Online Psychic Readings: 10 Best Psychic Sites and Services for Free Readings (2022 Review)

When you've decided to get an online psychic reading, you'll find lots of free offers and psychics to choose from. But how do you know what the best psychic sites are?

Readings with a professional are best. In this post, we'll take a look at the specialized services the top sites offer so you can choose the best place to go for your psychic reading online!

Free Psychic Sites with Professional Readings:
  1. Kasamba (3 minutes free)
  2. AskNow (buy 10 minutes get 10 free)
  3. Psychic Source (5 minutes free)
  4. Keen (3 minutes free)
  5. Oranum (10 minutes free)
  6. Psychic Oz (3 minutes free, then 1 per reading)
  7. LifeReader (4 free minutes)

Free Psychic Readings 100%, no credit card needed:
  1. Psychic TXT
  2. Astro.CafeAstrology
  4. Free Divination
  5. Astrology Answers

Best Professional Psychic Readings Online + Free Offers

1. Kasamba - Best Psychic Readings

When you need questions about your life answered, Kasamba is the best site to use. They have specialists in many sub-fields, including aura reading, rune casting, pet psychics, cheating and affairs, soulmate connections, and marital life.

Kasamba offers three minutes free. However, this isn't limited to your first psychic reader. You'll receive three more free minutes for each new psychic reader you try. You will receive an additional 15% off your per minute rate for your first call, as well.

Kasamba's psychics also work by chat, if you do not want to share your personal questions on a phone call.

2. AskNow - Best Extended Psychic Readings Online

  • 5 free minutes with purchase
  • Thousands of users
  • 15 years' experience

AskNow's free offer is perfect for new clients with questions that can't be answered quickly. When you buy 30 minutes for $30 or 20 minutes for $20, you also get five free minutes for phone readings with elite/master psychics. These psychics normally charge $10 or more per minute.

If you are not looking for a long phone reading, some of AskNow's psychics also offer chat options.

3. Psychic Source - Best Psychic Readings for Returning Customers

If you'll be returning for multiple psychic readings, Psychic Source offers a loyalty program to reward you. Their membership rewards program is free to join and gives you 3% rewards dollars with each purchase, as many as $50 bonus dollars a month, and $25 bonus dollars when you talk for more than 175 minutes in a month.

When you try Psychic Source out, you'll get three free minutes on your first reading, as well as reduced rates starting at $1 per minute. The site also offers a satisfaction guarantee, a money-back offer if your reading does not meet your expectations.

Psychic Source's psychics work by phone, chat, and video.

4. Keen - Best Psychic Tools

Keen's psychics use a wide variety of tools many other sites don't offer. These include Chinese astrology, numerology, feng shui, and chakra cleansing. More traditional psychic and tarot readings are also available.

If you're unsure if one of these psychic tools is right for you, use Keen's introductory offer to find out. You will get three free minutes to use on your first reading to explore whether the psychic and the tools are a good fit.

Keen's psychics also use multiple platforms to deliver their readings, including phone and chat.

5. Oranum - Best Video Readings from Psychics

Oranum's psychics work exclusively through video discussions. Because of this, their advisors have experience conducting readings with this technology and have mastered the nuances involved with video readings.

Oranum offers your first 3-10 minutes free. The amount of time you get will depend on the level of psychics you choose, as the site gives you 9.99 credits. Their psychics charge anywhere from 0.99 to 2.99 credits per minute. You can maximize this offer by choosing psychics with a 0.99 credit per minute rate.

6. Psychic Oz - Best Readings by Email
  • 3 minutes free, then 1 per reading
  • Thousands of users
  • 30+ years' experience

Psychic Oz directs you to the best psychic readers on their site by highlighting customer favorites and staff picks among their psychics. They also provide the option for email or chat readings when a call isn't right for you.

PsychicOz offers the first three minutes of your first session with one of their psychics for free. After that, you'll get 1 per reading. They have an additional introductory offer providing 15 minutes for $14.99, 10 minutes for $9.99, or an email reading for $4.99

7. LifeReader - Best Introductory Offer for Psychic Readings
  • 4 free minutes and other benefits
  • Thousands of users
  • 10+ years' experience

While other psychic services offer a handful of free minutes and/or discounted introductory rates, LifeReader does both. They give you four free minutes on your first call and 50% off the rest of your call.

For a longer reading, you can select their offer for 50% off and $0.19 per minute for the first call with LifeReader psychics.

Some LifeReader psychics also offer chat options.

Best Free Psychic Readings by Apps and Software

1. Psychic Txt

Psychic Txt is an app that connects you to a psychic reader by chat. When you sign up, you'll get 150 text credits: enough for one text exchange with an advisor. You can also get a premium subscription for more readings starting at $3.99 a month.

Psychic Txt lets you chat with more than 100 psychics with different specialties. These include both tarot reading and clairvoyance.

2. Astro.CafeAstrology

CafeAstrology doesn't answer specific questions. They provide tools to let you see your general life situation. On their site, you can create your free natal (birth) chart, allowing you to see and interpret where the stars were when you were born.

Once you've made your birth chart, you can access other personalized tools on the site, from a compatibility chart to daily readings to a 14-day forecast.


Free-tarot-reading offers a universal six-card tarot spread, with no limit on the number of times you can use it. The spread is done with major arcana cards and covers your feelings, desires, fears, strengths, weaknesses, and outcomes.

The site has done over 50 million consultations in 18 years.

4. Free Divination

Free Divination is a site offering a variety of oracle tools you can use to answer your own questions. Although they do not offer psychics to guide your reading, you can explore the different divination types, from the i Ching to tarot cards, for free.

The site's eight tools can be used to generate 20 different types of spreads, so you can experiment to find one that best works to answer your questions.

