The Best Dharma Yoga Wheel Props Of 2021

Are you in the market for a new yoga prop? The dharma yoga wheel has been skyrocketing in popularity over the past few years, and it may be the perfect tool to add to your yoga practice.

The yoga wheel is a narrow plastic cylinder about 12 inches in diameter that has a hollow center. You can use this prop in a wide range of yoga poses to stretch your back, improve your posture, strengthen your muscles, and more.

Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or just someone looking to reduce back pain, you can benefit from incorporating the yoga wheel into your routine. However, with so many yoga wheel options available, you may have trouble determining which one is right for your skill level and desired benefits.

We've reviewed the best yoga wheels on the market to help you find the most suitable option for your needs. Read ahead to learn more about our top five choices and how you can use the yoga wheel to promote health and wellness.

Top 5 Best Yoga Wheels on the Market
  • Nature’s Integrity Yoga Wheel: Best Overall
  • Plexus Chirp Yoga Wheel: Best Customer Service
  • UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel: Most Reviews
  • REEHUT Yoga Wheel: Best Travel Wheel
  • Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel: Best Value

Nature’s Integrity Yoga Wheel – Best Overall

The best yoga wheels are comfortable yet durable enough to support your weight in various yoga poses. Our top choice overall is the Nature's Integrity yoga wheel because of its comfortable design and impressive weight capacity.

The Nature's Integrity wheel is only available on Amazon and is 13 inches in diameter. The wheel's creators boast that it is the strongest yoga wheel on the market and can easily hold up to 650 lbs. Unlike flimsier wheels, the Nature's Integrity wheel will never flex or bend while you are using it, so you can feel confident that it will support all of your yoga poses.

This wheel also utilizes thick padding to maximize comfort and support. The black external padding is eco-friendly and sweat-resistant, and it incorporates a non-slip texture to improve your security in precarious positions. The wheel comes in three internal color options: teal, purple, and pink.

If you've never used a yoga wheel before, you may not know what poses to try once you purchase the wheel. Nature's Integrity has you covered there, too. The company will send you a free yoga wheel pose guide along with your order that includes fifteen different poses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced yogis.

Nature's Integrity wants you to feel confident about your purchase, so the company offers a 100% lifetime warranty. If you are dissatisfied with your yoga wheel for any reason at any time, you can receive a full refund—no questions asked.

Whether you're a beginner yogi to advanced, fitness enthusiasts, or someone looking to relieve back pain along with other body aches, Nature's Integrity dharma wheel has you covered. This wheel's robust design and comfortable padding make it suitable for simple and challenging poses, and it's affordable price point places it as one of the most cost-effective and sturdy wheels available today.

  • Size: 13 Inches
  • Weight Capacity: 650 Lbs
  • Padding: 8 mm
  • Frame: Inflexible
  • 3 Color Variations
  • Back Pain Relief
  • FREE Yoga Wheel Pose Guide
  • Lifetime Warranty!

Plexus Chirp Yoga Wheel – Best Customer Service

If you've heard of any one of the yoga wheels on our list, it's probably Chirp. Chirp, previously Plexus, popularized the yoga tool throughout the U.S. Chirp has made our list for offering the best customer service of any wheel company we reviewed.

The Chirp yoga wheel costs anywhere from $45 to $65 depending on which size you purchase. This wheel comes in three diameter options: 6 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. The smaller the diameter, the more pressure the wheel will create for your spine. Each size is the right width to fit perfectly between your shoulder blades and target the muscles surrounding your spine and neck.

Though these wheels use the same design as a yoga wheel, Chirp advertises them more as revolutionary massagers that relieve back pain and tension. All three wheel sizes feature a rigid, injection-molded core that can support up to 500 lbs.

This yoga wheel includes a 1/2 inch sweat-resistant external padding with a grippy texture to increase your stability in challenging poses. Each size comes in one color option—black with a teal interior. Unlike other yoga wheels on our list, Chirp does not advertise itself as being eco-friendly.

Customers report excellent customer service when communicating with the company. Chirp's customer service team responds quickly, and if you have any issues with your yoga wheel. This company states you can receive a full refund within 60 days of your purchase if needed.

Overall, the Chirp yoga wheel is an excellent choice if you value responsive customer service and are looking for a variety of wheel sizes to explore.

  • Price: $45-$65
  • Size: 6, 10, 12 Inch
  • Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs
  • 60-Day Warranty

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel – Most Reviews

Reviews say a lot about a product's quality and design. We added the UpCircleSeven dharma wheel to our list because it has the most reviews, with over 5,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.5/5 stars.

UpCircleSeven sells a wide range of yoga wheels in different sizes and materials, but our favorite is the traditional 12-inch wheel. You can purchase this wheel for about $42.

