Best Premature Ejaculation Pills, Sprays, and Wipes in 2021. Stay 5x Times Longer in Bed

Antidepressants, analgesics, Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors

According to the treatment protocols, men are recommended to use a combination of treatments to treat this problem:
For local use: Natural gels, creams, sprays based on the anesthetic (analgesic) effect of lidocaine, which reduces the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the glans penis (the effect can often be irreversible).
For oral use: Premature ejaculation pills prescribed by a specialist.

Natural treatments that work without side effects

The modern direction of biopharmacology specializing in developing and producing bioactive products based on natural ingredients and plant materials offers men the following remedies against premature ejaculation.

We have ranked them by their properties, effectiveness, the safety of use, and complex action.

#1. ProSolution Plus
  • Prices: 1 month supply – $69.95, 2 month – $119.95, 3 month – $164.95, 4 month – $209.95, 5-month – $254.95 + FREE SHIPPING. Buy now
  • Benefits: last longer in bed, improved libido, reduces premature ejaculation
  • Money-back guarantee: 67-day

Product review

A world-famous company called Leading Edge Health specializes in producing health supplements and fortified preparations and manufactures Prosolution Plus pills in the USA. The basis of the impact is a stimulating effect on the gonads for the release of nitric oxide.

The body produces this compound on its own, so there is no risk of overdose or side effects. The high level of this substance in the blood at the time of sexual activity allows a man to achieve the most full-blooded erection and control it.

Today, this herbal supplement has no equal in their category, as it has unique properties to stop premature ejaculation. And most importantly, these pills work for all men to eliminate the problem in a short period of time. True, this requires not only taking ProSolution Plus but also radically changing your lifestyle, getting rid of bad habits, and getting back into sports.

The ProSolution Plus natural supplement includes the following:

  • Tribulus extract, which stimulates the secretion of nitrogen and testosterone by the testes
  • Indian ginseng extract, which has a stimulating and tonic effect and eliminates the problems of the nervous system’s regulation of ejaculation
  • Curculigo extract, which provides increased sexual stamina and control of ejaculation
  • Extract of mucuna pungent - the action is similar to antidepressants
  • extract of hygrophila - a stimulant of the testes, increases the amount of sperm and enhances the contractile function of the prostate gland

# 2. VigRx Delay Spray
  • Prices: 1 bottle - $49.95, 3 bottles – $129.95, 6 bottles - $219.95
  • Benefits: last longer in bed, works in 10 mins, extend the pleasure
  • Money-back guarantee: 67-day

Product review

This is a liquid spray form of a combined preparation based on the anesthetic benzocaine and plant extracts. When the formula is applied to the head of the penis before sexual intercourse, it causes soft innervation while maintaining the peripheral nerves' sensitivity.

VigRx Delay Spray increases the duration of intercourse by five to six times. It can be combined with other natural supplements during the course of therapy to maintain the normal rhythm of sexual activity.

Firstly, the spray provides a quick effect, and secondly, it can be applied as needed. True, you will not get rid of the problem permanently, but you can always be ready for long, emotional sex that does not end prematurely.

Delay Spray ingredients:

  • Benzocaine is a mild analgesic that does not cause loss of sensitivity
  • Extracts of licorice root, Peruvian maca, and cinnamon all increase libido
  • Ginkgo biloba extracts act as energy tonics and prevent harmful effects of oxidative processes
  • Wild yam extract is a source of dioscin, which significantly increases the secretion of the male sex hormone
  • Peony extract stimulates blood circulation
  • Damiana extract stimulates male sexual activity

The product does not leave any residue after application. The spray is instantly absorbed and penetrates the penis tissues to maintain your ejaculation. Because of the use of benzocaine, you do not have to worry about side effects such as allergic reactions. Your sensitivity will be at its maximum, but now it will not interfere with your enjoyment of sex.

#3. VigRx Delay Wipes

  • Prices: 1 pack - $29.95, 2 packs – 2 packs - $48.95, 3 packs - $57.95, 6 packs - $106.95.
  • Benefits: discreet and convenient, all-natural formulation, guaranteed results
  • Money-back guarantee: 67-day

Product review

This remedy for premature ejaculation is widely popular in 2021. All you need to do is apply a tissue onto the penis and rub the contents to get the desired effect.

It's all about certain ingredients, modes of action, and results. For many men, wipes are the ideal influence on premature ejaculation.

Pros: The premature ejaculation wipes are discreet and easy to carry. They do not leave any smell or taste and moisturize the penis allowing you to control the ejaculation as much as possible.

I would recommend these wipes as an alternative to sprays. Again, this is a solution that should be used right before sex. But for long-term results in eliminating premature ejaculation, you need to take pills such as ProSolution Plus.

The composition of VigRx Delay Wipes includes the following:

  • Zanthoxylum extract - a natural substance with an anesthetic effect on peripheral nerve endings
  • Peony extract - has a catalytic effect on zanthoxylum and stimulates blood circulation at the site of application, thereby causing maximum filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis and maintaining the stability of the erection

What is the difference between supplements, sprays, and wipes?

Safe treatment for premature ejaculation involves using three main remedies: pills, sprays, and wipes. Each of these has a significant effect and can be used alone or in combination with other means.

Top-Rated Delay Ejaculation Supplements in 2021

Course duration: The standard course of using ProSolution Plus pills is at least 30 days; to prolong the results, the manufacturer recommends repeating the courses two or three times with a break of at least ten days between courses.

Male Extra can be considered as an alternative to these pills. This formula helps not only to solve the premature ejaculation problem but also to strengthen your erection. Click here to learn more.

Efficiency: Results are noticeable from the end of the first to the middle of the third week of administration since natural premature ejaculation pills typically have a cumulative effect. A certain time is needed for the ingredients to act.

Safety: The absence of synthetic components in the medication and the use of natural raw materials processed by deep extraction methods exclude the risk of side effects.

It is important to understand that ProSolution Plus pills are certified, clinically tested, and proven to be effective, safe, and natural. The official website of the product includes all the necessary documentation.

The Best Delay Spray on the Market

Duration of the course: Premature ejaculation sprays do not have a specific duration, but studies show that regular use for one to two months can increase the duration of sexual intercourse by four to five times.

Sprays are recommended for intermittent use as part of therapy. If there is a problem, it is advisable to keep a bottle with VigRx Delay Spray in the bedroom or carry a miniature bottle (only 50 ml) with you and use it as needed.

The premature ejaculation spray components can reduce the sensitivity of the nerve endings located on ​​the penis head, which significantly increases the duration of intercourse by five to six times.

The use of benzocaine as an anesthetic eliminates the complete innervation of the glans and preserves the sensitivity of the penis during intercourse.

Premature Ejaculation Wipes

Duration of the course: When used as part of complex therapy, it should be used for the course duration. Single-use is also permitted.

Effectiveness: Regular use of VigRx Delay Wipes significantly improves ejaculation control by four to five times within one to two months.

Safety: The presence of exclusively natural ingredients in the composition, which are produced by the extraction of plant raw materials, eliminates the risk of side effects and impact on the body’s organs.


Natural extracts for the treatment of premature ejaculation are justified by the complex effect of such substances on the body. As a rule, many herbal ingredients are included in the composition of the formula. A sufficient number of studies have confirmed the effectiveness of this type of treatment to combat premature ejaculation.

But in order to obtain a high concentration of the required substance at home, a significant amount of plant raw materials is needed, which is generally impractical. Modern biological products like Prosolution Plus, VigRx Delay Spray, and VigRx Delay Wipes are much more affordable and guarantee the therapeutic course's safety and high efficiency.
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