Best HGH Injections for Men: 4 Best HGH for Sale Brands Ranked

HGH became very popular recently in the fitness community. It’s no wonder, more and more fitness influencers and actors are admitting to using human growth hormone to gain muscle, lose fat and improve body composition overall.

Also, HGH injections for men are gaining traction as an effective anti-aging and wellness compound attracting a much wider audience, who want to look great and feel great despite their age. Dr. Oz claims human growth hormone is a fountain of youth.

Human growth hormone and testosterone are 2 crucial hormones for male health and wellbeing. And levels of both tend to decline as we age.

While the benefits of testosterone are clear, HGH effects on men aren't so well-covered. So the question arises – How important is HGH for men and are growth hormone injections worth a shot?

Let's briefly see how crucial HGH is for men.

Benefits of HGH for men
  • Muscle mass gain
  • Anti-catabolic properties
  • Fat loss.
  • Better sex life.
  • Immune health
  • Better sleep
  • Healthy joints and ligaments
We associate all of the above benefits of HGH for men with youth, health and mobility.

While the benefits are clear, how do you find the best HGH injections brand for men?

Where to buy the best HGH injections for men?
Since 2015, has been providing an excellent service – high-quality HGH at affordable prices.

They offer many brands including pharma-grade Norditropin, Jintropin, Omnitrope and other HGH brands – Zptropin, Spectros etc starting at just 2 $/1 IU. 10 times cheaper than in US pharmacies.

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How to choose the best HGH for men?
A few factors are to be considered while choosing HGH brand
  • Purity. The aim of exogenous HGH is to mimic your endogenous growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. Synthetic HGH should be 191 amino acids and very close to bioidentical to give the best effects. So, it's important to choose an HGH injection brand with 97-99 % purity.
  • Price. Price for growth hormone injections significantly varies depending on the brand and where you buy it. Later in the article, we will describe how to save 90 % buying HGH. But the market price is around 1.5-4 $/1 IU of HGH. If it's cheaper, it's shady. If significantly higher, you aren't getting the best bang for your buck.
  • Administration form of HGH for men. There are 2 options here – premixed HGH pens and vials. Pens are significantly easier to use at lower dosages, they are also pain-free. On the other hand, vials contain 10-14 IU in each and are more convenient for higher dosages.
  • Authenticity. Growth hormone is often faked just like any other expensive product. But if buying fake Rolex is not pleasant, injecting fake HGH can actually be dangerous to your health. Growth hormone manufacturers understand this and such brands as Spectros, Zptropin, Qitrope, Jintropin have a reliable verification system. Their products come with security stickers, holograms, verification codes to ensure you are getting real HGH.
Some brands - Norditropin, Omnitrope, Genotropin don't have the security elements. So it's crucial to buy them from a reliable vendor with an established reputation.

Save 90 % on buying HGH injections online

Luckily, there are always loopholes for smart shoppers and HGH isn't an exception.

The US citizens are used to ordering from Canadian and Indian pharmacies that offer significantly less expensive options.

It’s a similar situation with growth hormone injections. The countries with lower prices on HGH are in Eastern Europe – Ukraine and Russia being the most popular ones. For example, the price for a Norditropin 30 IU pen is 1300-1400 $ in the US, while the same pen costs 80-90 $ in a Russian pharmacy. The same goes for Omnitrope, Genotropin, and some other brands. There are shops online that offer to ship you HGH from the local pharmacy with a small markup.

The most reputable shop is – they offer a wide range of pharma-grade HGH brands – Norditropin, Omnitrope as well as less well-known Chinese brands – Spectros, Zptropin at the lowest cost.

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Best HGH for men: 4 Brands Reviewed and Ranked

Norditropin 30 IU pen - Best HGH for men overall
  • Top-notch quality and reputation. Norditropin is manufactured by Novo Nordisk – a big Dutch pharma company with 46000 employees. It allows them to produce the highest quality synthetic human growth hormone on the market.
  • Tested 99.88 % pure. WorldHGH performed their own labs on Norditropin, which indicated 99.88 % purity. That's the highest number among the brands they tested.
  • Easy-to-use and pain-free pen. Norditropin comes in a 30 IU premixed pen, which is ready to use. The unique pen technology allows making growth hormone injections with no pain and hassle.
  • Price. While Norditropin price in the pharmacy is 1300-1400 $/30 IU, it costs much less in Russian pharmacies. gets their Norditropin locally and delivers it to the US and other countries with a small markup.

You can buy Norditropin on for as little as 120 $/30 IU via the link.

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Spectros 140 IU. Best affordable HGH for men
  • Great value. We put Spectros on the second spot as it's the best brand of HGH for men who are taking higher doses. Human growth hormone can be pretty expensive and Spectros is a great budget-friendly option. It's the same 191 amino acids HGH molecule as Norditropin, but with less branding and marketing expenses Spectros managed to keep it high quality and relatively cheap. We cannot claim that the purity of Spectros matches Norditropin, it stays on the same level at 98-99 %.
  • Authenticity protected. Each Spectros kit is protected with a unique security code under the scratch field. You can verify it on the manufacturer’s website to make sure that your kit is legit.
  • Rarely faked. Because of the verification system, Spectros is very rarely faked.
  • 14 IU vials. 1 kit contains 10 vials of 14 IU of 191 amino acids growth hormone, which is suitable if you are taking high doses. offers a great deal on this brand – you can buy Spectros at 240-260 $/140 IU via the link.