This yoga wheel has a weight capacity of 550 lbs, which is pretty typical among other wheel props. The outside of the wheel features an 8mm eco-friendly, sweat-resistant, non-toxic foam padding, which is not as thick as other wheels on our list. However, many customers have reported that the wheel feels soft and comfortable.

If appearance is one of your top priorities, you will appreciate UpCircleSeven's wide range of color options. You can purchase a wheel with a dark gray or light gray exterior padding color, then choose from the following internal colors; white, purpose, pink, light blue, yellow, turquoise, orange, and cyan.

Every wheel comes with a PDF e-guide that gives detailed instructions about using the wheel for various ailments. You don't have to have any previous experience to use this wheel—UpCircleSeven makes it easy to learn new poses and discover what positions work best for your body.

The UpCircleSeven yoga wheel comes with a 100% quality promise. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, you can let the company know, and it will send you a full refund.

If you're looking for a yoga wheel that has made thousands of customers happy and includes numerous detailed customer reviews, UpCircleSeven may be the best yoga wheel for you.

  • Price: $42
  • Weight Capacity: 550 lbs
  • Padding: 8 mm
  • Multiple Color Variations

REEHUT Yoga Wheel – Best Travel Wheel

If you plan to take your yoga wheel with you to and from yoga class or in your suitcase when you travel, you probably want a product that is lightweight and portable. REEHUT is our favorite yoga wheel for on-the-go yogis.

The REEHUT yoga wheel costs about $30 and is 12.6 inches in diameter. Even though the wheel only weighs 2.86 lbs, it has a 330-lb maximum weight capacity. While this capacity is significantly lower than other wheels on our list, its lightweight design makes it easy to throw in a yoga bag or backpack and take along with you.

This yoga wheel features a TPE foam padding material that maximizes your comfort while using the wheel. The padding also features an imitation leaf vein pattern that gives the wheel an anti-slip texture, allowing you to feel confident that you will stay securely on the wheel during backbends or other stretching poses.

The REEHUT yoga wheel comes in three color options. Each wheel's interior color is light blue, but you can choose between black, pink, or purple exterior padding. REEHUT does not advertise that this wheel is eco-friendly.

When you order a REEHUT yoga wheel, the company will email you a six-page pose guide with instructions about how to use a yoga wheel and what poses you should try first. Currently, this wheel does not come with any warranties or guarantees.

Overall, the REEHUT stretching wheel is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a lightweight yet durable yoga wheel.

  • Price: $30-$34
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • 3 Color Variations
  • No Warranty

Pete’s Choice – Best Value

If you're looking to try a yoga wheel for the first time, you probably want to stay on the low end of your budget. The pete's choice wheel is an affordable yoga wheel that comes in an affordable price range.

You can find the pete's choice yoga wheel, along with a bonus yoga strap, for about $29 on Amazon. This 13-inch wheel has a weight limit of 350 lbs, making it suitable for most yogis, and its sturdy, safe design allows you to feel confident that it will not bend under pressure.

This yoga wheel utilizes a thick ABS material for its internal construction and a comfortable external padding to optimize support during use. Pete's choice comes with about a 6 mm thickness for their padding.

The wheel comes in one color option: dark gray with a light blue interior. The outer material features a non-slip texture that improves your security while stretching over the wheel, but Pete's choice does not specify if this material is eco-friendly.

Each yoga wheel comes with a free high-quality yoga strap that you can use to stretch your arms, legs, and spine, achieve challenging poses, and increase your flexibility. You will also receive a free eBook in your email that includes sixteen soothing poses you can try with your new wheel.

The pete's choice yoga wheel does not come with a warranty or guarantee. However, you can email the company with any questions or concerns, and customer service will do everything they can to ensure your satisfaction—including issuing a refund or sending a new wheel if necessary.

If you're in the market for an affordable yoga wheel, pete's choice may be the best yoga wheel for you.

  • Price: $29-$32
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Padding: 6 mm
  • Yoga Strap Included
  • No Warranty

What Is a Dharma Yoga Wheel Prop?

A yoga wheel is a popular yoga prop that has become popular in recent years. Most dharma yoga wheels are circular and about 12 inches in diameter with a hollow center. When you set the wheel up in the rolling position, it measures anywhere from 3 inches to 5 inches wide depending on the product.

The best yoga wheels utilize two different materials: a durable, thick plastic that can support a weight limit of anywhere from 350 to 650 lbs and a soft, exterior foam padding that makes the wheel more comfortable on your spine and hips.

Many people use a yoga wheel when practicing yoga to assist challenging poses like the fish pose, headstand, or backbend. However, other people use the wheel specifically to aid muscle tension and back pain, as rolling your spine along the wheel can stretch your back and provide noticeable pain relief.

