Best Psychic Reading Sites: Top 5 Psychic Readers In 2022

Jul 27, 2022 at 12:19 pm

There comes a time when you find yourself in doubt or uncertainty about the outcome of certain decisions. During this time of complete suspicion, it is usual to seek some clarifications and advice to help you clear up this suspense. For that reason, psychic reading sites can come in handy. The world is full of deception and confusion. Thus, each of us needs clarity and sincerity in some aspects of life. So, online psychic services provide good guidance through professional psychic readers.

You may find yourself stuck in a rut considering job problems, love issues, concerns about your future, or any other predicament. The best psychic reading websites can provide a handy guide for you to make meaningful decisions in such matters. Psychic advisors are the best way to have a good head start on making major life decisions. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to get online psychic reading services very easily, even when you're at home.

Many people depend on accurate tarot card readings for sound decision-making. They help you to make adjustments if they happen to foresee difficulty ahead. For that reason, they give you a new viewpoint on issues in your life. It's also good to note that online tarot readings come with great interactive tools to ensure that your connection with your reader is good.

However, getting the most precise and reliable online psychic reading via phone services isn't easy. So, it's vital first to find trustworthy online psychic reading websites that house accurate online psychics. This is because new online psychic reading platforms emerge every day. Despite promising to be the best online psychics, some fail to deliver their promises.

So, let's hop in and unveil these best psychic reading sites.

List Of Top 5 Psychic Reading Sites For Horoscope

The following is the list of the top online psychic sites based on the best in each category.
  1. Purple Garden - Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Site
  2. Kasamba - Recommended Psychic Reader For Future Predictions
  3. Mysticsense - Best Tarot Reading Site For Dream Analysis
  4. Keen - Most Trusted Psychics For Love & Relationships
  5. Psychicoz - Accurate Fortune Telling Via Phone Calls And Chat
#1. Purple Garden - Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Site
Purple Garden is the best online psychic reading service provider we have come across. The platform offers quality services as well as accurate tarot card readings. Apart from that, Purple Garden gives options where you can find rare online psychic readings such as love readings, esoteric alchemy, career readings, numerology readings, and many more.

The website is recognized worldwide, and many have praised its outstanding services. Purple Garden has an excellent interactive tool that helps clients locate the perfect psychic reader that best fits them in relation to their needs. Moreover, their tarot card readers offer genuine services and are legally certified.

In addition, Purple Garden is known for its great mobile app, thus making it a good choice for many smartphone users. They also offer a desktop version that allows you to get your reading through live chat. Therefore, it's worth considering this platform because it's trustworthy and has received numerous positive reviews from its clients over the years.


Purple Garden offers accurate and reliable services to its clients. This platform has credible psychic advisors that are available on its website. They help you find the appropriate online psychic reader that best fits you. Most of the time, it's pretty hard to find accurate online tarot readings. You can even get confused when looking for an online reader. So, to solve this issue, Purple Garden is determined to provide you with real-time services in order to keep you connected with their excellent services.

In addition, Purple garden offers a great mobile app that enables video and phone calls and live chat psychics. The mobile app is well developed as it has an excellent user interface and convenient features. Plus, maximum accuracy and suggested psychic readings are highlighted. Thus, getting good guidance right from the beginning makes it easier.

Moreover, Purple Garden provides a simple novel feature known as "journeys." This novel feature is a secure or safe place where clients have the opportunity to express their spiritual journeys. Clients can also reveal how psychic reading at Purple Garden has changed their lives in the best way.

  • Offers numerous psychic
  • Advanced mobile app
  • Online chat
  • Referral bonus
  • Different prices
  • Accurate readings
  • Video and phone readings
  • Provides cash back on every purchase
  • Free initial minutes for beginners
  • Tarot cards
  • No introduction offer
  • Lack of satisfaction guarantee
Customer Reviews

Purple Garden offers unique features such as cash back on every purchase. Most of their clients testify that the platform provides them with long-term rewards, unlike other online psychic websites where initial packages can only be redeemed once after signing up.

