Best Online Psychic Readings Top 3 Most Trusted Psychic Reading Sites for 100% Accurate Results

Years ago, fortune tellers conducted psychic readings in country fairs, booths, and secluded spots. They were discussed in hushed tones and considered taboo topics amongst conservative families. That’s why finding real psychics proved challenging for inquisitive individuals and believers.

However, the arrival of the internet and the revival of alternative healing has turned things around in the last few decades.

These days, finding online psychics and spiritual advisors have become slightly easier than before. Everything from tarot card reading, love psychics, career forecasts to energy healing can be performed through virtual sessions. You can opt for psychic readings by phone or face-to-face video calls. It all depends on your preferences and the service provider you decided to choose.

There is one catch, though!

The popularity of psychic hotlines and online directories have given con artists a chance to exploit the general public. That is why first-timers often wind up with fake psychics when they sign up for impromptu sessions with an alleged psychic.

You can avoid this fate by choosing legitimate websites for your psychic reading sessions. Using top-rated platforms ensures that your clandestine conversations are conducted in secure chat rooms.

Additionally, these service providers are eager to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with their customer base. It often leads to exclusive deals, free psychic readings, and personalized services.

This article discloses the names of four fantastic platforms that help you book a consultation with real psychics while keeping fraudsters at bay.

Let’s have look.

The Best Sites for Psychic Reading Online in 2021

Finding real online psychics can be more challenging than you think. There’s a high chance for first-timers to encounter an imposter if they are not careful. We don’t want you to meet the same fate.

Therefore, our team conducted a foolproof search for genuine psychics online and the best service providers in this industry. We filtered fake accounts by looking for best rated websites that provide the best value for your money. Specialties, experience, and client testimonials played a pivotal role in shortlisting candidates.

Here are our top picks for psychic readings online:
1. Keen Psychics — Connect with a Real Psychic In Just $1.99

Keen Psychics introduces you to the world of mysticism and astrology without burning a hole in your pocket. The user-friendly interface makes it easier for you to connect with a compatible psychic advisor in record time.

After that, you can enjoy a 10-minute long introductory call to unravel the mysteries of your past, present, and future.

2. Kasamba — The Leading Choice for Free Psychic Readings on Love

Kasamba treats newcomers like royalty by foretelling your future in half the price. A 50% discount offer allows you to scroll and select the best online psychics available on the platform. Every newcomer receives free minutes to consult and assess the value each practitioner brings to the psychic readings online.

All you have to do is pick a category, specialty and book a consultation. After that, you may pace yourself to learn incredible insights about your future.

3. Psychic Source —Save 75% off on Your First Psychic Reading

Psychic Source is home to many financial advisors and tech-savvy psychics. It’s equally good for relationship advice and career planning. Use their assistance to navigate the treacherous world of deceptive offers. The customer service team is kind and cordial.

They run a thorough background check to provide users with safe and secure psychic pathways to connect with real psychics.

4. Ask Now — 16 Years of Expertise in Live Psychics

Ask Now presents a fresh new way to receive free psychic readings online. You can interact with available advisors through chat or call to prepare for the next phase of your life. Popular mystic mediums include tarot readings, crystal reading, astrology, numerology, and more.

Introductory sessions start at $1.00 per minute.

In short, each of these psychic-led platforms has its pros and cons. Use our detailed reviews to select a site that aligns with your unique needs and expectations. Your decision can then determine how far you will come in discovering the secrets of the spiritual realm.

Once you grow accustomed to chat psychics and psychic readings by phone, there’ll be no looking back. You can use these hotlines to plan for a promising future without any doubts or fear. Each consultation will bring you closer to the truth and help you utilize your full potential to achieve personal and professional goals.

Are you ready for this enlightening expedition?

Let’s go.

The Big Reveal: Which One of Online Psychic Sites Is Right for You?

Undoubtedly, choosing the right spiritual advisor can feel intimidating. You are bound to meet an imposter if you are not careful. Or, maybe you may come across a psychic who provides unclear responses. Having the backing and support of a legitimate business and customer team tips the scales in their verified platforms' favor.

It gives you the surety that these free psychic readings are highly accurate, reliable and credible.

