Free Psychic Readings Online Via Phone Call, Chat & Live Video by Legitimate Love Psychic Reader Experts

Sometimes all we need in turbulent times is divine guidance. This can immediately make things a lot clearer. Whether the problem lies in your current job, love life, career path, family or in your personal relationships, this divine guidance can help you solve all of them. The guidance provided can be used to develop a concrete plan of action to act upon and find a solution to the current problems. This will fill you with a lot of positivity and hope while giving you the courage to tackle all the problems fearlessly.

But where should you go to seek this divine guidance? Psychic reading is one of the best methods to get divine guidance through trusted psychic readers. Many psychic readers are available out there, and choosing one among them might seem tedious since they provide various advantages and claim to be the best. But not all of those are authentic. Some might result in a wastage of your time and money. Thus, you need to decide after careful consideration of many factors.

My Name is Debra D. Guest I have been taking online psychic readings for many years. I have taken almost all psychic readings in these years, including love psychics, career psychics, chat psychics, phone psychics, live psychics, tarot readings, astrology, video readings and many more. I have discovered many sites which provide one of the best psychic reading online and will surely lead to amazing benefits. My recommendations will help you choose the best ones and stay away from sites trying to fool people by providing useless information.

Here are my top recommendations for psychic reading online services. You can completely trust them to provide accurate information to you at reasonable prices.

Best Online Psychic Reading Services

Keen Psychics – Best Psychics for advice on love & relationships, Get psychic reading for prices as minimal as $1.99 for 10 minutes.

Kasamba - Best Psychics for tarot readings & fortune telling, first three minutes free and up to 70% discount on your first session.

Psychic Source – Best readings for career advice & financial outlook, Find psychic reading for as less as $1 per minute, first three minutes are totally free

Keen Psychics- Legitimate Online Psychic Readings

Keen is my top choice for a psychic reading online. For more than 20 years, it has been operating in this segment and has millions of happy clients. Psychic readers can fix all your problems related to their work, love life, family issues, etc. Here. Their services are available 24/7 regardless of time and location.

Out of over 1,700 highly trained experts with over 10 years of experience, you may choose anyone you like and feel a connection with. They can provide precise psychic readings or live psychics through their expertise, and they can also sense the aura of their client. If you need a quick tarot card reading or a detailed reading, psychic readers can do everything. On the basis of the details given on the website, you can compare various psychics and select the best one.

They value your privacy a lot, which is why they guarantee you absolute anonymity. With them, your personal data is completely secure. You can get credits to pay for a service when you sign up on the website. They have really reasonable prices. The Platform delivers online psychics of 10 minutes at prices as minimal as $1.99.

Key Features
  • It has created a network of one of the best advisors so that you can get accurate readings.
  • Keen psychics app is absolutely free and can be easily downloaded in both iOS and Android.
  • Look through their catalogue to find the best psychic reader for you.
  • You can share your information with the psychic without any fear of it being leaked outside. Your information is completely secure with them.
  • Their prices are quite competitive with readings being offered at minimal prices such as $1.99 for 10 minutes.

Kasamba - Accurate Psychic Readings Over Online Chat

Kasamba is another excellent choice for online psychics reading. It has more than 20 years of experience and only offers credible services. Their prices are reasonably good. Along with 70% off on your sessions afterwards, they give the initial three minutes of free reading. The psychics can be contacted 24/7 via chat, video call, phone call, etc.

So far, they have helped thousands of individuals in their life to overcome nagging challenges and find tranquility. Throughout the years, Kasamba's psychic readers have mastered the art of psychic reading and are committed to serving you with their knowledge.

You will be able to see any psychic reader's full profile on their website, with ratings, experience, fees, etc. The profile information is exact and was checked prior to recruiting this psychic by the Kasamba team. If you have concerns regarding these psychic readings' authenticity, you should go for their free psychic session before selecting the psychic reader.

Key Features
  • All the advisors here have been in this field for more than ten years, making them one of the best.
  • They provide attractive offers to new clients such as 70% off on all readings and initial three minutes of reading free.
  • You get a full refund on your payment if the quality of reading doesn't please you.
  • Kasamba app works flawlessly on both iOS and Android and can be easily downloaded from the play store.
  • A variety of payment methods, such as debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal, can be used as per your convenience.

Psychic Source- Best Career Advice, Financial Outlook Psychic Advisors

It has over three decades of experience. Throughout the year, their advisors are reviewed by millions of clients. You can find advisors in different categories like love psychics, career and finance psychics, phone psychics, etc. All your conflicts can be addressed, and then inner harmony would not be that hard to achieve.

The website lists psychics in various categories according to their field of specialization. You should use their filter tool to choose the right one because it is crucial to create the proper relationship between the reader and the customer for successful psychic readings that provide precise predictions. After you see their experience, expertise, ratings and pricing, you can pick the psychic reader. Pick the one that meets both your requirements and budget.

Psychic source promises 100% satisfaction, but if you don't like the services, you could also apply for a cash-back. You'll also get the first three minutes of free online reading. If you do not feel connected to the reader, you can end the session after completion of a free trial. If you are skeptical about online psychics, you can effectively use this free trial to resolve your doubts or ask the most important question.