According to their clients, Purple Garden has good customer support where one can reach them via email or a contact form found on their website. Apart from that, their website has extensive FAQs where one can get quick answers to every question. They also have a good forum web page where their customer care team can immediately support and respond within 24 hours.

Moreover, this online psychic medium is trustworthy, according to the testimonies given by their long-term clients. Purple Garden is determined to build long-term relationships with its customers. Besides, their agents are friendly, qualified, and adhere to the terms and conditions set.

click here to visit the official website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba - Recommended Psychic Reader For Future Predictions
If you're looking for a deeper exploration into the psychic world, Kasamba has your back. This is one of the industry's most famous online psychic reading platforms. The website was established in 1999, offering dozens of accurate psychics with various specialties. Rest assured, it is an excellent site for tarot and astrological readings.

Although Kasamba offers great psychic services, the platform is mainly known for providing excellent tarot reading services. You may be wondering what tarot cards are. Simply, tarot cards are defined as mystical tools that many online psychics use to guide people concerning problems they face. They also answer any type of question that clients may have.

Kasamba has over 180 online psychic readings on its website that are rated up to 5 stars according to user reviews. That makes the site an excellent choice for a psychic reading. Furthermore, one can program reading through live psychics after becoming a registered user. Therefore, you can receive helpful life guidance through online chat, calls, and emails. However, most clients prefer to chat with their specialists because it's easier, faster, and quite interactive. Either way, all of their interactive tools are effective.


Kasamba offers a profile to each live psychic reader, where one can get to know more about the specializations they give. Similarly, you can see the form of readings they conduct and years of experience. Furthermore, reviews from past users are made available on their websites. This is of great help as you can learn more and get to know what other clients say about Kasamba.

Additionally, Kasamba gives new clients three minutes of free psychic advice and a 50% discount on the regular fee. Thus, you can use the three minutes on each psychic service you get. Also, in these free minutes, you can choose the best medium of interaction that fits you. By doing this, Kasamba increases the trustworthiness between them and their clients.

Furthermore, Kasamba is a transparent and reliable online platform. The site ensures that it gives its users rigorous discretion as well as safety policies. Thus you can trust that your psychic readings are safe and secure.

  • Offers cheap psychics
  • Transparent platform
  • Many psychics
  • Highly experienced
  • Different reading mediums
  • Accurate readings
  • Free trials for new clients
  • Accepts PayPal
  • Availability of past reviews
  • Lack of video readings
  • Unimproved search engines
Customer Reviews

Kasamba is a fabulous online psychic reading platform. All their best psychics undergo strict screening to ensure their genuity. This makes clients have more confidence in the accuracy of their readings. Therefore, their customers often encourage others to try Kasamba as they have very understanding and consistent advisors.

Furthermore, many users testify that their readers and psychics are pleasant and easy to navigate. Hence, you can get what you are looking for without struggles. Customers also like the 100% satisfaction guarantee and 50% money refund offered by the platform. You can get this if you are not happy with their services. This way, you can confidently try Kasamba because it's risk-free.

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#3. Mysticsense - Best Tarot Reading Site For Dream Analysis
In our day-to-day lives, we always go through some life challenges such as spiritual, love issues, and many more. Therefore, we may wish to acquire some clarity on such life aspects and to know the outcome of those aspects. Mysticsense provides unique online psychic readings tailored to meet all those needs. The website was established by a group of professional psychic readers from all corners of the globe.

Moreover, the platform offers video calls, text messages, and webcam services. If you are looking for a good understanding when making decisions or predictions for specific situations in your life, Mysticsense can be a helping hand in this case. This online platform provides numerous psychics readers who are certified and reliable.

In addition, Mysticsense has an excellent online search toolbox that helps you filter specific categories of qualified psychic specialists. These specialists include mediums, clairvoyants, energy healers, career readers, and many more. So, you can select a reader of your choice. Additionally, this phone psychic reading platform has an ocean of subjects to explore. It offers a wide range of psychic predictions such as tarot reading, love readings, dream analysis, astrology readings, spiritual readings, career readings, and many more.