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Zptropin 120 IU. Great value and security system
  •   Consistent high quality. Zptropin is manufactured by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical in China. The company has been around for over a decade now and the quality has been consistent.
  • 99.93 % purity lab tested. WORLDHGH tested Zptropin and it returned 99.93 % purity with 13.86 IU of 191 amino acids growth hormone instead of 12 IU, so the product is overdosed, which is an advantage
  • Nice design and security. Zptropin kit comes in all shiny, with holograms and stickers – they verify that your kit is authentic and protect the integrity of the kit.
  • Great price - with 240-260 $/120 IU. Just like Spectros, Zptropin offers great quality at a pleasant price.
  • Low availability. That's the major Zptropin disadvantage. The manufacturer cannot keep up with the demand, so sometimes Zptropin disappears from stock. So, it's important to buy Zptropin from trusted sources to avoid fakes
You can buy real Zptropin on via the link.
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Jintropin - famous HGH injections brand for men
  • History. For a long time, Jintropin has been the number 1 human growth hormone brand around. It's a pharma-grade Chinese HGH made by GenSci company. Jintropin is the most popular HGH brand in China and is gaining popularity in the West because of its relatively low price for the quality.
    Jintropin's day of fame was in 2007 when none other than Sylvester Stallone himself was caught bringing Jintropin into Australia without permission. With such a sports icon becoming an involuntary ambassador of the brand, Jintropin became very popular in the Western world.
  • High quality. As mentioned, Jintropin is a pharma-grade brand from a big company, so the fact it’s the highest quality cannot be doubted. tested the sample of Jintropin and it returned 97 % purity with 10.33 IU of pure growth hormone in 10 IU vial.
  • Pharmacy certified. Jintropin is certified for pharmacies in many countries including Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and China.
  • Strong security system. Jintropin has the most advanced security system on the market. Each kit comes with a security sticker protecting the integrity of the kit.
  • Low availability. Jintropin supply is unstable, so it might be hard to get.
If you are interested in this brand, you can always buy Jintropin on via the link.

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HGH for men - is it worth a shot? Reasons to take HGH injections

  • To maintain healthy growth hormone levels. The decline in HGH production negatively affects bones, skin, cardiovascular health, sex drive, mood – basically, the whole organism. Increasing HGH levels to a high-normal range improves all of these aspects.
  • To combat signs of aging. Wrinkles, loosening skin, bad hair quality, fat gain – all those signs of aging are caused by low HGH production in the pituitary gland. It can be paused and reversed with HGH injections and HGH supplements.
  • To gain muscle mass. Human growth hormone is an anabolic compound - meaning, it speeds up protein synthesis in skeletal muscle cells. No wonder, HGH is insanely popular among fitness enthusiasts. You may expect to gain 5-10 pounds of lean muscle from an HGH cycle.
  • To lose fat in a caloric surplus. Growth hormone influences metabolism by switching sources of energy from carbs to fat. It results in fat loss even without diet restrictions.
  • To protect and healthy joints and cartilage. This is especially important for athletes who suffer from joint pain.
HGH dosage for men

There is no exact number here as the dosage depends on your goals, body composition, age, weight etc.

But there are estimated ranges here for different goals:
  • HGH dosage to gain muscle - 3-6 IU/day for at least 4-5 months cycle. This dosage allows gaining 5-10 pounds of lean muscle mass if proper nutrition and training are in place.
  • Hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging. 1-4 IU/day allows climbing to the normal-higher normal range of a healthy young person. You can run HGH for years with no breaks at this dosage.

HGH supplements vs HGH injections?

What are human growth hormone supplements?
They are dietary supplements that position themselves as HGH boosters. The ingredients include amino acids such as ornithine, arginine, and proprietary blends of undisclosed ingredients.
Most of the human growth hormone supplements on the market are based on false claims and deception. They claim to increase HGH production by 5-10 times, but in fact,even the best of those dietary HGH supplements are capable of only slightly by 10-30 % increasing human growth hormone HGH levels.

What is the best HGH supplement? Are HGH supplements really working?
The best HGH supplements directly affect the ghrelin receptors, thus stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete endogenous growth hormone.
The best HGH supplements you can take a look at are MK677, GHRP and CJC. MK677 comes as HGH supplement pills.

Should you be taking HGH supplements and HGH boosters?

If you are a relatively healthy person with a properly functioning pituitary gland you might benefit from taking a dietary HGH supplement. If you have a growth hormone deficiency, HGH supplements and pills won't help you.

That's why you might consider HGH injections as a more effective method than even the best HGH supplements around.

What are the best HGH injections for men? Final thoughts

In this article, we discussed the major aspects men need to know about buying growth hormone online. The 4 brands we reviewed are the best injectable HGH for men you can find. Is HGH worth a shot? It's up to you depending on your goals and current stats. But if you want to start taking it, be sure to choose the vendor wisely.

We recommend WORLDHGH as they have a wide range of high-quality HGH brands at the lowest prices.

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