Benefits of Using a Back-Roller Wheel

Using a yoga wheel daily can provide several benefits for your body, whether you currently experience back pain or not. Let's discuss the exact ways a yoga wheel can aid your physical health and well-being.

Flexibility: Many people practice yoga to improve their overall flexibility. Yoga stretches your muscles' and joints' limits, and adding a yoga wheel to your routine can further assist your flexibility. Using a yoga wheel can also improve your range of motion. Slowly increasing how far you stretch your back each day will expand your flexibility bit by bit.

Aids In Support & Prevent Injury: Some yoga poses are too challenging or precarious for beginners to achieve. Attempting a yoga pose that requires you to bend past your limits or maintain rigid balance could be dangerous if you do not have the proper training and experience.

Many people use a yoga wheel to provide support and balance while learning these poses, reducing the risk of injury until they feel more confident. While some people use yoga blocks to aid their precarious poses, yoga wheels provide more flexibility and support to help you roll into the pose on your own.

Reduces Back Pain & Tension: One of the primary uses of yoga wheels is to reduce or even eliminate back pain and tension. Many people who experience chronic pain or are recovering from an injury have found immense relief from stretching their spines on the yoga wheel versus a traditional foam roller.

Rolling your back on the yoga wheel lengthens your spine and creates space between each vertebrate, relieving muscle tension and stretching your hip flexors, core, and abs in the process.

Strengthen Muscles: Even though yoga is not a high-intensity exercise, practicing yoga regularly can strengthen your core and back muscles. Balancing your body over the yoga wheel and holding challenging positions for several breaths will slowly work to strengthen your muscles, making these poses easier and easier as you continue to practice them.

Improve Posture: Many people spend most of their time in a hunched-over position, whether they are scrolling through their phone, reading, or typing at a computer. Rolling out your back on a yoga wheel can correct this poor posture your body may naturally conform to by gently stretching your spine in the opposite direction. Using your yoga wheel daily can also improve your back and core strength, helping you maintain proper posture while sitting or standing.

Balance: Another primary reason people practice yoga is to improve their balance, which can, in turn, strengthen their muscles and promote healthy posture. Yoga encourages you to find your center of gravity, take deep, measured breaths, and support your body weight while in unique positions. Incorporating the yoga wheel into your yoga practice can help you improve your balance further. Some advanced yoga practitioners even balance on top of the yoga wheel on one foot or perform a handstand on the wheel to practice balance.

Spinal Stretch: Stretching your spine regularly is an excellent way to promote back health and reduce pain, especially if you sit for most of your day. The yoga wheel is the perfect shape and size to stretch your spine outside of the hunched-over curvature you may demonstrate for most of the day. The best yoga wheel options fit perfectly between your two shoulder blades, allowing you to roll your spine back and forth over the wheel and create a deeper stretch than you could on your own.

Do Yoga Wheels Help With Back Pain?

Many customers have found that using the yoga wheel can significantly relieve their troublesome back pain. If you read any reviews of any of the products above, you will see numerous reports from customers who have found surprising pain relief after using the yoga wheel just a few times.

Stretching your spine and improving your core strength can do wonders to help your back, and if you suffer from frequent back pain, the yoga wheel might be the perfect solution.

How We Determined the Best Yoga Wheels on the Market

Ever since yoga wheels hit the market a few years ago, numerous companies have begun producing relatively similar versions of these yoga props. If you look further into any of the wheels on our list, you may notice that most wheels look alike and have many of the same features and benefits.

As we searched for the best yoga wheels available today, we reviewed the following factors in each wheel and chose products that impressed us on all five fronts.

Price: The first factor we considered when searching for the best yoga wheels is price. Yoga wheels can come in a wide range of prices, and just because a product is more expensive does not necessarily mean it is of better quality or is more durable. Each of the wheels on our list costs between $25 and $65, and we feel that the price accurately represents the products' quality. Many of these products also offer a money-back guarantee to aid your purchase decision.

Quality Materials: Many of the yoga wheels on our list utilize a durable ABS plastic core to improve their weight limit and durability. However, you can also find high-quality wheels that use a cork core or foam coating to promote comfort while remaining sweat-resistant. Each of the wheels on our list utilizes a durable inner material and a comfortable exterior padding material.

Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is another crucial factor to consider in a yoga wheel. You want to feel confident that your yoga tool can hold your body weight and stand up to excessive force and pressure. If the wheel cracks or bends while you are using it, you could lose your balance or even suffer an injury as a result. All of the yoga wheel products on our list have a weight limit of at least 350 lbs, while the strongest option, the Nature's Integrity wheel, can hold up to 650 lbs. You can be sure that these wheels will hold your body weight no matter what yoga poses or stretches you practice.

