The 5 Best Caffeine Free Pre Workout Supplements (NO STIMS)

Caffeine has grown out to be one of the most used ingredients in pre workout supplements. It's an effective stimulant, but for some people, it can cause adverse effects.

That's why many companies have started to formulate and sell stim-free options, which are basically pre workouts without caffeine.

These products take a different and unique approach to helping you boost your workout performance. Keep reading as we show you the best products out there and what you can expect from taking one.

Top 5 Best Caffeine Free Pre Workouts

Let's be honest; the market is flooded with literally hundreds of caffeine free pre workout supplements. Everyone claims to be the best, but we beg to differ.

I've taken it upon myself to test the most popular and stacked options out there. After going through dozens of tubs, I've managed to put together a list of the top 5 best caffeine free pre workouts.

Here's a glimpse at the most stacked and effective products we're featuring in this article:

  1. Pump Serum - Huge Nutrition
  2. PumpMode - Evlution Nutrition
  3. Pre Stim Free - Nutrabio
  4. Vasoblitz - Build Fast Formula
  5. Big Noise - Redcon1

These are the best products for maximizing your exercise performance and capacity without the use of stimulants.

We're going to show them to you individually and tell you what they have to offer - let's start with what we believe is the best and most effective option out there.

#1. Pump Serum

The best caffeine free pre workout currently available is Pump Serum by Huge Nutrition. It's a solid all-around product that doesn't focus on optimizing just one aspect of your training; it covers them all.

That means your pumps, stamina, power, focus, and exercise performance will all get enhanced by taking a single scoop of this product.

Another reason why it reached number one is that Pump Serum holds a whopping 15.7 grams per scoop. That is massive for a pre-workout that doesn't have any stimulants.

There are no useless ingredients or fillers in this product, which means that every ingredient found in Pump Serum contributes to helping you get in a solid workout.

And this is what happens when you take this stacked and properly dosed pre workout without caffeine:

  • Skin-tearing muscle pumps
  • Enhanced focus and cognitive functions
  • More power and stamina
  • More intense training sessions
  • Improved muscle fullness and vascularity

It's completely free of stimulants, so don't worry about any jitters or crashes once it wears off.

You can purchase Pump Serum directly from the manufacturer's site, which you can visit by clicking here.

#2. PumpMode

The second product we're featuring on our top 5 best caffeine pre workouts is PumpMode by Evlution Nutrition. You've probably heard of Evlution Nutrition, as they've been in the industry since 2013

Pump mode has been formulated to optimize your performance, vascularity, and power. To achieve those effects, the product relies on two key ingredients - Glycerol and Betaine Nitrate.

We know it doesn't contain many ingredients, but the compounds that it does have are effective and absorbed quickly. Once ingested, these ingredients start working relatively fast, and you'll notice them kick in after about 20 minutes.

That's when you can start hitting the weights. You can take it any time you want, even if you're training late in the evening, as it contains zero caffeine.

#3. Nutrabio Pre Stim Free

Number three on our list is the Pre Stim Free by Nutrabio. This option primarily focuses on boosting endurance, pump, and focus, which you undoubtedly notice after taking it.

There's a wide variety of different ingredients in Nutrabio's stim free pre workout, but we're glad to share with you that it's completely free of any stimulants such as caffeine.

It also contains Beta-Alanine amongst the ingredients, responsible for the tingling and itchy feeling you get. Not everybody likes this, so if you don't enjoy it, make sure to go for one of the other products on this list.

You can find Pre Stim Free available on Nutrabio's official site, as well as on several third-party supplement retailer sites and stores.

#4. Vasoblitz

Next up, we have Vasoblitz by Build Fast Formula (BFF). It's an excellent caffeine free pre workout for strength or endurance athletes that want to chase those skin-tearing pumps.

This product's formula is straightforward and only contains four ingredients that'll help focus on increasing nitric oxide production. By increasing N.O, more blood will get shuttled to the muscles.

With Vasoblitz, you won't experience an increase in focus, so if that's a feature you're looking for, go with a different product on this list

Please note that in order to get maximum effects, you're going to need to take two scoops. We found that one scoop wasn't enough to get the results we were chasing

#5. Big Noise

Last but not least is Redcon1's Big Noise. This final option emphasizes mental focus, muscle fullness, and pumps. It's not as stacked as the other options featured in this top 5, but it still deserves a spot on it.

In our opinion, this is a beginner stim free pre-workout that won't have a massive impact and will help you experience what these products are capable of.

It's available in multiple flavors and tastes excellent, meaning you can enjoy downing this product before hitting the gym. Make sure to allow roughly 20 to 30 minutes for products like these to start working.

