off your appearance.” We find this claim to be a bit dubious, but that doesn’t mean the supplement can’t do a lot to improve the overall appearance and youthfulness of users.

The price per bag of this protein powder supplement is relatively low, especially considering the high amount of protein contained within each serving of LiveWell Collagen Peptides. Each serving contains around 11g of protein, and each bag is only $35 and contains a solid 41 servings.

This supplement only comes packed with collagen types I and III. Some consumers may see this as a bigger deal than others; readers who prefer all five main types of collagen may prefer a different product.

Price: $35 (41 Servings)

Vital Proteins Collagen

It’s hard to talk about collagen supplements without going over Vital Proteins. This company has done quite a bit of work to establish a solid reputation within the supplement community. This supplement manufacturer promotes a number of different collagen supplements to help consumers obtain several different benefits.

For our list, we actually chose to outline several different Vital Proteins collagen supplements. Different administration methods are available throughout the Vital Proteins Collagen website. We were particularly interested in the Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides, Collagen Creamers, and Collagen Shots. The prices for these popular Vital Proteins products are as follows:

Vital Proteins were among the first major companies to capitalize on the benefits associated with collagen and collagen supplements. Every serving of the company’s original Collagen Peptides includes 20 grams of bovine collagen. Additionally, each serving contains a solid helping of hyaluronic acid, which can help consumers fight the aging process in their bodies.

The collagen creamer and collagen shots offered by this company can also really help consumers who are interested in a unique collagen usage experience.

Organifi Glow

This is a relatively unique supplement, especially compared to some of the other products on our list. This is the case for a few reasons. The most important thing to remember is that Organifi Glow is actually completely vegan. This means that it is compatible with all vegan diets and contains no animal or fish products.

Additionally, Organifi contains no genuine collagen. Instead, the official product website argues that the supplement contains only the ingredients required for consumer bodies to create their own collagen. Several ingredients are used to achieve this end. In particular, herbs, fruits, and extracts from select plants are used. These ingredients are all-natural and include lemon powder, raspberry extract, and coconut powder.

Organifi comes with its own reputation within the supplement industry. The company sells a number of extremely expensive supplements, but these formulas are generally considered to be highly effective and very popular. Consumers interested in buying from one of the most established natural health supplement companies on the market might turn toward Organifi Glow.

The $80 price-tag associated with this supplement might be a little much, but again—consumers are paying for the solid reputation of the manufacturer here.

Price: $80 (30 Servings)

Essential Elements Collagen Peptides

We were impressed with the simple transparency associated with this supplement. The Essential Elements website doesn’t use high-pressure sales tactics or complicated terminology to market its products. The Collagen Peptides supplement is especially popular, and consumers have already had some positive words to say about the contents and effectiveness of this product.

The 41 servings of collagen peptide powder are available in every bag. It is extremely easy to mix and dissolves without any trouble. This means that consumers can mix the Essential Elements Collagen Peptides supplement easily into milkshakes, teas, or other beverages without any trouble. It’s also flavorless and odorless, making it easier to swallow and digest for the average consumer.

By using this supplement every day, consumers might be able to promote bone health, joint effectiveness, and more. This supplement can also help improve hair, nail, and gut health, as well as immune function—among other benefits. The type 1 and 3 grade-A bovine collagen from Essential Elements may add extra support in so many ways you didn't know collagen could benefit the silica-dependent body.

Essential Elements doesn’t have a huge reputation within the supplement community, but this doesn’t mean that their protein powder isn’t effective and easy to take. However, the direct, transparent marketing of this supplement impressed our editors. Additionally, the low price of $30 for 41 servings makes it a solid value option.

Price: $30 (41 Servings)

VitaPost Collagen Complex

We didn’t include very many capsule-based collagen supplements on our ranked list today. This is because most consumers tend to prefer the classic look and feel of collagen powder to the newer capsules dominating other supplement markets. However, this particular supplement comes in the form of capsules. This might be more convenient for some consumers, especially those who prefer a simple once-a-day capsule.

The collagen supplement by VitaPost contains collagen from chickens, eggshells, fish, and cows. Additionally, the premium collagen protein formula includes a unique collagen type called “avian sternum collagen peptides.” We haven’t come across another formula that uses this same type of collagen source, making VitaPost Collagen Complex a relatively unique and novel form of collagen supplement.

The downside to a capsule-based collagen supplement is that it will often contain a lower dosage of collagen than some of the powder-based solutions dominating the market. This supplement, for example, only contains about 1,500mg collagen per serving. This is certainly lower than the other collagen formulas listed above.

However, this product also comes with the lowest price on our list. Only $20 for 30 servings is a solid deal. The official product website outlines that consumers using this supplement can experience anti-aging benefits, as well as benefits to the skin and nails.