Mysticsence is a trustworthy online psychic platform. They protect clients' personal information from being revealed to unauthorized people. They achieve this by following a confidentiality policy that has strict rules. You don't have to worry about getting spam mail or third parties stealing your data.

Additionally, Mysiticsense has different methods of communication. You can connect with your psychic reading expert through your laptop, video call, chat, and smartphone. Furthermore, their unique psychic search tools allow you to connect with a reader you feel comfortable with.

Another great feature is that all of their best psychics usually go through an extensive screening process. This is to make sure that all their readings are perfect and effective. In addition, their psychic readers share "About Me" on their profile, which is mandatory. Therefore you can view their experience levels and the area in which they have expertise. This makes it easier to select a reader suited to your needs.

  • Affordable rates
  • Vast reading choices
  • Phone psychic readings
  • Money back policy
  • Gifted psychics
  • Chat psychic readings
  • Trustworthy
  • Cheap psychics
  • Fast registration process
  • Less review because it's a new website
  • No free horoscopes
Customer Reviews

Previous users say that Mysiticsense offers incredible and accurate psychic readings via phone. You can gain clarity from their readings on any particular situation, including dream analysis, fortune-telling, and many others.

Moreover, their clients encourage others to try this website because Mysiticsence interviewers are friendly and welcoming right from the beginning. They always give clear directives to the clients on how they operate and have good market coaching.

Lastly, their registration process is very simple, fast, and safe. They always give a quick response after registering. Similarly, long-time users say that Mysiticsense protects your personal information from getting into the hands of unauthorized individuals.

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#4. Keen - Most Trusted Psychics For Love & Relationships
Keen is an online psychic source established in 1999 where users can get different psychic advisors. The platform is a go-to for people seeking accurate psychic predictions and crucial guidance related to major life decisions. Furthermore, psychic readers on this website specialize in a variety of services. These psychic services include tarot reading, fortune telling, career readings, spiritual readings, dream analysis, and many more.

In addition, Keen psychics is an experienced online psychic reader in the market. It provides new things to its clients, and its latest website has been featured in Refinery 29 and cosmopolitan. Keen is among our top online psychic sites due to several reasons. For instance, consumers love their responses and the accurate tarot readings offered. The platform also provides free readings and various resources to educate clients in the psychic world.

Furthermore, Keen has a great interactive tool that aids you in locating the reading styles that best fit you. You can identify competent psychics and explore their psychic directory. Additionally, you can refine your search results based on the price, user rating, and availability. Moreover, one can find read ratings, a comprehensive bio, and reviews just by clicking on their listing. Keen is dedicated to exploring everything in the psychic world in order to provide excellent psychic reading services to their clients.


Keen's readers have remarkable experts with good psychic reading who aim to help individuals who have to make critical life decisions. They achieve this by allowing users to select a reading medium they desire, like emails, chats, and phones. Moreover, the platform can reach even those in isolated locations through its vast advisors.

Like other best psychic reading sites, Keen provides free initial three minutes of consultation. Fortunately, for new clients, the platform is now giving a special offer of around ten minutes to examine different psychic advisors.

In addition, Keen is easy to access as it is available in every corner of the world. Similarly, it has different reliable advisors, as mentioned above. So, you are ensured of getting the one who understands you better.

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Different prices
  • Competent platform
  • Free trials for beginners
  • Easy to access
  • Many advisors
  • Reliable psychic readings
  • Secure platform
  • Provides different psychic
  • No video readings
  • Popular readings are expensive
Customer Reviews

Keen provides numerous advantages, unlike other psychic mediums according to their clients. For example, this psychic reading site offers many reader filtering options for their clients. Their customers claim that their psychic readers are filtered according to their competence, cost, rating, and availability. This helps them to simplify and to narrow down their search results. Also, it assists the clients in getting good online psychic readers.

Another excellent advantage users love is that Keen psychics have a smartphone app. It is easy to download from the app store. You can use it to conveniently schedule psychic readings at any time.

