Erectin Review - The Ultimate Male Enhancement Pill

Today’s market can boast hundreds of health remedies for male enhancement. You can close your eyes and click at random on ads for pills that all claim to be the best. From drugs that offer temporary improvement to supplements that create mild changes, there’s no shortage of choices.

The problem is finding the one that keeps its promises. You might try a dozen limp supplements or a handful of chemical concoctions with nauseating side effects. Big letdowns can stifle the mood, and the search can drain your energy.

The best male enhancement pill is a product that doesn’t just talk the talk. If you’ve read the title, you probably connected the dots. In this Erectin review, we’ll go over how Erectin walks the walk.

Leading Edge Health is the company behind this male enhancement innovation. The brand has a reputation for products that are clinically tested and have proven results. No supplement gets a pat on the back without some statistics to prop it up.

Every ingredient in Erectin's formula has roots in traditional medicine. But bringing it all together, with a helping hand from a turbo-charge element, Erectin works smarter than other options on the market. Suppose you want clinically-proven results that kick side effects out of the bedroom. In that case, Erectin is the last male enhancement pill you'll ever need.

Clinically Proven Results

In a clinical trial in 2012, 78 men tested the Erectin formula. The men included in the clinical trial were age 25-50 with no medical conditions that would interfere with penile health. They had cases of mild to moderate erectile difficulties.

It was a double-blind study, meaning the men participating and the researchers were equally in the dark about who was getting what. It's a standard method that avoids researchers accidentally setting up the study to construct a preferred outcome.

A skeptic might point out that Leading Edge Health ordered the study. But we reviewed the reviewers. The American Urological Association journal and peer-reviewed journals BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine published the results. Instead of shouting an unverified sales pitch into the void, Erectin has double-checked facts.

After 12 weeks, the men who took Erectin were confident in their improved sex lives. So what were the breakthrough results?
  • Improved ability to maintain an erection
  • Increased intercourse pleasure
  • Higher quality orgasms
  • Improved penetration
  • Higher libido
  • Overall sexual satisfaction

Erections were at an all-time high, and sexual partners were pleased they stayed for an encore performance.

The Breakthrough Pill

The breakthrough pill design is just one reason that Erectin is the best male enhancement pill. It targets the biggest problem that takes down other supplements: nutrient loss. While our bodies try to be well-oiled machines, we can lose nutrient value as nutrients pass through our system.

Our bodies will only absorb what our bodies think they need and let everything else slip out the back door. But Erectin’s ultimate innovation helps your body maximize uptake and rapidly absorb their formula.

Advanced enteric coating prevents stomach acid from dissolving the pill too quickly. By delaying the release, Erectin can reach your GI tract, where your body can easily absorb more formula.

Extended-release liquid capsules help your body rapidly absorb nutrients into your bloodstream. You won’t waste nutrients, and you can expect a more even, longer-lasting effect.

All-Natural Ingredients

Erectin has potent ingredients with centuries of history in traditional medical practice, plus something new for an extra jolt of effectiveness.

Muira Puama Bark Extract

Ptychopetalum olacoidesor, or Bois de la Puissance Sexuelle, was discovered in the Amazon rainforest. For centuries, Brazilian folk medicine plucked the roots and stems from the Rio Negro River to reduce stress, boost energy, and enhance sexual performance.

The Muira Puama plant is known as "Potency Wood" because it acts as a natural aphrodisiac. It stimulates the body. One study discovered that Muira Puama relaxes the corpus cavernosa—penile tissue that holds blood during an erection—allowing more blood flow for a firmer erection.

As a bonus, some preliminary studies suggest positive outcomes for brain function because of antioxidant properties. This increased mental performance has shown a link to increased physical stamina.

Chinese Hawthorn

Crataegus pinnatifida, the mountain hawthorn, was once primarily a treatment for heart health in Chinese medicine. Modern treatments applied Chinese Hawthorn extract to prevent hair loss or as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-antioxidant. Studies have proven that the Chinese variant of these small red berries, or “Shan Zha,” has vasodilating effects.

