Quick Fix Synthetic Urine: Your Best Fake Urine Option 2021

Sooner or later, everyone will have to do a urine test. Whether it is for random job checkups, mandatory medical testing, or when filing for a life insurance policy, at some point, you will have to give a urine sample.

Usually, this is not an issue. However, if you enjoy a little recreational MMJ use, you will rather keep that to yourself understandably. You do not want your boss to know about your relaxation methods, which makes urine testing a bit scarier than it is.

Luckily, there is a solution to beat the test.

One of the most effective options to pass a urine screening is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.

Here is everything you need to know about the Quick Fix kit and why it is your best option in 2021.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Fake pee is a highly concentrated mix of ingredients that can replicate or mimic drug-free or normal human urine. It also has a few other uses, from inspecting drug test kits to fetish play, but its success rate at passing laboratory test tests is unmatched. Others use it as a practical gardening staple to help get rid of rodents and pests.

Does Synthetic Urine Work?

Whether fake urine will work depends on the brand, the temperature at which you keep the product during transport, and whether you can properly prepare it for the urine testing specimen collection.

Fake Pee Composition

Urine synthetic is composed of yellow coloring, creatinine, sulfates, ammonia, and uric acid. It passes through a systematic process that ensures it has all the characteristics of real urine.

The specific gravity, temperature, and pH levels are identical to human urine. The Quick Fix contains each component of real pee, so it is the most reliable solution to use.

Powdered vs. Liquid Synthetic Urine

When it comes to synthetic urine products, they come in two forms – powdered and liquid, and many people want to know whether the one is more effective than the other.

When combined with warm water, fake pee in powdered form is identical to the liquid version, and the chemical composition is equivalent to authentic urine.

The decision comes down to whether you want to mix the formula yourself or purchase it in a liquid form. Many powdered urines come with instructions, so if you follow them, you will not have to worry about failing. However Quick Fix Synthetic Urine by Spectrum Labs is premixed which avoids any user error and we can only recommend going this route.

Why You Might Need Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine has become a crucial product for all occasional smokers who want to pass a urine test. The more you consume toxins, the longer it takes for your body to detox and remove harmful chemicals. The scale becomes more balanced for regular users, and the types of drugs you take, your weight, and your lifestyle can cause you to test positive on tests even after two weeks after your last dose.

To ensure a negative, drug-free test, purchase Quick Fix synthetic urine online and keep it at a suitable temperature before transporting it to the medical laboratory.

Click Here to Buy the New Quick Fix 6.3 Version on Sale

It is impossible to detect the difference between real pee and synthetic urine. One may ask: Why go through the trouble of buying synthetic urine online from a site when you can collect a sample from a family member or a friend? While this might seem like an option, your friend might not be 100% clean, and there might be a lack of balance in temperature. With a fake urine formula, you do not have any risks.

How to Use It Properly to Pass a Urine Test

Although synthetic urine has all the components (urea uric acid, creatinine, and sulfates), its wrong use can make it challenging for you to pass the urine test.

Here is how to use the urine properly for drug testing.

Use The Microwave

To avoid suspension, place the urine in a microwave for ten seconds. The medical laboratory can discard any sample under 90 °F or over 100 °F. You can also use your body to heat the urine and ensure successful delivery.

Pour Carefully

You need to be quick while pouring the urine into the specimen cup because it loses the heat fast. If you want to come out clean in the testing, do not delay the process.

Why Other Brands or Methods Are Not as Effective as Quick Fix Urine

Some choose to use other people’s urine or dog’s urine to pass a drug test. While you may read different stories and experiences, laboratories can quickly detect an error and report you to your employer.

Dog urine is more concentrated than human urine, has a stronger smell, and may differ in color. Why risk your job when you can use Quick Fix Urine instead?

The Quick Fix 6.3 formula has all the necessary ingredients to pass off as real urine. The formula includes pH, urea, and creatinine that make the urine feel, smell, and look like human pee. One of the most important ingredients in Quick Fix urine is urea.

You may discover many brands that brag about their successful results and quality ingredients (such as uric acid and urea) but only Spectrum Labs patented formula contains these key ingredients that will pass this screening regiment. When labs test for illicit toxins, they test for urea and uric acid. Urea is the body’s naturally occurring waste and should be present.

Unlike other brands, Quick Fix contains the right amount of urea (one of the key components to beating the urinalysis exam). Be careful if you see a company that produces fake urine bragging about the amount of uric acid, they use there is only one true Fake Urine manufacturer out there.

The company behind Quick Fix 6.3 urine formula, Spectrum Labs, has been producing synthetic urine for more than two decades, longer than any other brand on the market.