Another great advantage is that Keen psychics offer discount coupons to their loyal clients. This discount minimizes the cost of the psychic reading period. Furthermore, most users testify that the platform is 100% safe and private. So, you are sure that your readings are secure from unauthorized personnel.

click here to visit the official website of Keen

#5. Psychicoz - Accurate Fortune Telling Via Phone Calls And Chat
Psychicoz is among the oldest and most highly respected psychic reading online platforms. It connects you to dozens of reliable online psychic readers all over the world. Psychicoz is a hidden treasure that many people are looking for as it has received more recognition in the past years.

Moreover, Psychicoz has respectable selections of broad topics such as love and relationships, money, career, and many others. The website has all standard categories of readings and some unique options for specific guidance. In addition, registration on this website is speedy and easier. Thankfully, Psychicoz is not among those websites that require one to make purchases for you to sign up.

Psychicoz offers free psychic reading registration and doesn't charge membership fees. Furthermore, the platform allows one to connect with their readers via chat, emails, and phone calls. Another great feature of Psychicoz is that, unlike other related websites, it has a "Notify Me" feature. This feature allows clients to receive an email or a text message if their psychic is available. In addition, this website is more popular because they give a quick response after making an application. Besides, their readers are available 24/7, so you can reach them anytime.


Overall, Psychicoz is transparent to its customers. Their readings usually undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they produce the best phone psychics. In addition, they listen to their client's feedback to continue improving the quality of their services. Indeed, Psychicoz is committed to providing accurate psychic readings that anyone can rely on, whether a beginner or a pro.

Furthermore, Psychicoz offers additional discounts and fair prices for their phone psychics. The website honors its customers and values their finances. Similarly, it offers continuous promotions and discounts, which enables them to provide different readings at different prices.

Lastly, Psychicoz guarantees 100% satisfaction to all its customers. So, when you have a negative experience with their services, you can contact them to solve the issue. Their customer care services will organize another psychic reading with a different reader. Similarly, they refund you the money if you don't like their services. For that reason, they highly value their customers' opinions.

  • Superior readings
  • Free psychic reading trial
  • Good customer services
  • Psychic readings by phone
  • Safe and secure online psychics
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Vast readers
  • Numerous psychic readings online
  • Different prices
  • Popular readings have higher prices
  • No available information on psychic screening and testing
Customer Reviews

Most costumes praise Psychicoz online psychics because they are easy to understand and affordable. Moreover, their clients recommend other people to try their psychic readings as they are helpful and accurate. Psychic readers are available 24/7. Therefore, you can get your reading even on weekends as long as you have made arrangements with your advisor.

In addition, the website offers fixed rates and an introductory package to their new clients. They allow new customers to purchase minutes at a discount. Moreover, according to reviews, Psychicoz offers free first three minutes on their first reading. The website also keeps clients' personal information safe and secure. Past and present clients say Psychicoz has excellent interactive tools that make it easier to reach customers.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing an Online Psychic Reading Platform

Whether you are a beginner or a pro in the psychic world, finding the perfect psychic reading site is not that easy. You may consider a particular psychic reading for the first time and end up having no idea who can assist you with your reading.

We took our time to go very deep into the world of the internet to explore everything about psychic readings. Thereby, we were able to compile the best psychic readings online with gifted psychic specialists. These platforms offer nothing but accurate psychic reading services, including love readings, dream analysis, life readings, astrology readings, fortune-telling, and many more. Similarly, they have thousands of testimonials from past users backing their integrity. Rest assured, they are reliable in telling your past life readings and also what the future holds for you.

Maybe you've had a particular reading in the past, but you decide to find another one before your next reading. Whatever the situation, it's crucial to consider some guidelines which can increase the chances of finding the perfect online psychics. Below are some tips to consider when looking for psychic readings online:

Experience Years

It's worth finding out the experience years and levels when choosing online psychic reading platforms. Basically, there are many ways to accomplish this. One of the ways is to examine a particular psychic reading website interface. This will assist you in knowing how long the company has been offering free psychic readings.

