DMAA Pre Workout: Effects, Our Experience & Best Alternatives

A pre workout is a supplement used to enhance exercise performance temporarily. There's a lot of diversity when it comes to these products' strength, and you'll find that some range from mild to Extreme.

Some used to be so potent that they've been taken off the market. I'm talking about a DMAA pre-workout in particular.

We're going to show you what there is to know about them, why they're no longer available and the next best alternative.

What Is DMAA In Pre Workouts?

You might have stumbled upon a pre workout containing DMAA and wonder what this substance actually is.

DMAA is short for 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, an extremely potent derivative of amphetamine. This compound works as a powerful stimulant that starts working very rapidly after consuming it.

But what many don't know is that DMAA is actually a banned substance that isn't allowed to be in pre workout supplements.

Many users have also started to turn to DMHA, a compound with a similar structure to DMAA. It's slightly less effective, but many still find it to give a fantastic workout experience.

Note: Pre-workouts containing DMAA are prohibited - we've found a potent alternative. Click here to check it out.

The Effects Of A DMAA Pre Workout

We've taken these DMAA pre workout supplements back when they were still legally available, which was about a decade ago.

I'll share a bit of my experience with these products to give you an idea of what they were capable of.

What made these pre's so different was that they hit you hard. You would get an immense burst of energy after 20 to 30 minutes of taking it.

You get this with other high stim pre's, but nowhere near what these would do. The energy would allow you to take your workout performance and intensity to the next level; it was crazy.

With the energy also came more strength, power, and endurance to fuel your training sessions. These effects would last for a good two to three hours, but the crash afterward was horrible.

That was the enormous negative to these products containing 1,3-Dimethylamylamine - they would get you energized for a while but cause severe fatigue after the effects wore off.

But, that didn't stop many from taking it. The temporary effects were so good that many didn't care about the fatigue that came once your workout was over.

Should You Take Pre Workout With DMAA?

For those wondering if they should take a pre workout with DMAA, the answer is no; you should not.

The reason we don't recommend taking a product with this stimulant is simple; it's a banned substance. Things get banned for a reason because they're dangerous.

But, there are still a few companies that sell dietary supplements with 1,3-Dimethylamylamine. This is risky, and we don't feel comfortable with taking them.

For example, you don't know where this stuff is produced. No reputable manufacturer will produce a product that has a banned substance; it's not going to happen.

That means that supplements containing 1,3-Dimethylamylamine are most likely made in sketchy, uncertified facilities that could lead to a wide variety of problems.

You're much better off with buying a potent alternative; one that comes to mind is Wrecked by Huge Nutrition.

Or something even stronger that includes DMHA, Wrecked Extreme.

Which Pre Workouts Have Been Banned?

All pre workouts containing DMAA have been banned, and the majority have been taken off the market. Here's a few examples of products that have been removed due to containing the prohibited stimulant:
  • Dark Energy
  • 1'3 Volt
  • Craze
  • Noxipro

These are by far some of the most known products that have been taken off the market. I have used most of them while they were still available, and the effects were insane.

After some research, we still found several new products containing DMAA still being sold. Of course, we recommend steering clear from these products because you don't even know if it's legitimate.

Alternatives To Pre-Workouts Containing DMAA

Of course, you've stumbled upon this article because you're looking to learn more about potent pre-workouts and perhaps even purchase one.

Unfortunately, pre-workouts that contain DMAA are prohibited and have been banned. That means that if you do come across one, we highly recommend steering clear from it as you don't know if it's safe.

But, don't worry. We've stumbled upon two great alternatives. I'm talking about Wrecked and Wrecked Extreme. Two versions.

We found that these two products are the closest you're going to get to an actual DMAA pre-workout. They combine a wide variety of high-quality ingredients and several potent stimulants.

Wrecked is more of a daily driver; one scoop is over 20 grams, which is two to three times as much as your average pre. That's also why it's so potent - it's stacked.

Wrecked Extreme is over the top and a real stim junkie product. It has 17 grams serving size and features all the potent stimulants most of you are looking for, including DMHA.

So if you're looking to get a similar experience to DMAA, we highly recommend checking out one of the two.

If you’re not into stimulants at all, we would advise you to take a look at a caffeine free pre workout like Pump Serum. These products contain mostly nitic oxide boosting supplements.

The Bottom Line

Now that you've read this article on pre-workouts containing DMAA, you'll understand why they are no longer legally available.

With that said, it might still be possible to find a DMAA pre workout, but it's not worth the risk since you don't know where they're made and if they actually contain the right substance and amount.

You're much better off finding a different product that delivers similar effects. We've shown you two great alternatives:

Wrecked - Moderate stim that focuses on maximizing your workout experience from multiple angles. Wide variety of potent ingredients that will deliver excellent energy, focus, pumps.

Wrecked Extreme (Limited edition) - High stim formula with DMHA that provides crazy energy and focus. This is an amazing product for you stim junkies out there that want to take workout performance to the next level.

Both these alternatives are sold by Huge Nutrition. Of course, nothing will deliver the same results as DMAA used to. But trust me when I say that these are two effective and well-balanced products that won't disappoint you.

It's an excellent option for those of you who are chasing a similar experience to DMAA, but these are legal and still available.

Plus, you won't feel horrible after taking them. You'll remain productive for the rest of the day, which is also important.


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