How does that help you? ‘Vaso’ comes from vascular, relating to the blood vessels and the systems that pump blood throughout your body. ‘Dilate’ means widening or enlarging.

Vasodilation opens blood vessels, preventing muscle walls from narrowing. Recent human trials show improved blood pressure, less stress, and harder erections. With smoother blood flow, your whole body feels good, and your arousal feels even better.

Tribulus Terrestris Seed Extract

The “puncture vine,” Tribulus terrestris, is a small leafy plant that grows in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda Medicine long used the roots and the fruit of the Tribulus terrestris. Both medical traditions believed in the herb’s ability to enhance athletic performance. It’s a common ingredient in general health supplements because of the high potential as a testosterone amplifier.

We skip over the yellow flower and the roots and brave the puncturing thorns to get to the berries. Despite the small size, the seeds inside pack a powerful all-natural libido enhancer. Evidence supports that Triblus terrestris seed extract can improve sexual satisfaction.

Catuaba Bark

The Tupi people of Brazil discovered the Catuaba deep in the rainforest and consumed the bark to excite arousal. Brazilian folk medicine praised the power of sexual ability gained by ingesting the bark. The name catuaba means “what gives strength to the Indian.” That strength is what heightens arousal and peaks sexual performance.

Modern researchers focus on the alkaloids found in Erythroxylum catuaba. Alkaloids are compounds created by plants, and some have psychoactive effects. An example of a well-known stimulating alkaloid would be caffeine, the alkaloid that perks you up. Catuaba contains three alkaloids that support libido. Its connection to strengthening the central nervous system also strengthens sexual function. It promotes blood flow for more powerful orgasms.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto, or Serenoa repens, is a palm tree that grows in the United States’ Southeastern parts. The berries of the Saw Palmetto can reduce hair loss and decrease inflammation. The plant has been embraced in Europe primarily for urinary and reproductive issues. Still, it's the modern link to healthy testosterone levels that has us excited.

Saw palmetto stops testosterone loss. It blocks the formation of dihydrotestosterone (the enzyme formed when testosterone breaks down). Slowing the breakdown of testosterone is better for prostate health and promotes a higher sex drive.

Damiana Leaf

Turnera diffusa, aka damiana, is native to subtropical climates, like southern Texas, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. It's impossible to trace how far back the use of damiana as an herbal remedy began. For centuries, the plant was smoked for a pleasurable calm or crushed into a tonic for its aphrodisiac effects.

Research has bound stamina to the use of damiana for a sexual rebound. We're just beginning to understand how damiana works aphrodisiac magic. Still, successful studies have paired it with ginkgo and ginseng, two other ingredients found in Erectin. Together they're a dream team for more orgasms.

Damiana leaf pumps up libido and physical stamina. Starting power is better when paired with lasting power for peak sexual performance.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Chinese Ginkgo biloba, or commonly known as the ginkgo tree, is an old, robust species. Some fossils date back 200 million years. It’s been referred to as a “living fossil” because it’s the last hold out of a family tree that’s gone extinct. It can live over 1,000 years and grow up to 50 feet. It’s no surprise then that the ginkgo was cultivated early in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

While the leaves stimulate cognitive function, it's that 1,000-year strength and stamina that interest us. The leaves help you produce nitric oxide and improve blood flow smoothly and quickly. Better flow to extremities includes your number one member, which is vital for erection firmness and stamina.

Korean Red Ginseng

Nitric oxide production is here again for better blood flow and energy in Korean red ginseng. Panax ginsenx is part of a large family of ginseng, including Asian ginseng, Chinese ginseng, or Panax ginseng. But if you see Siberian or American ginseng, you’re looking at a completely different offshoot. Korean red ginseng invigorates whereas American or Siberian ginseng relaxes.

High-quality ginseng takes five or more years to grow—and we only use high-quality. The ‘red’ in the name comes from the treatment of the root. ‘White’ ginseng is unprocessed. ‘Red’ is steamed and dried.

