Robhots: A Small Company With a Big Focus on Quality Edibles

The beginnings of Robhots can be traced back to January 2014 in Colorado, out of a need for a quality and consistent edible that was extremely effective. Starting in our rental house, Robhots quickly gained a following and a reputation for a great tasting, consistent gummy. From there, we worked incredibly hard to get fully licensed and move to the legal Colorado Cannabis Market, and really bring our products to the masses.

We moved to a fully legal operation in 2015, and have been working around the clock since. In the beginning it was one employee doing everything: making the gummies, packaging the gummies, taking and delivering orders, collecting payment and running the books, promoting on social media, and more. As demand grew, we added a few close friends to continue to grow the brand and develop things further. We have been making high-quality consistent gummies ever since, and are now the top selling medical gummy in the country.

Despite our awards and market spread, we still maintain a staff of a dozen people or so in Colorado, and have 25 or so total at the most working for us across all our markets. We haven’t taken any outside investments, and have boot-strapped our whole operation. We’re a very tight-knit team all sharing the same belief of bringing a high-quality, consistent edible to the masses.

Making both medical and recreational products in three markets (Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma) we have a wide range of flavors and dosing options. We make gummies from 10mg all the way up to 50mg and you can find the same great taste, and consistency no matter the dosage you choose or state in which you buy your Robhots. You’ll also find multiple flavors in all packs of Robhots (except our Apple Pie seasonal) so you can find a good variety of flavors that compliment each other.

To keep things fresh, we also offer seasonal offerings of Robhots that are available for limited times only during the year.
  • Releasing on Memorial Day each year is our Independence Packs of Robhots, which features red, white, and blue gummies in the flavors of Watermelon, Lemonade, and Blueberry. This limited run pack will only be available from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year.
  • For the Fall and Winter months, we have our Robhots Apple Pie flavor. This is our only pack of gummies that has one flavor, but the flavor is so delicious we think it’s worth it! We take our super tasty Apple gummies and add cinnamon to the gummies themselves, and then finish them off with a cinnamon sugar coating. They smell just like Grandma’s Apple Pie in bite-sized gummy form, and taste just as great! Despite being asked year-round for this flavor, they can only be found from the beginning of October through the middle of February.

As this industry continues to evolve, so have Robhots. Our newest product line, Robhots Plus, features cannabinoids in addition to THC for a more targeted approach to what you seek out with your edibles. The first two options in our Robhots Plus line are:
  • Robhots Plus Day Time
Featuring THC, CBD, and CBC
  • Colorado: 100mg THC, 100mg CBC, 200mg CBD (recreational)
  • Colorado: 500mg THC, 100mg CBC, 200mg CBD (medical)
  • Missouri: 100mg THC, 100mg CBC, 200mg CBD (medical)
  • Oklahoma: coming soon!

  • Robhots Plus Night Time
Featuring THC, CBN, and Melatonin
  • Colorado: 100mg THC, 200mg CBN, 30mg Melatonin (recreational)
  • Colorado: 500mg THC, 200mg CBN, 30mg Melatonin (medical)
  • Missouri: 100mg THC, 200mg CBN, 30mg Melatonin (medical)
  • Oklahoma: coming soon!

Our Robhots Plus Day Time line features CBD and CBC (in combination with THC), both of which are considered one of the “big six” of cannabinoids prominent in medical research. Cannabichromene (CBC) works with cannabinoid receptors in your body and increases levels of the body’s natural endocannabinoids, such as anandamide which can be a mood enhancer. Cannabidiol (CBD) is arguably the most well-known cannabinoid outside of THC, and has shown numerous health benefits even though the real research on it is just beginning. Some of said benefits to be shown with CBD have been: anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety (has been used to help calm people that have ingested too much THC), appetite, and more.

The Robhots Plus Night Time line features CBN and Melatonin (in combination with THC) and are geared toward end of day use to help provide a solid night’s sleep. Cannabinol (CBN) is another cannabinoid of the cannabis plant, and has shown to have calming, relaxing, and sedative effects. These effects can be amplified when combined with THC as well, which is exactly what we’ve done in our Robhots Plus Night Time gummies. To really ensure a great night’s sleep, we’ve added melatonin as well: a naturally occurring hormone released by the pineal gland at night. Melatonin is most commonly used for helping with insomnia and improving your body’s natural sleep cycle.

Since the beginning, Robhots has not only been driven to keep up our high level of quality and consistency with our products and company, but we aim to make our products as affordable as possible. We’ve begun to add automation to help with the packaging and labeling of our gummies – our current biggest bottleneck in production. With this addition of equipment, we’ll ideally be able to lower our costs and be among the most cost-effective option available to consumers.

Nothing makes us happier as a company then to find out we’ve helped someone get off prescription narcotics, or helped them with their depression, or helped them curb their alcohol or other addictive substance. We will continue on this path forward making high-quality consistent edibles while educating the masses on cannabis and all the benefits that can be had with it.

If you haven’t had Robhots Edibles, try some today! You’ll be able to taste the quality and love we put into each and every batch we make. No matter what flavor you choose, you’re sure to enjoy both the flavor, and effects from the Robhots!
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