On the psychic source, you will get helpful insights into your future. Psychics are accessible through different psychic mediums, including phone calls, video calls, psychic chat sessions, etc. You can call them from anywhere in the world at all hours of the day after you have discovered the right online psychic for you.

Key Features
  • Their network has been here for more than 30 years and has served millions of clients till now.
  • Since customer satisfaction is their top priority, you get a full refund of the fees paid to the psychic in case of dissatisfaction with the reading.
  • Psychic Source network boasts more than 250 highly skilled psychics specializing in various readings such as love psychics, tarot reading, etc.
  • As part of the introductory offer for new clients, the initial three minutes are for free.
  • Sessions are priced for as low as $o.66 a minute if you want to continue reading after free minutes.
  • Psychics go through a strict procedure of screening before getting inducted into the network.
  • A variety of readings are offered, including phone psychics, video calls, etc., for clients' ease.

How to check whether the online psychic reading is authentic?

You can look at many things to make sure that the reading offered to you is authentic and not just fluff in the name of legit readings. Through my experience, one thing that I would suggest is that always go for reputed psychic networks. Don't ever go for psychic networks with no reviews at all because they might be just some run-down sites trying to dupe people and make quick money. I have compiled a list of things you should look out for in a psychic network or reader before choosing to spend your money on it. I have used these techniques myself over the years to get the finest psychic readings.
  • Before choosing a psychic network, check whether the psychics go through a strict screening process before being inducted into the network. Networks that do not provide such an assurance cannot be trusted completely because many of their psychics might be unskilled or fake, thus affecting your psychic reading quality.
  • Always go for psychic sites that provide a full refund if you are not content with the reading quality. Such sites put customer satisfaction above everything else, so you can be sure of being appeased with the reading offered to you and not be worried about the accuracy.
  • Make sure that the reviews given on the site are from verified customers and varied in nature. Anyone can put fake reviews these days so make sure that there are all types of reviews on the site and not just positive reviews praising the services provided.
  • It is best to rely on your intuition if you are having second thoughts about a psychic reader in the middle of the session. If you feel that the information being provided is fluff and not at all useful, immediately end the session. Wasting your time on useless sessions is never recommended.
  • Any experienced reader will not ask for too much personal information, and if they are asking for it, it is a red flag, and something might be wrong. If you feel that the psychic is asking for too much personal information and do not feel comfortable, end the session.
  • Take advantage of almost all the top psychic sites' introductory offers to remove all your doubts about a psychic reading session. Use the free minutes provided to see the effectiveness yourself before spending money on it. This reduces the chances of any kind of fraud.

What are the types of readings available?

Throughout the years, I have taken various types of readings. Some worked well for me, while others were not that effective. Not everyone prefers the same type of reading. One type of reading which might have benefited someone might not work that well for someone else. Hence, many different types of psychic readings are offered on psychic networks such as astrology, online tarot readings, palm reading, etc. a variety of psychic readings ensure that everyone finds their perfect match and chooses the one that suits them the best. These readings have been listed below.


This type of reading is commonly called palm reading and was first discovered in ancient India and China. It includes the careful observation of the shape, colour, finger length and lines of a person's palm. It relies on findings derived through the careful observation of these things. It can be used to draw insights about a person's future and personality. It can also give insights about their health, love life, career trajectory, and general day-to-day matters. Most of the time, the right hand is chosen for palmistry. But for some specific matters, the left hand might be chosen as well.

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings consist of a deck of cards out of which one is picked to predict possible future outcomes. Each tarot card has a picture on it. A lot of meanings are hidden inside that and someone having an expertise in it can decipher it. The tarot reader might choose a card from the deck themselves, or they may ask their client to choose one relying on their intuition. The tarot reader then interprets the tarot card's image to provide useful insights into a person's future.


Traditionally astrological predictions are made by analyzing current planetary positions and planetary positions during an individual's birth. Astrologers can predict future and present events based on birth date, time and place of birth. It relies on planetary positions to decide the perfect time for doing things, including marriages, auspicious ceremonies, religious functions, etc.

Crystal Balls

Many psychics use a crystal ball to forecast the future of an individual. They use visions that they receive through that glass crystal ball to decipher the information. Not everyone possesses this art of deciphering information by seeing visions in a crystal ball. People who possess such abilities are known as clairvoyants, and this technique of seeing images is also known as scrying.


Numerology is the study of numbers to reveal information about a person and was first discovered and used in Egypt and Babylon. According to numerologists, every action in this universe is related to numbers. They believe that the date and time of an individual's birth can significantly affect his/her personality and life. They calculate a person's life path number through basic calculations and then use it for making useful predictions about the future and present of an individual.

Can free psychics be relied upon?

Providing free psychic readings or free tarot reading are a way to attract new clients. Many psychic reading networks provide such free readings which are really accurate. Under such introductory schemes, you get initial minutes of your reading for free and some great discounts if you want to continue your session. They can be completely trusted because they do not compromise with reading quality just because it is being offered for free.