You can contact the company for more details if the website is unavailable or the data is not displayed. Besides, online reviews can assist you in knowing how long the company has been providing psychic readings and the experience levels.

Customer Feedbacks

Evaluation from different clients can give you meaningful information. You may learn about the kind of experience you expect from a given psychic online advisor. Moreover, customer feedback from other users helps one to see the psychic readings via the eyes of many other clients. A psychic medium with many positive reviews and fewer negative reviews is considered to offer the best online psychic readings.

On the other hand, any psychic reading site with many negative reviews and fewer positive reviews can be considered not effective. So, it's good to choose psychic mediums with a lot of positive feedback from its users as they prove effective. However, it is good to know that some companies compete unfairly by buying positive reviews in order to entice customers. Therefore, you may end up wasting money on fake psychic platforms.


In addition, it is good to check the psychic availability. This is to ensure that they can accommodate all you need in regards to your reading time and date. Furthermore, the psychic reading provider should be flexible enough to suit you at your desired time and date. Thus, this can save you time and any inconvenience and is also a suitable method for beginners. So, choosing best psychics is based on availability.

Mediums of Contact

The mode of contact with your advisors is significant when choosing an online psychic. Different interactive tools are used for communication, and each psychic reading website has its own, although they are almost the same. Some of the methods include live video, chats, emails, and phones. Although most advisors provide chat psychics, phone readings via videos are remarkable because they can be compared to face-to-face meetings. Furthermore, it helps you to connect deeply with your psychic readers. When selecting an online psychic reading, choosing a suitable contact medium is recommended.


The price of psychic readings is another criterion you should consider when looking for the best psychics. Some psychic reading platforms offer paid psychic reading services, while others offer free psychic readings. Either way, you should go for a platform that provides budget-friendly readings.

However, a free psychic reading online may be less effective or inferior. On the other hand, some may be expensive but unworthy. So, you should be keener when it comes to psychic prices to avoid wasting a lot of money.

Online vs Offline Psychics : Which One Is The Better Source Of Psychics?

Online psychics are internet-based types of psychic reading. In comparison, offline psychics are forms of readings where an individual accesses a reader physically most of the time. Both have advantages as one gets helpful advice from the reader in most cases. Whether online or offline, you can express yourself to your advisor. Despite that, the two types of psychics have some differences.

Firstly, online psychics save time because you need internet access to start your online psychic reading session without going anywhere. In contrast, in offline readings, you have to travel and meet your reader if he or she is far from you. Another difference is that online psychics have some privacy because you don't have to meet the specialist. Therefore, you can hide your identity if you like. On the other hand, offline readings are not private as you have to meet your reader.

Another significant difference is that the chances of getting an appointment through an offline psychic are low. For example, it is hard to reach an advisor if you don't have their number. Also, you can call them if you have their number and they ignore you. But, online psychics are more accessible because the specialists provide a sheet. You can fill in choosing what you want, then wait for a short time until the sheet is booked. To make the job easier, you can get to know the days that they are available and the time.

FAQs About Psychic Reading Sites For Horoscope And Fortune Telling

1. Are online psychic readings safe?

Generally, most psychic readings online are safe and secure. Many psychic reading websites take the proper measures to ensure that your financial details and privacy are safe. With this in mind, it's good to stick to a reputable psychic site that has existed for a long time. This is good for peace of mind and your protection. However, you should avoid handing out your personal information anyhow.

2. What are the benefits of online psychic readings?

The benefits of online psychic reading services are numerous. They include convenience where you can get guidance and good support that you need from a specialist. This can reach you in your home, your office, or anywhere. Also, online psychic reading allows one to choose the time, where and the method you want to organize your reading.

Furthermore, online readings are available worldwide. This makes it easy when one wants to access a specialist anytime. Similarly, most of them offer discounts and three free psychic reading minutes for beginners. You can choose the best method of communication and examine different readers in the three minutes.

