Our Review Of Extenze: The World’s Most Popular Male Enhancement Formula

Jan 27, 2021 at 6:01 am

might be the most famous male enhancement pill on the planet. Launched over two decades ago, it was arguably the first so-called 'natural male sex pill' – a natural competitor with a prescription drug that was also launched around then that rhymes with 'Niagara'.

Fast forward to now and you're wondering if ExtenZe actually does what it claims. Does ExtenZe boost erection size, sex drive and make sex all that?

Here's the low down on that.

Rated: Excellent

  • Boosts Sexual Desire
  • Stimulates Blood Flow to the Penis
  • Helps You Get an Erection
  • Lets You Last Longer in Bed
  • Makes Orgasms More Intense

That's the quick version. But there are plenty of natural male enhancement pills out there. How is ExtenZe different and, dare we say it – better – than other so-called natural sex pills for dudes?

Let's look closer and find out, first things first…

What is ExtenZe?

ExtenZe is a natural male enhancement product. If you're new to the industry, it's a type of male virility health supplement made of natural ingredients that build up in the male reproductive system and gradually help to stabilize the male sex hormones that help sex drive and performance. It also helps to boost blood flow to the penis, so you get an erection.

In theory, that's what happens.

Note these are different than prescription sex pills, which you simply take on demand, at basically one per for one erection. Being a health supplement, you would take ExtenZe about twice a day. Once your body processes the ingredients, you're able to have sex whenever you choose.

You don't need a prescription to buy ExtenZe because it's a natural product. But does it work?


ExtenZe is one of the most well-established natural virility supplements for men who want a little more fun in the bedroom. It brings a potent natural formula with a much-loved name and, more importantly, results where you want them (hint – in bed). The Pros of ExtenZe include:
  • Powerful and Well-Dosed Formula
  • All-Natural
  • Respected Brand
  • Made in the United States
  • 67 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Generally speaking, ExtenZe is an excellent product. Twist our arm however and we note the following. The Cons of ExtenZe include:

  • Pricey
  • Takes At Least 30 Days to See Good Results

On that last point, keep in mind that most health supplements take at least 3 weeks to deliver noticeable results because your body needs time to process their nutrients and put them to work. That's par for the course, so to speak, in our experience.

But it's something to keep in mind. All good things to those who wait.

ExtenZe Benefits

We just talked about 'waiting for results'. That wait is worth it – here is what you can expect with a little ExtenZe in your body. The benefits of ExtenZe include:

Easier Erections – ExtenZe helps to boost blood flow to the penis, so you have an easier time getting an erection.

More Sexual Stamina – ExtenZe should help you last longer in bed.

Better Climaxes – It should also help you enjoy your climax more too.

Boost Testosterone – Little known fact: the ExtenZe formula may also help boost testosterone naturally in men. You may see more energy and better muscle tone with ExtenZe – an added benefit you may not have considered.

Good Intimacy – ExtenZe helps sexual performance. When things work in bed, you may find an extra spark between you and your partner.

Before we go any further, we might as well get the elephant in the room: you want to know if ExtenZe will give you a bigger penis, and yes, we just said that.

Here's how that works: ExtenZe can give you a temporarily bigger erection because it boosts blood flow to the corpora cavernosa – the two long cylinders in your penis that receive and hold blood when you're excited and form the erection that follows.

With ExtenZe, you should have better blood retention capacity, and yes, that should mean a bigger erection. But keep in mind that increase will only be temporary. Any male enhancement pill that promises to give you a permanently bigger penis is pulling a fast one.

Note that you can make your penis bigger through a traction-based method like a penis extender. This is a device that sits on the penis and gradually stretches it over months. Don't laugh, this works – a 2010 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that guys who wore a penis extender for three months increased penis length by about 2CM on average. Check out ProExtender for a good penis extender – although we've digressed far enough.

ExtenZe Formula

A male enhancement supplements is only as good as its formula. It's like the engine in your car – it's what makes the product work or not.

There is a reason ExtenZe has sold over a billion pills in 20 years, and it starts with the formula, which includes:

Zinc – This is a well-known testosterone booster that has a positive effect on sperm.

Folate – It's not a coincidence that low folic acid is linked to fertility problems. Folate helps to make healthy red and white blood cells and may raise your energy.

Ginger – Its good for a troubled stomach. But ginger is also a powerful aphrodisiac as well, in no small part because it helps to boost blood flow to the penis.

Pregnenolone – This is a hormone made by the adrenal gland. It helps make testosterone and other male sex hormones.

Tribulus Terrestris – This is another testosterone booster that increases male sex hormone production. It's linked to better sexual function in men.

Korean Red Ginseng – Sometimes called Asian Ginseng, whatever you call it, Korean Red Ginseng has shown to help erection rigidity, thickness and overall better erection quality. It also helps increase sexual desire.