Here’s a breakdown of the best online psychics sites available on the internet:

Number #1: Keen Psychics for 100% Accurate Results

Keen Psychics began its quest for the real truth decades ago. They opened their virtual forum in 1999, amidst the Y2K boom. After that, users were quick to respond and eager to book an appointment with gifted psychics. Once that’s done, you have the choice to choose the phone, chat, or email, depending on your feasibility.

Keen Psychics has always been a step ahead in the fortune-telling game with its tech-driven upgrades and offers. These efforts have led to more than 35 million happy client stories and a network of over a hundred experienced psychics available for consultation.

Each of these mystic advisors has gone through an extensive screening process to secure a spot on this platform. They get ranked by experience, expertise, and skills based on current and past performances during psychic readings. Most of these qualities and professional achievements are displayed on their public profiles.

Moreover, you can use customer feedback and website filters to streamline your search for the best psychics online. This practice promotes transparency and allows clients to choose certified online psychics with confidence.

You can consult Keen Psychics’ customer care center for advice if you find anything amiss. The designated customer representative will answer your queries and direct you towards top-rated love psychics and live psychics for tarot readings by phone or chat. Additionally, customer support can come through for you if you face any technical difficulties during your session. Having them by your side humanizes these virtual interactions. It’s also a clear indication of their dedication and devotion to each customer.

Specialty and Deals at Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics strives to make psychic readings online accessible and affordable to its target audience. They achieve this feat by offering excellent deals and budget-friendly packages for loyal users and prospective clients.

For instance, newcomers can benefit from free psychic reading online via a 3-minute long introductory session. After this, they have to pay only $1.99 to continue their consultation for the next 10 minutes. Having an extended time limit gives you an opportunity to ask more life questions and evaluate your psychic’s skills and competency in predicting your fate.

Once you find your match, you can return to the platform and consult the same psychic for other life-altering situations and inquiries about your past, present, or future. Mystic advisors at Keen Psychics can conduct these sessions via phone, chat, and real-time video chats. Having various modes for psychic readings online makes it convenient for you to schedule an appointment without any trouble.

More importantly, they provide a wide range of specialty-based online psychics and associated services. These include tarot reading, crystal gazing, aura readings, astrology, numerology, daily horoscopes, etc. All these interactive elements elevate user experience and win over the heart of clients, old and new.

Main Features: Why Do We Love Keen Psychics?
  • It brings in decades of industry-based experience and qualified spiritual advisors on board
  • Users benefit from a 24/7 free psychic reading service via phone, chat, and video sessions
  • Seek advice from gifted online psychics who specialize in tarot readings, numerology, astrology, spiritual readings, and more
  • Match with love psychics and live psychics to receive relationship advice, career forecasts, daily horoscope, and other insightful psychic readings
  • 24-hour psychic reading online via phone and chat for tarot readings, career forecasts, psychic mediums, relationship tips, and more field-specific decisions
  • The best virtual platform for 100% accurate psychic readings online
  • You get to expand your horizons and interact with a global community of psychics online instead of only searching for ‘psychics near me’
  • Increase your self-awareness and spiritual understanding of the world with the assistance of trained mystic advisors
  • Enjoy budget-friendly live psychic readings and personalized packages at the lowest rates (Starting from $1.99)
  • Take the best psychics for a test drive with free psychic readings online (Minimum 3 minutes)
  • Find compatible psychics through free introductory sessions before you commit to 10-minute consultation
Apart from this, Keen Psychics streamlines online searches for the best psychics easily with its user-friendly interface. Each feature and upgrade adds value to your visit and helps you reach the right spiritual advisor and mystic guide with only a few clicks.

Click Here To Get the Best Psychic Readings Online via Phone or Chat at Keen Psychics

Number #2 Kasamba: Meet Psychics That Can Change Your Destiny within 3 (Free) Minutes

Kasamba is one of the oldest virtual platforms for psychic readings. They opened their online services in 1999 and have continued to grow over the decades. Over 3 million lucky clients have found love, happiness and success by reaching out to mystic advisors.

Connect with a wide network of top rated online psychics to receive the best advice on matters of love, life, and career. Kasamba allows you to book an appointment with local and international psychic experts with a click of a button.

