Easy Power Plan Review: Legit DIY Generator Blueprint?

The amazing thing about humans is the ability to harness just about anything in reach. We have devised ways to use energy to our needs, whether it be using wood for heat or fossil fuels for electricity.

We have only moved further and never looked back to see the monumental damage that we might have done to our home planet. The U.S Energy Information Administration’s data suggests that $111.67 was the average monthly residential electric bill in 2017.

Alternative renewable sources of energy seem to be the future and Easy DIY Power Plan can be your solution to not only protect the environment but also make sure of a future for the generations to come.

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Easy DIY Power Plan Reviews: Brand Overview

‘Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape’ - William S. Burroughs

Ryan Taylor’s story is one of circumstance and relentless perseverance. This 45-year-old geography teacher from Memphis, Tennessee was at his wit’s end when he saw his loving family freezing in their own house.

The Mississippi river bed had flooded ripping major power lines in their area, leaving residents without any electricity for hours together.

Ryan felt powerless at the sight of his freezing family, making him feel desperate to do something. When the government he paid taxes to did not come to their aid and when he could not do anything himself, Ryan felt extremely helpless.

This desperation drove Ryan to make a drastic change for himself and his family. He put his time, money, and strength into finding out how best to tackle the use of an alternative-energy that would benefit thousands of people.

What is an Easy DIY Power Plan?

If you are someone who was forced to ask your kids to turn off the television or the lights when no one was watching them, or if you have heard your parents say, “I pay for the electricity” this review is for you.

Are you shelling out more money than you should to the electric company that doesn’t even provide you with electricity when you need it the most? What would a family do if there was a calamity? Without a benefit of the doubt could you tell me that the electric company will keep you warm in the winter and comfortable in the blistering summers?

Easy DIY Power Plan was conceptualized by Ryan’s tireless research and patience. His relentless nature to find a cheap, self-sustainable, and maintenance-free energy source led him to find Jason Newman.

Jason was a scientist and enthusiast researching the field of sustainable alternative energy. Ryan’s insistence on a cost-effective yet functional model along with Jason’s knowledge in the field led to the creation of the Easy DIY Power Plan for alternative-energy.

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Pros of Easy DIY Power Plan:
  • The whole energy system is friendly to the environment.
  • The generator design is free from chemicals and toxic materials.
  • It's easy setup also makes it highly portable when moving your house around.
  • The materials for building the generator are easily accessible and available.
  • From the purchase of the manual, to its setting has proven to be cost-effective.
  • You get lifetime access to the blueprint of a one of a kind breakthrough in an alternative-energy plan. All of this available at your fingertips.
  • The Maintenance for the Easy DIY Power Plan is so low, it is next to negligible.
  • The manufacturers of this plan have a reliable customer service platform.
  • On ordering immediately you receive attractive benefits through their money-saving package.
  • The best part about purchasing the Easy DIY Power Plan is that if you are not sure after purchasing, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Cons of Easy DIY Power Plan:
  • The Easy DIY Power Plan is only sold on its official website.
  • Only the digital form of the book is available.
  • Materials should be sourced and assembled by yourself.

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Features of Easy DIY Power Plan:

When searching for an energy alternative to make the system for the power plan, the founders made sure that it compulsorily has the following features:

  • Affordable: After spending much money on travel and research the founder Ryan was left with little to no money to spend on expensive materials that would cost a fortune to set-up. This made him persistently insist on a system where procuring the materials would not tear a hole in the customer’s pocket but would still be effective.

  • Parts of the System: The generator has to be made using the spinning principle. This concept has been around to power electric vehicles for decades. The main components of the system the founder claims are:
  1. Three wooden wheels
  2. two cogwheels
  3. a hard cylinder
  4. some batteries
  5. magnetic sensor
  6. alternator
  7. and bearings to build the whole system up. Eventually, you would have a functioning alternative-energy generator that provided electricity for your home and charged itself in the process.
  • Effective Use with Conventional Power Source: The Easy DIY Power Plan is made in such a way that it makes use of the traditional power source. By supporting the power backing for daily household appliances, like the washing machine, refrigerator, and TV, it aims to reduce a family’s monthly power bill.Making sure that you follow the instructions given in the blueprints, you will save money while protecting your family from any unusual blackouts caused by the electric company or even by natural calamities.