What Makes Quick Fix Unique?

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is lab-created urine, balanced for pH, with the right amount of creatinine, specific gravity, and other features that one would find in a standard urine sample. It is a unisex product, meaning both males and females can use it to pass a urine test.

When you buy Quick Fix, you know you are getting a product that can pass all medical-grade testing tools such as Gas Chromatography Mas Spectrometry long for GC-MS.

Unlike other brands, Quick Fix comes in a pre-mixed form, making it a lot easier to prepare. The pre-mixed form also makes the switching process more manageable. The risk of using other brands that require longer mixing is if you do not prepare it right is the technician testers may flag your sample during the screening process.

What makes Quick Fix 6.3 the best product on the market for 2021?

The Right Ingredients

The perfect formula is one of the main reasons why people choose Quick Fix over other options. It has one of the highest matching profiles, identical to human urine, so you know you have the best chance of passing the laboratory test.

It Is Undetectable

Some medical labs have advanced over the years and can detect fake urine based on temperature and ingredients. When you use Quick Fix, the lab will notice the difference because of the urine’s right color, pH, and gravity.

Backed by Scientific Research

Quick Fix 6.3 formulation is an improved version of Quick Fix 6.2, which is also a great product. Spectrum Labs is constantly updating and researching its formulas according to the latest trends. Quick Fix 6.3 is the latest product of their patented formula, with a 99.9% success rate.

Different Quick Fix Options

If you are handling fake urine (from an untrusted brand and there are many) when it is too hot or cold and missing key elements, the lab tests will detect an error, and you may have to pay the price.

Quick Fix makes the process straightforward by providing a heating pad and a temperature strip with each urine kit. Some testing clinics also have nurses that monitor patients as they pee or wait by the door. To ensure you test negative, consider getting an additional urination device.

Quick Fix urine comes in microwave-safe bottles, which require only a few seconds to achieve the right temperature. Each bottle has a strip that shows the temperature, so keep an eye on it when warming. The kit comes with a packet warmer so you can keep it warm while waiting for your appointment. The packet warmer can keep the urine warm for 6-8 hours.

Another option you can use is the bladder bag. All you need to do is wrap the bag around your waist, under the clothes. When your turn comes, dispense the liquid from the bag into the cup.

Best Places to Buy Quick Fix

You can buy a Quick Fix 6.3 kit online from:
  • Spectrum Labs official website
  • Authorized Quick Fix distributors (Look for Seal)

Spectrum Labs guarantees safe and fast shipping of the urine kit. The delivery rates may vary depending on the location and state’s laws.

If you search for the product online, you will discover that hundreds of vendors offer the same product. Before you click “Buy,” you need to make sure you are purchasing from a reliable vendor.

While you may locate a discount store online, there is no guarantee they are selling the right product. Anyone can combine a few ingredients in a bottle and promote it as Quick Fix urine, so be careful where you shop.
  • Check the product’s name. The label has to say Quick Fix Urine by Spectrum Labs. Pay attention to the formula and batch number. If you get an older expired version, there is no guarantee you will pass your urine test.
  • Ensure the product is not close to expiration. The fake urine’s ingredients break down after some time.

Quick Fix urine kit costs between $35 and $60.


Compared to earlier options and versions of the product and other THC detox kits, fake urine kits, or detoxing pills, Quick Fix urine is reliable, easy to use, and will never let you down. Before you use the product, it is essential to read the instructions and follow them carefully.

Some people might be skeptical and think that the constant promotion of a new version means there is something wrong with the formula, but Quick Fix is only working hard to beat the tests and stay ahead of the current examination protocol.

On the authorized Quick Fix website, you will find everything you need to prepare for the test. You can purchase extra heating pads, a urination device, or extra urine. They also have some excellent bundles, discounts, and sale prices which makes buying online worth it.

If you are considering using extra urination devices, it is best to get them weeks ahead of the test to practice walking or peeing. The new Quick Fix Pro belt is unisex, and works for both men & women, and both are perfect for delivering a clean urine sample that flows from a tube. They are easy to wear and walk with but get familiar with the product to ensure everything goes smooth.

Quick Fix also ensures a fast, safe, and discreet shipping options, so you do not have to worry about curious neighbors going through the packages.

The bottom line is that the Quick Fix 6.3 formula is a gold standard product. With such a high success rate, there is no better synthetic urine on the market that can match Quick Fix. If you need to pass a urine test for an important job position, insurance, or business opportunity in your life, do not gamble away your future or settle for low-quality urine products. Go for Quick Fix it is simply in a league of its own.
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