How to Find Hidden Dating Profiles: Discover if Your Partner Has a Secret Dating Profile!

Are you trying to find hidden dating profiles? There are plenty of ways to find what someone is concealing online using their username, picture, location, and more.

Therefore, today we've compiled a list of ways you can use various tools to find hidden profiles. These methods can be used to find out if your partner has been unfaithful or any other type of hidden profile.

[You can perform a search for hidden dating profiles here]

What You'll Need
  • Different searching skills
  • Time to devote to the searching process
  • An email, photo, name, location, or a social media account, etc., of the person you are looking for
  • Use a background checker tool (recommended)

Step-by-Step Instructions To Find Secret Dating Profiles

You can follow one or more of these steps to find a hidden profile online. Keep in mind that you might have to spend more time on this part, as people often change around between various usernames, email accounts, or locations.

Search the Person's Name or Username

While it might be an obvious place to begin, you'll be surprised at how many people use their own names when creating a dating profile. If that doesn't work, try using a nickname or an abbreviation such as ''Jay'' if their name is Jayson.

Also, try searching for their username. It’s usually the name they use on their gaming accounts, Spotify, or anything else you can think of. If you previously met your partner on a dating site, try also using their past username.

Check Their Browser History

A person's browser history is very personal, and usually, most of us forget to delete it. If you suspect your partner is hiding something from you, check their history whenever possible, as it can turn up past visits to dating sites, social platforms, and more.

You can easily do this on almost any device.

Simply open up the internet browser, and on the right top hand side in the settings menu, search for ''history''. There you should see all the past visited sites. Look out for names like Coffee Meets Bagel, Match, Tinder, and Zoosk, as they are all popular dating sites.

Find Hidden Social or Dating Accounts Using Their Email Address

Most social media sites and online dating sites require you to have an email in order to create a profile. You could try searching for someone's address using two methods. The first one is going on a popular dating site like Tinder or Zoosk and simply enter their email to see if they have an account.

Another way is to conduct a reverse search using the person's email address, which will turn up all the accounts the user is registered to. However, this method might be tricky since most people tend to change their email address when creating a secret dating profile.

Going through their social media app can help you find out if any of them are connected to a dating app. Since some dating apps such as Tinder require you to link to your Facebook account.

You can also use the various methods covered today to find out if they have some hidden social apps created just for this purpose.

Use Their Profile Picture to Conduct a Dating Profile Search

Most of us tend to reuse the same profile picture across various accounts. Therefore, conducting a simple Google search using their image may turn up many accounts associated with it.

You can simply do this by opening the Google app or browser on your device and tap the button called ‘’discover’’. There you’ll see the option to use Google lens; that’s when you upload the picture and see what Google comes up with.

It doesn't even matter if the picture is cropped or resized; Google will still be able to match it up with an identical or similar image.

Ultimately, if you're also concerned about your online privacy, it's best if you avoid having the same picture across different platforms. Especially using professional LinkedIn headshots on your Facebook or Tinder.

Try Searching Their Phone Number

There are various ways to locate someone using their mobile. Some social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook allow you to find a user by entering their digits — just make sure it's correct.

Additionally, using a platform such as Social Catfish lets you find out if the number you're searching for has a connected profile associated with it. It's also good to find out if your partner or whoever you're looking for uses multiple phone numbers. That way, you have more options to try.

Using a Social Media Handle to Hidden Profiles

A social media handle is a specific username used on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram — usually followed by an ''@'' symbol.

Find out the type of handle the person uses, and use Google to see if anything pops up, or you can directly reach for it on social media and dating sites.

Use Any Other Data You Know About This Person

Everything can be helpful in your search, including their age and location. There are countless websites whereby entering someone's date of birth and ZIP code can turn about various matches that include their social media presence and other information.

This is where it’s good to know if the person you’re looking for has any other email addresses or an old password that you haven’t yet considered. It’s important to consider all pieces of information when searching for someone online.

Details to Look Out for When Searching for Someone

If the person you're looking for is your boyfriend or girlfriend, chances are that you know them well. That's why when going through their socials and looking through the different dating sites, pay attention to profiles that appear similar to your partner's. For example:
  1. Does the profile description seem familiar to you?
  2. Are the photos taken in a similar setting?
  3. Maybe you recognize some location or person in the photo?
  4. Does a nickname or username jump out to you?
These are just a couple of pointers, make sure to really pay attention to anything that jumps out, and look into it further.

Using a Background Checker to Find Hidden Profiles

Using a background checker is a more invasive but effective way to target someone. These professional services use powerful technology to scour through all the databases to access sensitive information such as police records, photos, contact information, and much more. Here are our top three recommended background checkers.

1. Truthfinder - Accurate Background Checks

Truthfinder is the most accurate service out there. It comes with a wide range of search parameters, and you have access to unlimited background checks when opting for a membership. Their reports include recent contact information, social presence, and police records.

It includes an easy-use interface and is compatible with Android and iOS mobile apps. It's our top pick because Truthfinder offers more information than its competitors, and it comes with a trial membership, too.

To look for someone, all you need to do is select the option ‘’people search’’ on the tab at the top of the page. After which, you’ll need to fill out the person’s full name, the city they are from, and the State (if known).

2. Instant Checkmate - Comprehensive Background Checks

Owned by the same company as Truthfinder, Instant Checkmate allows access to extensive public information ranging from criminal records, past or current relationships, and more. It also features a simple user interface — all you need is to enter the woman or man's first and last name, followed by their city and state.

Instant Checkmate lets you try it for just a single dollar for five days, after which you can opt for one of its memberships.

3. Intelius - Educational Background Checks

Intelius is designed for people who want to search for information about their current boyfriend or girlfriend or check someone's criminal record. This Seattle-based company lets you look for anyone using their name, phone, or address, using their simple search bar option.

Members can opt for affordable subscription plans, and if they choose, they can also have access to the person's work and educational history too.

Is It Better to Use a Background Checker or to Use a Search Engine?

There are pros and cons to both methods. Conducting your own search is a cheap or completely free method to look for someone online. You can try applying all the different ways outlined above, such as using their social handle, full name, username, etc. However, there are some downsides when opting for this method.

Mainly that it’s time-consuming, and there is a chance you might not uncover everything you wanted. Additionally, the other person might catch you in the act if you don't cover up your tracks, which could be devastating for you both.

This is where a background checker comes in. Professional services, such as Truthfinder, employ thorough and professional methods to locate whomever you’re looking for. Because they have access to all types of public records, even criminal ones, you can get a lot more info than by doing a manual search.

The only downside for such a service is their price, especially if you'd decide to opt for a membership. Nonetheless, if you want to discover hidden information about your partner, colleague, or long-lost friend — it's a good investment.

Recap on How to Find Hidden Profiles

In order to find secret dating profiles, you’ll need to employ specific search methods using the other person’s info. Things like their age, full name, address, or even social handle can come in very handy. The best method, however, is by using a background checker.

How to Find Hidden Dating Accounts: The Takeaway

Finding someone’s hidden dating profile can be pretty difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. However, this process can be made easier if you already have a hold on some of their info, such as their username, email, or address.

If you find it all that much too time consuming, you could also try using a background checker, such as Truthfinder. While it can be pricey, you’re guaranteed that it will do all the work for you and carry out a thorough search.

Hopefully, all this will help you find whoever you're looking for. Thanks for reading.
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