Caffeine Free Pre Workout Benefits

Many people out there don't realize that caffeine free pre-workouts can still have a massive positive impact on your training sessions.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from taking a product like the ones mentioned in this article. You’ll notice most of these benefits with our first option, Pump Serum.

Increased Muscle Pumps

The main effect you're going to feel from a pre workout that doesn't contain caffeine is that you'll get better pumps. This is because they usually have a lot more ingredients that focus on boosting nitric oxide.

When nitric oxide is increased, more blood, oxygen, and other nutrients will reach the muscles better. With more blood reaching the cells, you'll experience skin-tearing pumps, which many of us find to be a fantastic feeling.

By shuttling more blood and nutrients to the muscle, you'll also notice that your muscles will become a lot fuller and vascular. This effect slowly wears off once you're done training, but it's definitely a nice plus!

Improved Focus

Stim free pre workout supplements also help you get in the zone, meaning they significantly improve your focus and alertness.

You'll notice pretty much an overall boost in your cognitive functions, which is crucial for a good gym session.

I find that the improved focus significantly boosts my entire workout experience just because it helps me squeeze out additional reps and sets.

Support Muscle Growth And Recovery

Not only will these products help you maximize your workout performance, but they'll also help support muscle growth and recovery.

That means a quality product will help you accelerate the rate at which your muscles recover. That'll help get you ready for your next workout sooner and stimulate lean mass growth.

This is important, as sometimes muscle soreness can prevent you from performing optimally in your workouts. That won't be the case with a good product containing the right ingredients.

No Crash Or Jittery Feelings

You don't experience a crash or any jittery feelings from these products. A caffeine free pre workout slowly wears off after about two hours, depending on its potency, and after that, you still feel great and energized.

That means you can this, have a good workout, and still be productive and energized after that. You also won't have to worry about taking it in the evening, because it won't mess with your sleep.

What to Know About High Stim Pre Workouts

Most people don't realize this, but pre workouts with high stimulant contents can cause unwanted adverse effects. Especially if you're sensitive to stimulants, you'll likely experience side effects.

Some can even cause side effects such as nausea, insomnia, increased blood pressure, anxiety, and fatigue. That's why we always recommend approaching them with caution and never start with a whole serving.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not against high stim pre workouts. I think they can be beneficial but taking them multiple times per week is too much.

That's why these products offer such a great alternative - you can take them anytime you want, they'll boost your exercise performance but don't come with any adverse effects.

Should You Take A Pre Workout Without Caffeine?

If you don't like the way stimulants make you feel, then it's a good idea to take a pre-workout without caffeine.

They might not give you an insane energy rush, but a good product will enhance exercise performance, muscle pumps, and focus.

Many people think you need a product that is loaded with stimulants to get in a good workout. In fact, I've had some of my best gym sessions while having taken a stim-free pre-workout.

We highly recommend getting Pump Serum by Huge Nutrition as it’s the most loaded product available.

Plus, you can take them anytime you want without having to worry about tossing and turning in your bed at night. They also won't cause negatives such as anxiety, insomnia as the high stim variants tend to do.

My advice - give one of the products mentioned in this article a shot. You'll quickly understand why many people prefer them over the other options out on the market.

Are Stimulant Free Pre Workouts Safe?

Stimulant free pre workout supplements are safe. What's crucial is that you stick to the recommended serving size as shown on the bottle.

That means if you're supposed to take one scoop at a time, do exactly that and don't go and add an extra scoop. Plus, if you have the right product on hand, you shouldn't need more as it'll already be highly effective.

You can also safely stack them with other supplements. It would be a good idea to combine them with an post workout or branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) as they both positively impact your training.

If you have a preexisting medical condition, we highly recommend running the use of these products by your doctor. Certain ingredients might interfere with medication, which you don't want happening, so make sure to double-check before starting one.


There are many reasons why you should start using a pre workout without caffeine. They're highly effective for pumps, stamina, workout intensity, and power - if you have the right product.

Not everybody knows what to look for in a supplement like this; that's why we've put together a top 5 of the best caffeine free pre workout supplements.

We found out that Huge Nutrition’s Pump Serum is the best option on the market.

If you don't like stims, go out and try one of the products mentioned earlier in this article. We're convinced these are the most effective and best bang for your buck supplements available right now.

Also read more about nitric oxide boosters and how they can help you get greater pumps in the gym.

They're completely safe, meaning you won't have to worry about any side effects whatsoever. Check them out - you won't be disappointed!
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