Best Herpes Dating Sites: Meet Herpes Singles Online

The dating scene promises a lot of entertainment, excitement, happiness and overall wellness. For people who wish to date with herpes, the scene can prove to be a challenging or difficult task. Fortunately, developers had the needs of such people in mind. Nowadays there are dating sites where people with herpes can find happiness and love just like everyone else, regardless of the fact that they are living with a STD.

Finding your special someone on a herpes dating site is not an unusual affair. Amazingly, the sites are successful in breaking most taboos as we acknowledge them. Further, they go all the way to ensure that people suffering from the disease discuss it with each other without feeling ashamed, embarrassed or like they are lesser human beings.

In today’s world, we can talk about STDs normally. In any case, they are a normal thing. According to official estimates, almost half of the entire population lives with Herpes HSV-1 variety. HSV-1 is an inferior kind of the disease that is transmitted exclusively through oral contact.

HSV-2, the other variety of herpes, is quite a serious infection. It is thought that one in six people could be struggling with the infection, and they are likely to spread it to other people through sexual contact.

It is wonderful that people living with herpes don’t just stay in their cocoon, but step up, and live their lives as if the world was ending soon! Everyone in this world deserves to be happy. There are no exclusions!

By trying out the following best herpes dating sites, you will find people living in similar conditions and give love and happiness another chance. This is where you can find that person you have been looking for, a special someone to share the rest of your young mind with!

1. has to be the most successful site in this class. It connects people living with STDs such as herpes and HIV.

Aside from helping people find love, the site offers advice to people who wish to take it to the next level. Such kind of support touches the heart of anyone living with herpes in a special way. Many people who have visited the sites describe their decision as among the best that they ever made.

There are more than 150,000 US citizens composed of 30% female and 70% males. The process of signing up is quick and simplified. asks its members to provide useful details such as their state of residence for the purpose of avoiding unpleasant scenarios. In any case, your personal details help a lot when it comes to arranging physical meetings when you have found the person of your dreams.

We fully endorse because it doesn’t discriminate against herpes dating. We love it because the condition isn’t viewed as a barrier on the site, which is extremely contrary to what happens in other dating sites.


You are probably on the hunt for a herpes dating site where there are very low fake profiles. is that kind of site. The process of confirmation is very strict. This filters fake information from being provided.

The success story of the site can be attested to by the more than 170,000 active members. MPWH stands for Meet People with Herpes, so when you are signing up, you know what to expect. Just like mainstream dating sites, when looking for a date, you want to be assured of a fun experience. Users of the site enjoy the low member base who unlike other communities, are responsive and active.

Anyone can sign up to the site. It doesn’t segregate on the basis of race, gender or other traditional groupings.

An interesting thing about is that it has an incredible mobile app that improves the experience of people looking to meet the love of their dreams despite living with herpes.

We think the site is worth your time. Check it out sometime.


When deciding on the perfect herpes dating site, you want to go for the one that respects your values and needs as a member, and one that upholds your desire to protect your private life while rendering features that instantly connect you to other desirable singles. was pioneered and designed by people living with herpes. The main focus in terms of safety is to make sure that all members feel comfortable and secure while browsing through potential companions and lovers.

If you are a hater, spammer or person who is not interested in finding love, but just want to cause chaos, you will be eliminated immediately and permanently! Such measures are engineered to protect the community, people who will do what it takes to meet the love of their dreams.

With features such as audio and video communication, a user gets to note important communication elements such as body language, voice tone and overall demeanor of a prospective companion. The webpages can be translated to your native language to eliminate communication barriers. could be the place you find love if you are living with herpes.

4. is a glimmer of hope for anyone living with herpes. The community of more than 41,000 members is lively and supportive. They arise from every corner of the globe, but are very active and won’t think twice about welcoming you once you have signed up.

Amazingly, is free for all! You won’t be asked to provide payments at any point. The site is good for people who are just beginning to try out online dating. It is a good place to get essential training before committing to more sophisticated channels where your membership is earned by paying a certain fee.

The community easily accepts newcomers and shows them the way to go, so you won’t feel out of place. For the developers of, comfort is the most important thing for its members who are people dealing with herpes. You don’t need to hide it from members. Embrace your condition, meet new people, and have fun with whoever pleases you

5. is ranked as the 25th most popular and influential dating site. You don’t need to explain that you are living with herpes once you have highlighted in the signup form. All members understand that they are on the platform to look for love and companionship, and not to judge others.

People living with herpes sign up to from different regions in the world. But the greatest proportion of people live in the US.

It is good to note that the site is quite new, and won’t match the expectations of larger communities such as, at least at the moment. Nevertheless, we are of the strong opinion that it is a good platform to find love.


To start reaping the endless benefits of, all you need to do is to register for free, then create a profile and you will be well on the way to flirting with incredibly attractive people living with STDs.

The thousands of members provide genuine photos and information about themselves. You get to deal with actual people who don’t judge you because you have herpes. When you feel that you can have meaningful, caring and loving conversations and interactions with others who have similar experiences such as yourself, you are able to unleash your full potential. Above all, you can flirt and socialize with as many people as you want!


Are you living with herpes and are looking for a place to connect with other people and even date them? is a platform full of supportive and incredible human beings such as you. Gone are the days when people had to segregate themselves because they had discovered that they had contracted a STD.

Once you sign up to, you get to contact, create friendships and fall in love with magnificent people such as you. Herpes has/will never you! The sooner you embrace that reality, the more fun and happiness will flow to your life. Life is a journey, and regardless of what you encounter along the way, you are guaranteed to stumble upon everlasting happiness and love on

Join the community and fulfill your chance of meeting your special someone.


Dating for singles who have herpes is quite a challenging task. In actual sense, herpes is a somewhat harmless infection. It won’t lead to mortality or infertility, yet the stigma that befalls anyone who discloses that they have the disease is just over the top. is determined to wreck that stigma for good! The platform is a safe environment where singles living with herpes can interact with each other, meet up and fall in love. The community and support system of the platform is designed to be reliable, offering members an equal opportunity to be listened to, provided with advice, live free of discrimination and have fun just like everyone else. has numerous functions and a gallant goal, making it the go-to place if you are yearning to find a loved one that understands you in a few clicks. The special features on the site ensure that everyone will have fun as they browse through profiles and requests on their walls.


No one should feel like they are lesser beings because of a condition that is scientifically regarded as harmless. Embrace your condition and jump on any of the sites above to unleash life’s wholesomeness and fulfillment.
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