5. Astrology Answers

Astrology Answers is a website offering free daily horoscopes by sign. They also provide online tarot readings in four areas: love, career, daily, or about the question of your choice.

The site also provides articles on both astrology and the tarot, so you can teach yourself about these tools and understand future readings with more insight.

What to Know About Online Psychic Readings

What’s the best site for love readings?

Kasamba is the best site for online psychic readers specializing in love. This is because of the wide variety of psychic options they offer for love readings.

They have hundreds of psychics working in this area, and they offer you the opportunity to sort them by subspecialty, depending on what you're looking for. These topics range from breakups to marital life.

What’s the best site for tarot readings?

Keen offers the best psychic readings using tarot. The site points you to the best psychic readers by showing you their staff's selection, letting you see who the experts believe provides the best service.

You can also get a tarot reading through chat, which is helpful when you want to return to it later on.

Finally, Keen has an introductory offer of three minutes free and you can use it for a tarot consultation.

Are online psychic readings accurate?

They can be. When you're looking for an accurate psychic reading, look at the psychic's user reviews. The best psychic websites will show you a psychic's average ratings, while some even provide written testimonials (or warnings) from other users.

You will also find that some psychic tools work better for online psychics than others. Palmistry is difficult to do online, but impossible to do in phone readings with any accuracy.

To find the best psychic readings, use a screening process. After you determine how much you are willing to pay per minute, read through the list of the best psychic websites above. Many offer money-back guarantees, which is a good indicator that they trust the accuracy of their psychics.

Then, look at the list of psychics on the sites, either overall or in a subcategory that interests you. Many psychic websites make it possible to sort them by star rating. Consider the psychics with the highest ratings first; these often offer the best psychic experiences.

As you go deeper into the screening process, read the user reviews of each psychic, if available. Even if others think a reader is the "best psychic," this doesn't necessarily mean that their style will be a good match for you. Making sure your styles match will ensure that you understand your psychic readings with clarity.

How to choose the best psychic sites?

When you're looking for a personal reading, it's important to use a trusted psychic website. To find the best online psychics, look at how many readings the site has done before, how many users they have, and how long they have been in business.

In addition, consider customer service options. Online psychics sites with a satisfaction guarantee are likely to offer higher quality readings, since the company is taking a risk with these kinds of offers!

Consider each online platform's specialty, as well. Some, like Oranum, focus on video chats. Others, like Psychic Txt, specialize in chat and texts. How do you like to communicate? If you're unsure, try out a few introductory offers to find the best online psychic tool for you, whether this is phone readings, chat, or email.

Finally, review the sub-specialties available on a psychic site. Most sites divide their psychics by their abilities to read for romantic situations, career advice, and other topics.

You may also choose the best psychic sites for you by looking at the tools the site's psychics offer, whether these are tarot readings, clairvoyance, angel guidance, or other methods.

What happens during a professional online psychic reading?

Your psychic session will vary depending on the psychic you consult and the tools they prefer to use.

At the beginning of the reading, the psychic may spend a moment or two tuning into your energy. Sometimes psychics will use a prayer to do this.

Next, it is common for an online psychic to ask you what brought you to them. This doesn't mean they are not psychic! It simply helps them narrow their focus as they consider your question.

Psychics will then focus on your energy and lifeline in terms of how it relates to your question. To answer it, they may refer to events in the past, present, or future. Do not expect the information to be chronological; it is likely to come to the psychic at different points in the reading.

Online psychics may use different tools to get a better read of your energy in order to answer your question. These tools can be anything from crystals to numerology. Psychics will usually state the tools they work with on their profile page.

What can I ask during an online psychic reading?

You can ask any question during an online reading. However, you will get clearer answers the clearer your question is.

To come up with a clear question, follow this process:

  1. Consider the area(s) of your life that you want to focus on. Write it down. If there is more than one, repeat the following steps for each area.
  2. Brainstorm the issues in this life area that concern you. For example, if the area is "romance," you might want to know whether your current partner is right for you.
  3. Circle the issue that is most pressing. If more than one issue is pressing, rank them in order of priority
  4. Write down your question in different ways. Using the earlier example, you could ask, "Is X the right person for me?" But you could also ask "What do I need to know about X," or "What is the future relationship potential with X?" Returning to your brainstorm can help you clarify the true nature of your question.
  5. Write down the exact question you want to ask your psychic so you don't forget and can reference it both during and after your reading.

Is it better to use free psychic readings through software and apps or to try a professional psychic reading?

When you're looking for answers about your life, accurate interpretations are important. Because of this, a professional psychic session is the best option.

Professionals have experience using psychic tools. For example, a psychic specializing in astrology will be able to answer specific questions about your situation. If you use software or apps, you'll likely get an accurate answer, but not one that is tailored to what you want to know.

In addition, professional psychics are able to chat with you about your reading. If you have additional questions, they can clarify them through your discussion.

If you are worried about cost, one way to solve this is to use the introductory offers above. Most trusted psychic websites offer free readings or minutes, so you can experience a professional psychic reading without taking a financial risk. Be sure to read terms and conditions before your reading, though.

You may also find that, depending on the complexity of your question, chat or email with a professional psychic may give you the answers you're looking for in less time (and thus cost less).

A Final Word: The Best Psychic Websites for an Online Psychic Reading

Finding the best psychic websites for your query means evaluating both their quality and your desires.

What do you want out of your online psychic? For general readings, Kasamba is the best psychic site. AskNow provides the best psychic readers for longer readings, and Psychic Source rewards returning customers the most. No matter what your wants and needs for your psychic are, there's a site out there for you!

Have you had an online reading with a psychic, or more than one? What was your experience like? Share in the comments!
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