Price: $20 (30 Servings)

Team Keto Collagen

As the name implies, one big upside to this supplement is that it is completely keto-friendly. Additionally, the high degree of collagen protein contained in each serving is one independent reason to prefer this supplement to some of the others on our list. It doesn’t contain the wide variety of collagen types used by some other supplement formulas. Instead, Team Keto’s collagen solution uses collagen types 1 and 3, both of which are grass-fed and keto-friendly.

This supplement can be used by consumers to boost their workout effectiveness and recovery times. Other consumers use it to help boost health in the skin, teeth, hair, and joints. This is often the case with collagen protein supplements. Users can mix Team Keto Collagen into teas, smoothies, and even into baked goods like cookies or pastries!

Consumers have noted that this keto-friendly collagen supplement mixes easily into nearly anything. It doesn’t clump up, and it comes with little or no taste and odor. This makes it an extremely effective mixable collagen supplement, as too much of a taste or clumpiness can make it harder for users to swallow and digest solutions made with Team Keto Collagen.

Price: $44.99 (30 Servings)

My Obvi Collagen

To start, the design on this collagen supplement bottle is very interesting. It’s heavy use of color and its depiction of the ‘fruity cereal’ flavor is really something interesting. Of course, no consumer should pick a supplement based on the appearance of the bottle alone. However, the fascinating design of this supplement package does demonstrate that the company has put quite a bit of work into a solid product design.

Each scoop of this flavored collagen solution comes with about 10g of collagen. This is a solid dosage, and the powder can be mixed easily into juice, shakes, or even water. Proper usage of this supplement can help consumers to improve their muscle mass, joint movability, skin health, and appearance, among other things.

The taste of My Obvi Collagen is one big benefit. Some consumers certainly prefer to have collagen with little or no taste and odor at all. However, other users really like the taste of fruity cereal associated with My Obvi Collagen. It can be mixed into shakes to give them a uniquely delicious taste, turning collagen use from a chore to a delicious treat.

The price per serving of this supplement isn’t bad. And especially when we consider that the supplement comes with no sugar and a wide variety of additional vitamins, minerals, and other healthy ingredients, the price of $39 per 30 servings is a major plus.

Price: $39 (30 Servings)

Prime Greens with Collagen

Let’s start with the obvious: this is one of the most expensive collagen protein supplements on our list. Even with this high price, the supplement comes with a surprisingly low amount of collagen protein per serving. Additionally, we weren’t a big fan of the high-pressure sales tactics used on the official product website. The site explains that a lack of collagen is “the root cause” of most aging problems.

Despite this, this Prime Greens with Collagen supplement offers consumers a unique way to address a variety of age-related problems in the body. Prime Greens uses this protein supplement to combine their popular green superfood formula with collagen. This protein powder contains both a hefty dose of green superfoods and a relatively significant dosage of collagen.

Chlorella, collagen, barley grass, and spirulina make up the patented prime greens formula backing the supplement. The full ingredient list of this supplement is not available on the official website, which is a bit troubling. This made it a bit hard to judge the effectiveness of this supplement. However, the combination of prime greens’ green formula with collagen might seriously help consumers to address the signs of aging and improve their joint health.

Price: $49 (14 Servings)

Reviewing the Best Collagen Supplements

It wasn’t easy to come to a conclusion concerning the top collagen supplements of 2020. Consumers should understand that no ranking list of the top supplements in a given industry is completely objective. Readers should certainly take our rankings into account, especially because of how much research we put into the list that you’re about to read. However, collagen supplement users should also do their own research and consider their own needs and wants before using any supplement.

The main factors we used to inspire our rankings include the following:

Dosages. This is a pretty easy factor to understand. No one takes a collagen supplement because they don’t want to experience the benefits of the unique protein. Collagen users want supplements with as much pure collagen as possible. Collagen supplements can vary greatly when it comes to how much collagen they contain. Our list focuses mainly on collagen supplements with a high amount of collagen.

Usage Type. Like most supplements, collagen formulas can come in several different user types. We took this into account when conceiving this list. Some collagen supplements are capsules, while others are powders that are mixed into foods, drinks, or smoothies. While capsules are often similar when it comes to ease of use, powders can vary significantly on this front. We looked for powders that don’t clump easily, which makes them easier to mix together.

Value. Value and price are two different things. Readers will quickly discover that our list has several expensive supplements on it. However, we only include expensive supplements on our list when these supplements are high quality enough to warrant this hefty price tag. Cheaper supplements still need to meet basic bars for effectiveness.

Transparency. Transparency is an important indicator of the desirability of a supplement manufacturer. Companies making quality supplements will be sure to include ample information on the scientific studies, dosages, and ingredient lists of their supplements and formulas.