Additionally, online psychics have great interactive psychic mediums. They allow their clients to select the medium of communication that best suits them, ranging from online chat readings and readings via phone. Likewise, they are determined to ensure that users' information is secure from unauthorized personnel.

3. Can a reader perform or offer readings to more than one person in one session?

The chances of one reader conducting readings to more than one person simultaneously are less. This is because, most often, readings are done face to face. During the reading, it is essential for you and your reader to participate and concentrate throughout the psychic reading session fully. Therefore, other individuals can make it tougher for your reader to conduct a perfect reading. Moreover, you can find it difficult to focus or feel afraid to reveal everything to your advisor.

4. What is an online psychic reading?

Basically, online psychic reading is a particular attempt to foresee or figure out information. This is done using deep perspective abilities or through natural essential human extensions like senses of instinct, sight, taste, and touch. Natural extensions are mostly vision, feeling, hearing, and factual knowledge, as many claims. Nowadays, this is done through online platforms and via videos, chats, emails, and phone readings.

5. How can I communicate with my psychic readers?

As we have discussed above, there are many interactive tools used by psychic specialists to connect with their customers. They range from live video, phones, web chats, emails, and many more. Therefore, you can choose the method that you desire. Fortunately, you can connect with your advisor anytime and anyway as long as you have made arrangements with your specialist.

6. How can I prepare for an online psychic reading?

First, find an appropriate online psychic reading platform that is best for you. After that, choose the method of communication that you desire. You can choose a video chat for perfect results because it's very effective. Then, look for a good quiet place away from any disturbance during your psychic reading period. This will help you concentrate throughout the session.

After that, think about the questions or matters that you may like to address. You can write them somewhere so as to avoid unnecessary interruptions when trying to recall them. Then, sit down and try to make yourself more comfortable as possible. Also, relax and have a brief meditation before the session starts. Moreover, focus on your questions or your issues. Lastly, try not to get overwhelmed and take each of your questions at a time.

7. What can I do to know the type of online psychic reading that I want?

If you struggle to know the online psychic type you need, don't worry. This is because most online psychic websites offer free online psychic readings, free conversations, and chats. In addition, they can assist you in figuring out the type of psychic advice you are looking for. Some, like Kasamba, have different questions that you can answer. This may help you decide the kind of reading that best fits your goal.

8. What types of psychic readers are given in the online psychic industry?

There are different and countless online psychic specialists out there. Every advisor has a different way of answering questions. They include fortune-tellers who predict and tell clients what will come or happen in their lives. Additionally, there are tarot card readers who conduct tarot readings in order to understand the present and see into your future. There are spiritual guides who help to connect with the surroundings and yourself.

Moreover, there are dream analysts who interpret the images that our mind creates while sleeping. They analyze the dreams and tell us what will happen in the future. Lastly, there are clairvoyants who have future visions and know things that cannot be accredited to our five senses.

9. What type of psychic readings are offered by online psychic reading websites?

Psychic specialists on these online platforms specialize in different types of readings. They offer dozens of online readings, so you can access any that you wish to. They include tarot readings, career forecasting, love and relationships readings, spiritual readings, astrological readings, and many others. Moreover, all the readings are accurate and can help you solve different issues.

Conclusion:2022’s Best Online Psychic Reading Services

Indeed online psychic readings are very effective and can be a great eye-opener when done correctly. Psychic readings give you profound insight and understanding. Therefore, this enables you to have a better perception of your emotions and your thoughts. After an online psychic reading session, you can walk away with helpful information which can help you shape your future. Remember, with that new knowledge, you can choose how you want these psychics readings to influence your life.

Due to technological advancements, conducting online psychic readings via phone has never been so accessible and faster to access than it is nowadays. After vigorous research on the above psychic readings sites, we highly endorse Kasamba and Purple Garden as one of the best websites available.

In addition, to get perfect results, it is good to consider some factors. You should consider customer reviews from other users, availability, and method of communication before choosing online psychic sites. By doing this, you will get excellent advice from your psychic readers. Any concern that is bothering you, we are very confident that you will come across at least one site in this article that will best suit you.