They take great pride in hiring certified psychic mediums and gifted clairvoyants through a detailed background check. Each of these individuals has the skills and field-based experience required to become your spiritual and mystic guides. That way, they give you a chance to work with real psychics online.

The website features interactive profiles and short bios of each psychic, along with customer feedback. You can use these details to make a more informed decision to find an online psychic that aligns with your interests in mysticism and fortune-telling.

Moreover, Kasamba offers anonymity and privacy through secure payments and well-encrypted registrations. These features eliminate the risk of duplicity and deceit practiced online. In addition to this, clients can choose confidential psychic readings online to keep their identity hidden from designated online psychics.

As a result, you can participate in live psychic sessions with ease and surety that your information is being safeguarded during these interactions.

Specialty and Deals at Kasamba

The virtual platform offers various types of psychic readings online. Having a community of international and local psychic mediums and spiritualists allows them to take things to the next level. The extensive service options available at Kasamba include tarot reading, numerology astrology, career forecast, dream interpretations, love psychics, and other live psychic readings.

These sessions can be conducted over the phone, video calls, or text-based chats, depending on your convenience.

What’s more? Kasamba excels in finding the ‘best psychic match’ by offering free psychic readings online. You can choose your mystic advisor based on expertise, skills, niche, and specialty. After selection, you receive 3 free minutes for a one-on-one consultation with the chosen psychic. New clients can enjoy 75% off on the remaining minutes when they opt to continue their private sessions.

However, if they are unsatisfied with the service, they can restart the selection process without paying a dime. The first three minutes of each session with a new psychic are free of cost. Users can select an affordable payment plan once the designated time ends.

Main Features: Why Do We Love Kasmaba?
  • Its home to top-rated online psychics and clairvoyants from all around the world.
  • Find compatible psychics online in record time and consult multiple specialists on a single platform
  • It offers an assorted range of psychic reading formats (i.e. tarot reading, astrology, numerology, career forecasts, crystal gazing, and more)
  • Enjoy free psychic readings online with each new advisor (maximum duration: 3 minutes)
  • It’s a 24-hour psychic consultation service with an always available customer hotline
  • You can maintain anonymity through confidential chat psychics and reliable privacy polices
  • They have secure payment methods to make online transactions safer
  • Get 50% off on your first session (exclusive offer for new clients)
  • Feasible psychic readings with trial rates starting at $1/minute
  • 100% money back guarantee for unsatisfied clients
  • Stay connected with your mystic advisor with the Kasamba app (Available for iOS or Android devices)
In short, Kasamba has all you need in an online psychic service.

Click Here To Strat A Free Psychic Reading Session With One Of Kasamba Gifted Psychics

Number #3: Psychic Source Is a Top-Rated Site for Tarot Readings

Psychic Source serves as a one stop-shop for online psychics. It was founded in 1989 and has decades of experience transforming lives through psychic readings by phone and chat. The company began as a psychic hotline for tarot readings before it ventured into the virtual world of daily horoscopes, love psychics, live psychics, and more.

They have continued to evolve and stay in touch with the needs and expectations of a digitally-inclined generation. For instance, the platform features an interactive Psychic Tool that asks short questions to find the perfect online psychic for you. The best part is that it provides three available candidates instead of one. Having extra options makes the whole experience more personalized.

Apart from that, you can scroll through psychic profiles to learn more about each candidate. These profiles give you an overview of psychic capabilities, specialties, and experience level. They also have customer feedback to support the quantifiable data present on the profile.

Moreover, Psychic Source strives to keep fake psychics off its platform through a diligent screening process. Due to this, they have managed to rope in highly qualified online psychics and gifted mystic advisors on their platform.

What’s more? Users can talk to Customer Care operators whenever they want. The support team can answer all types of queries. For instance, you can seek help related to registration, troubleshooting problems, technical glitches, and payment procedures.

Specialty and Deals at Psychic Source

Psychic Source receives rave reviews for accommodating client needs and surpassing expectations. It entertains an audience of millions searching for solace, love, and a connection to the spiritual world. The platform manages to come through for these hopeful individuals by offering accurate psychic readings online.

Registered users sign up for psychic readings by phone, chat or live video sessions for different types of psychic services. Popular choices include tarot readings, love readings, dream analysis, energy healing services, astrology readings, angel card readings, daily horoscopes, amongst other formats. According to customer testimonials, Psychic Source provides accurate psychic readings for career and financial investments. It’s equally beneficial for love and relationship advice.