Ingredients. The purity and scientific studies backing ingredients are essential elements of the effectiveness of a given product. Supplements with ineffective ingredients, and especially those with insufficient dosages of key active ingredients, should often be avoided.

Collagen Sources. Collagen can come from many different sources. Supplements with multiple different sources of collagen are generally our preference, although many companies fail to list all the collagen sources for their supplement on the official product website.

Out of all this ranking criteria for becoming a mentionable let alone stand table is not easy – there are only so many high quality supplement providers who care to produce the best product possible. Finding the best collagen supplement with pure collagen protein and collagen peptides all comes down to realizing how important silica-rich collagen is to the body's youthful elasticity and hydration qualities.

What is Collagen?

Put most simply, collagen is a protein naturally found throughout the body. Most scientists refer to collagen as the ‘glue’ that holds key parts of the body together. The areas of the body with the highest need for collagen include the hair, nails, skin, and joints. The body generally produces its own collagen, which helps to keep these parts of the body tight, youthful, and healthy. However, some people’s bodies produce more collagen than others.

This is where collagen protein supplements come in handy. Using collagen supplements can help to promote joint health, as well as anti-aging benefits in various parts of the body. Collagen can come in the form of capsules, but most supplement companies offering collagen include it as part of a protein powder blend.

One study conducted in 2019 found that using collagen significantly improves the “electricity and hydration” of patients using it for skincare. Additionally, the study concluded that collagen could help to heal wounds, prevent aging in the skin, and more.

Some consumers might not be aware of this fact, but there are several different types of collagen. The kind of collagen used in a given supplement is pretty important, as different kinds of collagen come with different benefits. All collagen types are helpful, but some might be more important to a given benefit than others. Given how popular collagen protein powders and collagen peptides are, the best collagen supplements available all come down to essentially supplying the body with enough of the right types of silica-rich collagen to all but repair the body's glue that holds it together.

The most popular collagen types include:

  • Type 1—Boosts bone density.
  • Type 2—Found in cartilage.
  • Type 3—Found in muscles, blood vessels, and intestines.
  • Type 4—Found in cell membranes.
  • Type 5—found in hair, placenta.

There are generally no side effects to the use of collagen. Consumers should be careful to make sure that no supplement they use contains ingredients they’re allergic to. But aside from this minimal risk, there’s generally no reason to suspect that collagen use will lead to any significant unwanted side effects.

Buying the best collagen supplement can be done right here, right now with the click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions About Collagen

Misinformation online about collagen is relatively common. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions that consumers have about collagen protein.

Q: How is collagen used?

A: This depends on the type of collagen consumers are using. Some supplements are unflavored and odorless powders. These powders are generally mixed into drinks, such as teas, shakes, juices, or water. Other collagen supplements are capsules, which are swallowed once or twice daily. These capsule supplements are relatively uncommon, but we did include on our list of the top collagen supplements of 2020.

Q: Is collagen dangerous?

A: There exists no present research demonstrating that collagen can come with dangerous side effects. Some consumers might react negatively if they take too much collagen. However, most users will experience no significant side effects as they use collagen. The key to avoiding side effects with every supplement is to use in moderation.

Q: What are the benefits of collagen?

A: The benefits of collagen are relatively varied. For the most part, consumers can expect that collagen use can help them address the signs of aging, especially in the skin and joints. Introducing more collagen to the body can help to make the skin more tight-looking, giving the appearance of youthfulness within various parts of the body.

Q: Can collagen help people lose weight?

A: When used appropriately, collagen protein powders can promote weight loss—like any protein powder. However, there’s a caveat to this. Consumers who use protein powders without working out are likely to experience weight gain, rather than weight loss. To lose weight by using collagen powders, consumers should combine their protein usage with a consistent workout regimen.

Q: What is the best collagen type?

A: This depends. The most common collagen types used in collagen supplements are types 1, 2, and 4. These collagen types are used naturally the most in the human body. We tend to prefer supplements with multiple types of collagen, although some consumers swear by a specific collagen type.

Final Thoughts

Collagen protein powders can be an extremely useful way for consumers to improve the health of their skin, hair, and joints. Collagen comes in many forms, and consumers should experiment and research to find the supplement type that’s best for them. We hope that our list of the top collagen supplements of 2020 will be helpful to readers hoping to introduce regular collagen protein supplements into their workout routines.

Again, there are many top collagen supplements looking to be included into the best collagen protein and collagen peptides list, but only a select few can make the final cut. The following collagen boosting supplements are at the top of the list in terms of being the best rated options to buy today:

As always, consult your physician before beginning any new supplement usage, especially if you’re currently taking a specific medication.


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