The Korean red ginseng roots have a distinctive human body shape, which led the plant’s ancient harvesters to believe it would positively affect the whole body. Traditional Chinese medicine used the roots to improve the immune system and heart health. Ginseng is often associated with increased alertness and longer-lasting energy.

We mentioned that Korean red ginseng promotes your body’s production of nitric oxide. The compound helps eliminate factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction. It decreases oxidative stress in muscle tissues and improves blood circulation for firmer erections.

Cuscuta Chinesis

Chinese Dodder, also known as Cuscuta chinesis, is a parasitic plant featured in herbal health practices in China, Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, and Thailand. How is it parasitic? It has no leaves or roots but instead grows on other plants and feeds off a host plant for nutrients.

Cuscuta chinesis frequently appears in tonics for the liver or kidney. The seed is also a pain reliever and an aphrodisiac. It can enrich your heart and muscle health, which helps bodybuilding and stamina. Another effect, thanks to the seed’s extract, is boosted testosterone production.


There are 15 known species of Horny Goat Weed or Epimedium. The yin yang huo, as it’s known in China, originated in Eastern medicine. Its legendary discovery goes like this: A goat herder caught his flock feasting on a weed and noticed their increased sexual activity. Naturally, the goat herder couldn’t let a bunch of animals have more fun than him. Thanks to an ancient herder’s curiosity, Epimedium has thrived in modern times.

The naturally occurring chemicals increase blood flow for erections that are harder, more frequent, and have more sustaining power. The extract in Horny Goat Weed that supports these benefits is icariin. It helps with hormone regulation and cardiovascular health. Icariinblocks an enzyme believed to cause erectile dysfunction by improving dilation. Flow is better for a better erection. Epimedium also smooths muscle tissue for faster recovery.

BioPerine Black Pepper
BioPerine is a patented extract from black pepper or long pepper that contains the alkaloid piperine. Piper nigrum or black pepper produces piperine, but the percentage of how much can be extracted is unpredictable in the wild. BioPerine naturally enhances black pepper in a controlled environment to create a no less than 95% piperine source.

You've seen alkaloids in our other ingredients, so what makes this unique? It encourages nutritional uptake but in higher concentrations. Studies on piperine demonstrate its effectiveness on body efficiency, increased immunity, better metabolism. BioPerine "turbo-charges" natural ingredients to make them more potent.

Rather than throwing dull blades at a target and hoping they’ll stick, BioPepper sharpens every edge. Your body will absorb nutrients more efficiently for a more significant impact.


Erectin combines ten natural ingredients. While each brings something to the table, the most significant focus is healthy testosterone. We’ve all heard of the hormone, but what is it? Are we too hung up on it?

The simple answer: science says testosterone is responsible for crucial functions. The long answer is a lot more complicated, but what you need to know is that testosterone regulates red blood cells, muscle size and strength, and sex drive. Low testosterone levels equal low sex drive, hair loss, and loss of vigor.

Testosterone decreases with age. Levels typically drop by 1.6 percent yearly by the time men turn 40. The dropping levels lead to several issues under the umbrella term of sexual dysfunction. Low or absent libido also correlates to the loss of testosterone.

Human studies have confirmed the connection between testosterone and sexual virility. Therapies that replace testosterone with a synthetic hormone have seen improvements in aging men but with undesirable side effects. The safest solution is when your body produces testosterone.

Other supplement creators know this too, which is why the ingredients in Erectin are frequent flyers in male enhancement pills. What Erectin does better is not relying on the individual materials but understanding how they work better together.

Nitric Oxide

We mentioned why a vasodilator like nitric oxide is key to achieving and maintaining a firm erection in our ingredients list. It relaxes muscle tissue which allows the penis to fill with blood. The more relaxed your tissues are, the easier to sustain hardness.

Nitric oxide is also a hit among athletes for properties that benefit physical performance. With wider blood vessels, nutrients and oxygen can access muscles. Consider the difference between an open jar and a jar lid with a handful of holes punched into the top.