Furthermore, clients enjoy monthly deals and discounts offered at Psychic Source. For instance, the platform welcomes new clients with a 75% discount for their introductory sessions. Each trial reading begins with a free psychic reading session that lasts for the first three minutes. If you choose to continue the consultation, you have to pay $0.66 per minute. These packages might vary from consultation to consultation, depending on specialties and expertise.

Nevertheless, you can count on Psychic Source to give you the best value for your money with its honest conduct and exceptional customer service.

Main Features: Why Do We Love Psychic Source?
  • It brings 30+ years of psychic expertise online
  • 24/7 customer support from a dedicated team of operators who accommodate your needs
  • Interactive Psychic Tools to find the best match for your consultation
  • Sign up for real-time psychic readings by phone, chat, and video recordings
  • Seek mystic mentorship on love, career advice, financial investments, and other life-altering decisions
  • It’s an excellent service provider for tarot readings, career forecasts, dream interpretation, love psychics, etc.
  • New clients can enjoy free psychic readings online for maximum 3 minutes and a 75% discount for the remaining session
  • Budget-friendly offerings and flexible price plans for all clients
  • A safe and secure platform for psychic readings online
  • It provides protected payment methods and privacy policies to safeguard clients rights and identity
On the whole, Psychic Source caters to individual needs and goals. It’s an excellent platform for first-timers to book a consultation with real online psychics.

Start Your Mystic Journey At Psychic Source With 3 Free Minutes and 75% Off On All Services.

Number #4 AskNow: The Ultimate Source for Psychic Readings Online

AskNow was founded in 2005, making it feel relatively new compared to the other psychic service providers on this list. Despite a late start, the company manages to make a splash in the psychic industry. You can use it to receive online psychic readings by phone or email.

It caters to hundreds of clients per day with the assistance of its helpful customer service operators.

In addition to this, they have a well-vetted team of spiritual advisors, mystics, and astrologists available for consultation. AskNow maintains its quality by ensuring that all appointed psychics have 4 to 5 star ratings. The selection team updates rankings after every three to four months. In turn, this ensures that you receive the best service possible.

More importantly, performance indicators and skills are all mentioned in the online profile. Ratings and genuine client feedback support these metrics. These factors prove that it’s a legitimate website for psychic readings online.

Specialty and Deals at AskNow

If you are looking for love psychics, accredited astrologists, numerologists or spiritual advisors, look no further. AskNow aligns your needs with their global network of online psychics. These gifted individuals have years of experience and training in interpretation dreams, crystal gazing, reading the stars, and more.

At present, AskNow offers psychic readings online for love psychics, astrology, numerology, and career forecasts. You can try out the accuracy of these predictions with a free ask available right after registration.

Unlike most psychic platforms, it offers five free minutes during the introductory consultation. After that, your call gets charged $1 per minute. New clients have the option to cancel the call when those free minutes end. These policies make psychic readings more accessible and affordable for clients.

Main Features: Why Do We Love AskNow?
  • 24/7 psychic service available around the world
  • It only appoints accredited psychics who can maintain a 4-star and above rating as quality assurance
  • Book a consultation with online psychics in only $1/per minute
  • A devoted team of customer service operators answers all your immediate queries
  • Receive real-time advice via phone psychics, chat psychics and other formats
  • Update psychic profile includes ratings and reviews for better assessment
  • 100% privacy and safety for psychic readings online
  • Enjoy various psychic mediums and tools (i.e. tarot cards, crystals, and pendulums) for different types of psychic readings
  • Sign up for monthly minutes or read daily horoscopes to practice mindful living
  • Low rates are matched with flexible offerings for inexpensive sessions
  • All new consultation sessions begin with free psychic reading online (for the first five minutes). Once your time is up, you may choose to continue (or cancel) the service.
On the whole, AskNow takes significant steps in securing the integrity and authenticity of its services. Feel free to use it for all types of mystic advice and spiritual guidance, no matter where you are.

How to Book a Consultation with Real Psychics?

