Best Detox Drinks to Cleanse Your System in 24 Hours

When you think of a detox drink, you might envision a bottle of green juice full of antioxidants and liquified kale. Or, perhaps you think of a highlighter-yellow liquid that will quickly purge your insides of any evidence of chemical contaminants. Whatever comes to mind, detox drinks are often the go-to for cleansing your system quickly. If you need to pass a drug test for weed, read on to find out what makes up the best detox drinks, when to take them, and why they work.

What Are Detox Drinks

A detox drink is designed to help you flush out toxins. Most of them are intended for use as a same day cleanse and won’t permanently cleanse your system of contaminants. However, they work in a pinch. They are often small amounts of concentrated liquid that you drink the day of your drug test. They differ from a juice or smoothie because they target your body’s ability to flush out toxins fast.

How Quickly Do Detox Drinks Work

Detox drinks are not the same as a permanent cleanse. They get to work quickly by forcing your body to flush out available toxins that trigger a positive test result. This is a temporary solution. Typically you would drink the concoction and within about 90 minutes it becomes effective. However, they have a short window of effectiveness.
How Long Do Detox Drinks Last

After your drink has time to enter your system, you have somewhere between four to six hours to take and pass your test. Because of this short window, it’s best advised to keep a detox drink on hand if you have any inclination that you might be facing a random drug test at some time.

When to Use Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are typically best when you have little to no time to prepare for a drug test. While naturally detoxifying is an excellent option, sometimes you don’t have that luxury and need help - fast. Detox drinks work by temporarily blocking the metabolites that drug tests are looking for, and offer a short window of opportunity to pass a drug.

For example, if you drink a detox drink the morning of a drug test, you will have somewhere between 4-6 hours where you will pass.

What to Look For in the Best Detox Drinks
Not all detox drinks are effective, and it would be awful to go to the trouble of buying and taking one, only to fail your test. First and foremost, when shopping for a detox drink, look for a company with a long-standing reputation for customer satisfaction. This can come in the form of testimonials found throughout their website. Be sure to read what other people have said about the products.


Once you’ve verified that the company is a legitimate business with plenty of success stories, be sure to reach the entire ingredient list. Most detox drinks combine vitamins, fruit extracts, and fibers. If the company doesn’t include a complete ingredient list and nutritional facts, they probably have something to hide, and you don’t want to buy their products.

The same goes for any accompaniments to your detox drink. If the kit includes supplements, be sure to check their ingredients as well. You will also want to purchase products that are made in the United States in a trusted GMP certified lab.

Same-Day 24 Hour Results

If you’re facing a same-day or next-day drug test, a detox drink must provide same-day results. Products branded with marketing lines like “quick results” and “same-day results” are not necessarily the same as products that specifically state how many hours you can expect to be drug-free on a urinalysis or other type of drug test. Be sure that the company very clearly guarantees same-day results.

Product Guarantee

A company that believes in the power of its products will offer some kind of guarantee. This means that if you follow the directions exactly as they describe and still fail your drug test, the company should provide you with a refund. While it might not get you your job back, at least you’re not out the expense of a faulty product.

Customer Service

If you have a question that you need answering, look for a customer service chatbot, email address, or phone number where you can reach customer support. A reputable company will offer plenty of ways to contact them if you need help.

Same Day Shipping

You need to get the products as quickly as possible for last-minute drug tests. If ordering online, make sure the company offers same-day air, or overnight shipping to get the detox drink in your hands as soon as possible. If you can, stock up on a few bottles in case you find yourself in this situation in the future.
How to Use Detox Drinks

If you just learned about a drug test, it can be easy to panic and forget about practical tips to help you pass. Yes, a detox drink will help you pass a drug test, but there are other things you need to do to ensure you pass.

Just Say No to Weed

Most importantly—STOP USE OF ALL CANNABIS PRODUCTS IMMEDIATELY. While it might seem like common sense, this is the most important thing you can do right away. Do not smoke weed or eat edibles, and avoid any CBD or other cannabinoid-dominant products until AFTER you’ve passed your test.

Stay Hydrated

Start drinking plenty of water as soon as you find out about your test. Extra fluids help your body urinate more frequently, ridding any remaining drug metabolites that might be floating around in your system. However, be careful not to over hydrate. This can make your urine too diluted and result in a failed test.

Avoid Trouble Foods

Many foods slow down the body’s ability to detox and interfere with digestion. Avoid dairy, sugar, wheat, red meat, processed meats, fatty and fried foods, and alcohol. Instead, focus on a diet rich in leafy greens and fresh fruits and vegetables. Adhering to a plant-based diet while preparing for a drug test is recommended, but if you want to eat meat, opt for fish or lean protein options like ground turkey.

Follow the Directions

Follow the directions precisely as advised by the makers of the detox drink. It’s possible to use incorrectly and result in a failed test, so this step is essential. For example, if the drink advises you to drink water before the detox drink, be sure to drink that exact amount of water.

Many detox drinks advise that you urinate 3-5 times after drinking your shot (and water along with it) to flush toxins from your body effectively. Don’t try to take shortcuts. Follow the instructions precisely as they are written. If your detox drink has accompaniments like supplements, be sure to take them. Skipping over the capsules is a mistake, so take them exactly as prescribed.
Keep Calm and Drink On

Hopefully, you aren’t reading this in fear of a drug test, but we wish you the best of luck if you are. If you choose a high-quality detox drink, you should have no problem detoxing effectively and passing your drug test. Read the reviews, buy from a trusted source, follow the directions exactly, and you will be just fine.
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