If you properly utilize the free psychic chat online provided, you can get answers to the most important question. These are also great if you are not assured of the online psychic reading's authenticity because here you can experience it yourself and that too for free. I would suggest that you go for sites providing such offers before deciding on the psychic to get your reading from. This will help you find the perfect psychic for yourself that you can rely on for authentic readings.

Some other networks and apps provide absolutely free tarot readings as well. You might have already come across many such apps and websites while searching for good psychics. Such websites and apps work on artificial intelligence. They just draw a random selection from the database they have collected from the internet and provide it to the user. Thus, their readings are not at all useful for a person trying to find genuine answers to the problems in his/her life.

Things to know before consulting a psychic reader

Knowing certain things beforehand will let you have a more fulfilling psychic reading session that will meet most of your expectations. But how will you find these? Don't worry. I have listed down these things below for your ease.
  • There are many fake psychics as well. They pretend to be authentic psychics to loot your money. There are a lot of things that you can look for to make sure the psychic you are consulting, but if you still end up choosing a fake psychic, don't lose hope. It is only through trial and error that you will be able to find the best one. Giving up on psychic readings just because you got a fake psychic is never a good thing. You might end up missing the amazing benefits if you lose hope.
  • Remember that not all psychics are the same. This term is used for people with a wide range of abilities. Some psychics can see or hear things that cannot be recognized by normal people, some psychics can communicate with spirits, and some others can connect with your pets as well. Before going for a psychic reading clearly determine which type of reading you want and go for a psychic reader specializing in that type of reading.
  • Remember that the information you are receiving is coming "through" a psychic and not "from" a psychic. They are providing us with the information coming from divine sources to us by using their gifted abilities. They have no control over the information coming through the spiritual realm. Instead of asking a direct specific question, ask questions that will help you formulate your plan of action to move forward.
  • You should listen carefully during a session with a psychic instead of talking too much. Let your psychic do most of the talking during the session. If you talk too much, the psychic might get disturbed, and their focus might get broken. If you talk too much, it will harm you only because you will not get accurate answers. Just answer the questions your psychic asks you and let them peacefully focus on their senses.
  • Give yourself time to process all the information given to you by the psychic instead of trying to digest all of it during the reading itself. Certain things might not click immediately but might become clearer with time.

How many times should a psychic reader be consulted?

Different people prefer different frequencies of visiting a psychic. Some might want to go to a psychic frequently and build a relationship with them for day-to-day accurate predictions. While others prefer going to a psychic only when needed. I would recommend the second one. You should go to a psychic only when you really need it. Some of the situations in which you could need a psychic reading are:
  • When facing serious issues in your relationship with your lover or your family.
  • When you are making big decisions in your life, that will significantly affect your present and future.
  • While going through a difficult situation in life, such as divorce or death of someone really close to you.
  • When you are feeling stuck in your current situation and are unable to find a way out of it.
  • When your mental health is getting severely affected due to some kind of stress in your life.
  • When you can't come to terms with your current situation and want clarity in your life.

If you go to psychics for every day-to-day decision of your life, then you might get addicted to a psychic reading, and any kind of addiction is never good. You might lose your ability to make decisions on your own, which can prove to be really harmful to you. Hence you should never go to a psychic for even minor decisions of your life. Go to them only when it is something really big that is bothering you.

How do psychic readers get insights?

Genuine psychic readers possess a special ability called Extrasensory Perception (ESP) that lets them feel, see or hear things beyond the understanding of an average human being. Most of the psychics are born with these gifted abilities and discover their hidden abilities gradually while growing up. These selected few individuals perform psychic readings through their gifted abilities. There are a variety of abilities that a psychic might possess and use for obtaining useful information. Some of these are given below:


The ability to discern information by factual knowledge possessed by the psychic reader through his/her gifted abilities and experience.


The ability to discern information by sensing things that cannot be felt by ordinary human beings.


The ability to discern information by hearing things that an ordinary human being cannot listen.


The ability to discern information through a vision that cannot be recognized by an ordinary human.

Normal human beings cannot connect easily with the spiritual realm; only a selected few with gifted abilities can do this. They act as a bridge between humans and the spiritual realm. They convey the information that comes through the spiritual realm to us. This information can be used to find solutions to all the problems you face and find the right path for your journey to a brighter future. This will also help you find inner peace and establish your connection with the higher self through spiritual practices.

Are psychic readers, always right?

Expecting a psychic reader to give you 100% accurate information is wrong. They try their best to give you predictions on future events using their skills and experience. Sometimes, things beyond their control might happen that can interfere with the accuracy of the reading provided to you. The events predicted by them might not happen immediately, but it is not necessary that they will never happen. Sometimes the things predicted by them might get delayed. These factors can affect psychics with lesser experience even if they too are highly skilled.

But the good news is that the psychic readings online offered by genuine psychics are mostly accurate and it is really rare that the reading provided by them is wrong. Through their experience, they have learnt to eliminate these external factors every time. They can provide accurate readings most of the time. But if you get readings that are not that accurate, don't lose hope. There might have been some external disturbances.

However, fake psychic readers will give you wrong readings every time since they do not possess any real skills. Use the tips given by me to differentiate between the two of them.

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