Over the years, booking a consultation with online psychics has become fairly easy. You no longer have to search for ‘psychics near me’ or wait for county fairs to meet a fortuneteller. The post-pandemic world has made virtual sessions a norm, leading to a spike in daily searches.

If you are new to this part of the virtual world, you might get overwhelmed by the number of opportunities and sources available online. We streamline your search and answer your burning questions with some practical tips and advice.

Here are some important things to consider before you book a free psychic reading online:

Q1. Why Are There Different Types of Psychics?

You might have noticed different specializations pop up during your search for online psychics. The most common options include clairvoyants, energy healers, tarot card readers, empaths, and spiritual guides.

These names refer to the psychic ability and skill a person has and a general idea of how they use it for psychic readings.

Here’s a closer look at some common types of psychics:
  1. Clairvoyant
    They have a sixth sense (or third eye) that allows them to see visions of the future (and sometimes past).
    Other mystic advisors may have super hearing powers (clairaudient) to communicate with the spiritual world. Psychics are also hypersensitive to their surroundings. For instance, Clairsentient can detect energy fields or aura.

  2. Tarot Card Readers
    Tarot cards are divination tools with symbolic illustrations. Experienced psychics use it to predict the future and answer life questions. Their specialties revolve around love psychics, live psychics, and career forecasts.

  3. Psychic Mediums
    These are gifted individuals that can converse with spiritual entities and angels directly. People come to them to pass on a message to a loved one who is no longer in this world and vice versa.

  4. Energy Healers
    They can alter our natural energy fields and channel positive energy into another person. Energy healing services can uplift lost souls, purge negative thoughts, etc.

We strongly advise you to consider all your options and understand how each psychic works before booking your consultation.

Q2. How to Schedule an Online Psychic Reading?

These days, it all begins with a simple search on the internet. A few choice keywords can lead you on a quest to find the perfect psychic online.

However, it’s important to set some ground rules to avoid scams and fake psychics.

Here’s a checklist you can follow:
  1. Do Your Research
    Avoid signing up for the first psychic that appears on your search engine. Instead, conduct a comparative analysis by looking at skills, qualities, price plans, and customer feedback.

  2. Consider Payment Options
    Always read the fine print to ensure that you are not getting tricked into a year-long subscription with a free psychic online reading.

  3. Find the Right Psychic
    Compatibility plays a significant rule in psychic readings. That’s because online psychics have a better chance of reading your aura and energy when you are at ease. Otherwise, your negative energy and doubts might disrupt the flow of their psychic methods.

Signing up for two to three trial sessions can lead to better results. These introductory consultations will give you an idea of whether or not a psychic’s communication style and technique work for you.

Q3. Are Psychic Readings Online Better than In-Person Consultations?

Yes, they are many advantages of consulting online psychics compared to meeting a psychic in-person. That’s because virtual sessions are more accessible, flexible, and versatile than traditional settings.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these advantages:
  1. Online psychic readings are more accessible.
    The odds of finding an experienced psychic in your neighborhood are pretty low. Virtual platforms widen the net and introduce you to highly experienced psychics around the world. Subsequently, it paves the way for more interesting psychic readings and opportunities for interested individuals.

  2. Online psychics are always available.
    Many psychic hotlines work 24/7. That allows you to consult a mystic advisor whenever you want.

  3. Virtual consultations are more flexible.
    Many websites have apps, interactive chat boxes, and video conferencing options for consultation. These different formats allow you to book a consultation according to your schedule.

  4. Free psychic readings can save your time and energy.
    Instead of booking a full session with one psychic, you can conduct trial runs with multiple people. These introductory sessions streamline the selection process by saving time and energy wasted on the wrong person.

More importantly, you can find a diverse range of psychic tools and psychic mediums you’re your psychic readings online. Having these resources at hand enhances your experience and maximizes the level of accuracy of each prediction.

In a Nutshell

Free psychic readings online can be conducted by phone and chat. Emails are another frequently-used mode of communication within this realm. Use our credible sources to find a mystic method that works for you. The key here lies in finding a platform that aligns with your budget and psychic goals.

Hopefully, one of our recommended sites will tick all the boxes on your checklist.

Are you ready to schedule a free psychic reading online?

Uncover secrets of the past and learn what to expect from the future under the guidance of gifted psychics online.


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