  • An “Over the Shoulder” Approach: In the blueprints of the Easy DIY Power Plan, it provides a full walkthrough that gives the user a step-by-step instruction to assemble the system almost like the founders are themselves in the room working with you. This approach to building is called the “over the shoulder” approach. They claim that the system is so easy to set up that it can be done by the young and old alike.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Giving customers the necessary importance is what sets this power plant apart. If you are not satisfied with what you have purchased even after you have gone through the color detailed blueprints, the manufacturer offers you a sixty-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.The customer is their priority so they have made sure that if at all any questions arise during the process of building the system, their customer support is always reachable.

  • Trust and Quality: Conceptualized and proudly made in the U.S. From the inception to the making of the blueprints and finally, the building of the system will be finally done at home, making this an authentic US standard product.

The power plan system is trustworthy, sustainable, cost-effective, reliable and extremely straightforward.

Benefits of Easy DIY Power Plan:
  • Least maintenance: The Easy Power Plan claims that the only expense for the functioning of this generator is the initial expense of $49 and the inexpensive parts needed for setting it up. The ability of the device to power itself continuously makes it self-sustainable, removing any need for maintenance whatsoever.

  • Cost-effective and easily available: The DIY guide will help you pick materials that are easy to source and extremely cost-effective. The parts that are required to build the generator can practically be found at a local junkyard. This is beneficial for those who do not want to buy new parts and spend more money.

  • Portability: What makes the Easy Power Plan a must buy is not only the easy accessibility to materials needed, but also the ability to take the parts apart at one place, and put it together at another. The simplicity of the generator enables it to be assembled anywhere, making it an outstanding companion for homes.

  • Environmental Friendly: The choice to use either part that you already have or to buy inexpensive ones, helps you leave a low carbon footprint. The Easy Power Plan guides you to make a generator that does not use fuel, not only ensuring that costs remain low but also that no unusual accidents happen due to large amounts of fuel lying around the house.

  • Safety: The DIY is laid out in such a way as to avoid any mishaps caused by accidents. The manufacturer guarantees safety from mishaps assuring your family’s safety and making the purchase a win-win situation.

  • Easy Assembling: The manufacturer claims that when the instructions are followed correctly, it is extremely easy to fix. If at all any repairs has to be done on the generator, it's simple and accessible DIY guide makes sure you find its location.

  • An aid to your conventional power source: When paired with your traditional power source, the system claims to reduce your power bills and even acts as a backup for the TV, refrigerator, and other household appliances and systems.

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Q. Is There a Money-Back Guarantee Provided Along With An Easy DIY Power Plan?

Once the order is placed and you have gone through the blueprints for the Power Plan, the system should be up and running in several hours. What makes your purchase risk free, is there no questions asked about a 60-day money-back guarantee. With responsive customer service, you can mail them at any point in time.

Q. How to Buy the Easy DIY Power Plan?

Once you enter their official website, a “Buy Now” button should lead you to their 100% secure checkout page where you can then enter your order information. The regular retail price for the plan is $149 but by investing in the plan today, you save more than 75% of the original price. All you have to pay now is $49. Once the order has been completed, access to a special “Members Only” will provide you with the download for the DIY Power Plan.

Q. What Material Do You Recieve After Purchase?

Once you have finished the payment, downloadable content will be accessible across any electronic platform you prefer, be it your phone, laptop, or even tablet. This guide on how to build the Easy DIY Power Plan comes with a comprehensive coloured step-by-step blueprint and a cost-effective list of the full materials required for building the system.

The bonus package even offers some free books worth 200 dollars on saving money and the environment.

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In Conclusion: Should You Buy The Easy DIY Power Plan?

If you’ve tried fixing something at home without shelling dollars of hard-earned money, you are lucky to have found this review. The fact that you could not save 60% of your electricity bill until now could change today.

The Easy DIY Power Plan offers one of the safest and fastest ways to save money.

Do you want to be a part of the 87,435 families that have already made an investment for themselves and future generations, or do you want to spend a lot of time trying to find other devices and generators that take up not just space in your house but also your hard-earned money?

With the Easy DIY Power Plan, you can change the world of renewable energy, save time and money, making your lives easier!
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