Horny Goat Weed – There's a reason they call this Chinese flower 'Horny Goat Weed'. Much of its libido-boosting potential appears to stem from its ability to increase testosterone.

Damiana – This is a South American shrub linked to better sexual stamina, better erection quality and , yes, better climaxes as well.

Muira Puama – Muira Puama is a Brazilian plant meaning 'Potency Wood' in that language. Here's why: Muira Puama is a libido booster and then some. It may help you concentrate better too.

Pumpkin – Your Jack-O'Lantern may have more uses than scaring little monsters in October. Among them? It may help with hormone production, better sperm quality, and it appears to be good for the prostate.

Ho Shou Wou – Commonly used in Chinese medicine, Ho Shou Wou is believed to increase virility. It may also have anti-aging properties.

L Arginine – This is an amino acid that boosts blood flow throughout the body – and to the penis. That makes it of particular interest for guys who have erection problems.

How ExtenZe is Different Than Other Natural Male Sex Pills

So far we've talked about ExtenZe and its Pros and Cons, along with its benefits and formula. But you've got a huge selection of natural male enhancement pills vying your your hard-earned dollar. Is ExtenZe really different than the others?

In a word – yes. You can't fake selling a billion pills over two decades. Here is how ExtenZe is different – and why it deserves your close attention.

Longevity – Male enhancement is a cut throat industry. There is plenty of competition. Products that don't work get weeded out because, well, they don't work.

Products that actually do what they claim get re-ordered, and new customers buy it as well. Our point? The fact that ExtenZe has survived 20+ years in the male enhancement niche tells you something.

Dosage – It's one thing to put a bunch of ingredients together. It's another to dose them in quantities large enough to help your bedroom performance. Some male enhancement supplements are dosed in such weak quantities that they do little, if anything, to help you show up when it matters.

ExtenZe clearly gets this right, with an expertly dosed formula that helps guys want sex, get hard, stay that way, last longer in bed and have a climax that convinces men to press the 'Reorder' button.

Convenient – You can buy ExtenZe pretty much anywhere, be it in a drug store or online, although as we've alluded, you're better off buying ExtenZe from a trusted source like LeadingEdgeHealth.com.

Results – This ties back into the formula and dosage. ExtenZe gets it done. There is no other way to say that – when you take ExtenZe, you have more sex, last longer and have a better climax. Then you do it all over again.


ExtenZe is not the cheapest natural male enhancement pill, but it's also far from the most expensive. Given the strength of this formula, the dosage and what it can do for your sex life, it's one of the better investments among natural sex pills for men.

Let's look at that pricing. A box of ExtenZe costs $49.95. That certainly comes under what you would pay for some competing products, although it's just shy of fifty bucks, and as we have already discussed, you will likely want to buy a package of at least 3 months to get the most out of ExtenZe and its formula.

Go high and you save more. A two month supply of ExtenZe is $89.95. That saves you about ten bucks. That's nice, but we can do better – a three month supply of ExtenZe is $124.95 and comes with a $25 discount.

But our top pick for value with ExtenZe is the 6 Month Package. That's just $249.95 and saves you fifty bucks in the process. It also comes with free shipping anywhere on the planet. And when you factor in the cost of shipping these days, the 6 Month Package starts to look even more attractive.

We also like the 6 month package because it gives your body three months to hit your best results with ExtenZe, and another three months to enjoy them. Let us ask you this: is 6 months of more and longer sex worth $250? We sure think so!

Where to Buy

Buy ExtenZe from Leading Edge Health thru its official website. Sad but true – popular health supplements are a target for counterfeiters, and it's not uncommon to find fake products for sale online on some of the biggest ecommerce sites.

Those fake supplements may have undisclosed ingredients that can be anything from aspirin to rat poison. That's a problem – big time.

We've had good luck buying health supplements from Leading Edge Health. They're a well-respected name among health supplements and, from our experience, should minimize the chance you will end up with fake ExtenZe.


If you can look beyond the marketing hype and you're willing to delve into the natural male enhancement industry, on rare occasions you find a product that shines. ExtenZe is one of them – it packs a powerful and well-dosed formula in a convenient natural capsule that helps to boost sex drive, erection size, stamina and satisfaction.

It's a name you can trust – a fact built on 20+ years of helping guys have better sexual performance and stronger relationships as a result.

We also like the pricing with ExtenZe. While not cheap, it's certainly priced well, and below some other, less effective male enhancement supplements. When you factor in the formula, the name and what ExtenZe can do for your sex life, it's an excellent value and deserves your attention.

So, the big question: should you buy ExtenZe? We think it's one of the best male enhancement supplements on the market today. Our verdict is Yes, though you'll want to speak with your doctor before trying it if you're currently on medication or have a specific health concern.

Still, this is an excellent product. And considering the impact that regular and good sex has in dude's life, ExtenZe makes a lot of sense. Are you a man who simply wants more sex, to get hard or to last longer in bed? Think about ExtenZe and the difference it can make in your life.