Side Effects

The clinical study didn’t find any severe side effects of Erectin or even the common side effects of competing supplements. That said, it’s your body, and it’ll react if it wants to, and that reaction can be unpredictable.

If you have a history of adverse reactions to herbal remedies, read over our list of ingredients to see if any look familiar. You should consult with your doctor before taking Erectin, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking medications.

We can trace the known side effects to the individual ingredients. The ten organic components of Erectin’s formula are all-natural. Much like trying pineapple for the first time discovering an allergy, organic material we haven’t encountered before is sometimes a shock to the system. Notably, these are uncommon side effects, but it’s worthwhile to give them a once-over.

  • What to Watch For:
  • Dizziness
  • Flushes (temporary skin redness)
  • Headaches
  • Nausea (when taken on an empty stomach)

It's a small list. And these are rare possibilities. Erectin is potentially the safest choice for a trial run if you're cautious about herbal remedies' adverse reactions.

How to Use Erectin

If you follow Erectin’s how-to instructions by the book, you start taking one pill a day and then two. Supplements can sometimes agitate empty stomachs. Accompanying your dose with a meal can eliminate that discomfort. Don’t rush the second pill if you’re unsure of how your body is reacting to one. Sometimes a week of patience is worth it. Continue with two pills for the remainder of the month.

Most men experienced significant effects on this double-pill dose around the 28 days mark, but don’t be surprised if your energy peaks earlier. Test out your harder, firmer erections with your partner. Enjoy your revived libido. You’ll know if you’re satisfied with the dose or if you want more.

The maximum dose is four pills. Give the formula time to grow and reinvigorate healthy functions. Increase the quantity gradually. Don’t double up at the beginning of the second month. Stop with the amount that feels right for your body. Two pills could be the perfect dose. Four could be the ideal dose. For some men, it might take a few attempts to find the best outcomes.

If the effects are too powerful, lessen the dose. You don’t need to suffer through side effects for exceptional pleasure. The right dose won’t cause any irritation. If you like the intensity of a higher amount but notice increased nausea, try eating a more substantial meal when ingesting Erectin.


Leading Edge Health has a competitive pricing system that makes its products affordable. Take advantage of the 100% satisfaction guarantee. Settle for nothing less than ultimate pleasure for both you and your partner. Return your order within 67 days and get a full refund.

Erectin is a supplement that works by building up a baseline of nutrients and hormones in your body. It needs time to teach your body how to use it. Your body decides if it’s going to be a fast or slow learner, but most men should expect results by the end of the first month. Some will see results sooner.

Erectin bases its purchase options on that trial period. After that, you can decide if you’re liking what you’re feeling or you need more time to test it out. Or maybe you only have so much space on your shelf.

You can purchase Erectin in the three following packages:
  • 1-month
  • 3-months
  • 6-months

Erectin is available for international shipping. Leading Edge Health accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal for customer convenience.


It’s no secret how our Erectin review ends, so here’s where we hang our hat: Erectin is the ultimate male enhancement pill.

Suppose you value a supplement that can make you the king of the bedroom and benefit your health simultaneously. Crown Erectin the ultimate supplement champion because it can do both. Heart health, muscle health, and stamina are outcomes for over half the ingredients we listed. Increased production of testosterone and nitric oxide fights aging and adds energy.

There is no evidence of side effects. Erectin takes the hassle out of measuring appropriate doses of herbal ingredients. By eliminating the need to take each one individually, you won’t risk incompatible herbal remedies wreaking havoc in your body. Erectin’s simple, all-natural formula is safe for long-term usage.

With breakthrough technology, the formula absorbs where and when it should for more powerful outcomes. Instead of chemical compounds that require timely consumption, you can restore your sexual prowess by fueling your body. For pleasure you can feel good about, Erectin is the last male enhancement pill you’ll ever need.

The best place to buy Erectin is thru its official website here – this ensures you’re getting the freshest batch of product without any risk of counterfeits.

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