Friday Plans Review - Why are so many 20 year olds raving about Friday Plans?

Learn about this exciting ED service, and how they’re kicking off the boner renaissance
When you think of youth, you probably don’t think about Viagra®. Sure, Viagra® is an incredibly popular ED medication, but surely a young man can’t have ED, right?

But if we look at the statistics, the situation is far from uncommon. There are currently 30 million men experiencing ED in America alone[1], and 8% are between the ages of 20-29. It's high-time that someone does something to help young people deal with this difficult issue.

That's why one company has decided to help destigmatize ED medication and make it more accessible for young men. You’ve probably heard this company mentioned across the internet recently, and you might be wondering: What exactly is Friday Plans?

Friday Plans is Changing the Way Young Men get Generic Viagra® Online
Friday Plans provides one of the best medications to combat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction: Generic Viagra®. Generic Viagra® has been proven to help patients achieve stronger, longer-lasting erections[2]. You can tell this stuff is powerful by just how satisfied patients are with the treatment.

In a large-scale study involving 1,000 ED patients, an amazing 94% reported they were satisfied with their results[2]. That's 940 men who found that generic Viagra® drastically improved their ED symptoms. Another survey that polled the partners of men who used generic Viagra found that after the men started treating their ED with generic Viagra, their sexual partners experienced orgasms 53% more often![4]

How Much Does Friday Plans Cost?
Friday Plans offers its generic Viagra® for 97% less than Pfizer and 83% less than your local pharmacy. If you sign up for a 6-month subscription with Friday Plans, they’ll give you generic Viagra® for the shockingly low price of $1.99 per 100 mg pill. If you sign up for 12 months, the price is even lower at $1.75 per dose! The reason they keep their prices so low is because Friday Plans wants every guy with ED to know what it feels like to upgrade their sex lives to what they call Sex 2.0.

Not only is the medication more affordable than a pharmacy or competing service, but Friday Plans also does not charge for the medical review and offers free shipping. The only way you’ll lose money on this deal is by waiting too long to upgrade your sex life to Sex 2.0. Time, after all, is money.
How Can Friday Plans Possibly Offer Generic Viagra® for Such A Low Price?

When generic Viagra® became available in 2020[3], Friday Plans’ founders were disgusted to see that pharmacies were charging $10-30 a dose for generic Viagra®. They decided to do something about it and moved quickly to create a service to help deliver this low cost ED medication. They designed a subscription service completely around generic Viagra® and did away with the bloat often associated with healthcare.

Building their direct-to-patient platform from the ground up, they devised one of the most efficient and intuitive telemedicine systems in the ED industry. That's just one of the ways this startup is revolutionizing the ED industry.

In addition to a new platform, Friday Plans lowered costs by buying bulk quantities of generic Viagra directly from FDA-approved pharmacies. They also use automation to help further decrease the dispensing cost per prescription, and work with one of the country’s largest central fill pharmacies. This lets them fill prescriptions for a fraction of the price of a traditional pharmacy, and Friday Plans passes those savings on to their customers.

So How Do I Get My Prescription?

Once you have submitted your answers, a healthcare provider will review your answers, and see if you qualify. Once approved, your product ships free to you in just a couple of days. You can have ED medication delivered right to your door in discreet, futuristic packaging. The way to start is by taking Friday Plans free online questionnaire.

Friday Plans not only make the process easy, they make it fun! Their packaging looks nothing like the boring packaging from most pharmacies. It has a distinct cyberpunk feel, and removes the stigma usually associated with taking ED medication. By bringing their branding into the modern age Friday Plans is helping men not feel embarrassed about treating their ED, and helping them have the best sex possible!

Get Friday Plans and Start Living Life to the Fullest

So if you're a young man with ED or just want to feel young again, let Friday Plans be your wingman. They are so sure that you’ll be happy with your upgrade to Sex 2.0 that they are willing to give you a massive window to get your money back.

While some services offer 30-days, Friday Plans always shoot to exceed expectations by 100%; They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Because if you are not completely satisfied with the experience they want you have to have your money back!

So try Friday Plans today, and see just how great sex can be when you treat your ED. Click here to take your free online questionnaire and upgrade to Sex 2.0!

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