Foam Padding Thickness: The best yoga wheel products utilize external foam padding to maximize your comfort while stretching or balancing on the wheel. This foam padding can vary in thickness from less than half an inch to several inches thick. Because foam can sometimes be slippery, the options on our list all utilize an anti-slip texture on top of the foam to improve your safety.

Customer Reviews:
Customer reviews give you insider information about whether a yoga wheel holds up to its claims. Each of the wheels on our list has more positive reviews than negative ones.

Dharma Yoga Wheel Poses

If you have ever tried to achieve yoga poses like the child's pose, crow pose, or fish pose on your own, you know how challenging these positions can be to maintain. Here are a few poses the yoga wheel can aid during your yoga practice and detailed steps for how to perform them.


Dharma wheels can help you maintain balance and strength during a backbend. To achieve a backbend:
Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Place the wheel behind your back. Raise your hands above you and slowly bend your back over the wheel. Once your hands touch the floor, use your hands to extend your back upwards as much as is comfortable.


To practice a headstand with the yoga wheel:
Lay on the floor face down, then bring your elbows and knees inward toward your abdomen. The yoga wheel should be a few inches away from your head. Bend forward so that the top of your head is flat on the floor. Place your forearms on the floor on either side of your head. You will use these to support your body weight in the headstand. Keeping your arms where they are, grab the wheel with your hands. Slowly raise your hips so that your legs extend fully upwards. The wheel will help you maintain your balance. If you begin to lose your balance, lightly push your head against the wheel to counterbalance your weight.

Child's Pose

To achieve the child's pose with the wheel, follow these steps:
Sit on your knees with your toes touching the floor. Extend your arms in front of you, then place the yoga wheel at the edge of your reach. Slowly lower your forehead toward the floor until it is touching your mat. Stretch your arms out and grab the yoga wheel with your fingers. Feel the stretch in your core, arms, and hips.

Fish Pose

The fish pose, also known as the reclining chest opener pose, can stretch your back and improve your flexibility. To perform this pose:
Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. Place the wheel behind your back, then slowly recline your body onto the wheel, letting it support your weight. Extend your arms outward from your body and rest your hands on the floor, palms facing upward. Extend your legs and rest your weight on your heels, your toes pointing upward.

Lizard Lunge

The lizard lunge can stretch your quads and hips. To perform this pose:
Kneel on one knee, placing the other foot flat on the ground (in the "proposal" pose). Extend the leg you are kneeling on backward, resting your foot on your yoga wheel. Use your foot to roll the wheel back as far as your leg can stretch. Place your palms a few inches behind your front foot, using them to support your body weight.

Crow Pose

The crow pose is the ultimate demonstration of balance. Follow these steps to perform this pose with your yoga wheel:
Lay your wheel flat on the ground rather than on its side as you normally would. Squat behind the wheel with your feet together and your knees pointed outward. Grip the yoga wheel with your hands, then lean forward so that you begin to place some of your weight on the wheel. Shift the remainder of your weight to your hands, then lift your feet off the ground so you are balancing on your hands.

Plow Pose

The plow pose is one of the most advanced yoga poses, but using the wheel for assistance can help you ease into the actual pose. Follow these steps to achieve the plow pose:
Lay flat on your back with your yoga wheel about a foot behind your head. Raise your legs up so that the bottoms of your feet are facing the ceiling. Place your arms on either side of you with your palms facing down. Continue stretching your legs back until your feet touch the yoga wheel. If you can, rest your ankles on the wheel, and hold this pose for five breaths.

Stretches and Exercises On The Yoga Wheel For Pain Relief

Before the yoga wheel, many people used yoga blocks or a foam roller to stretch their back and relieve troublesome pain from their neck and shoulders. However, the yoga wheel offers better flexibility and support for these poses. Here are a few stretches you can try with your wheel to promote pain relief throughout your body.

Back Opener Stretches: The yoga wheel can help you stretch your painful, tense back. To perform this stretch, simply sit on the floor with the wheel behind you, then lean your back over the wheel, stretching as you go.

Chest/Front Body Opener: The yoga wheel can also help you stretch your chest and shoulders, relieving tension that builds up throughout the day. Simply roll your back over the wheel as you would with a back opener pose, but extend your arms outward or over your head to stretch your torso further.

Hamstring/Hip Opener: You can also use your yoga wheel to stretch your hips and hamstrings. Just squat with your knees facing out, then extend one leg out to the side and rest your foot on your yoga wheel. Hold this pose for five breaths, then repeat with your opposite leg.

Neck Stretches: If you have a tense, sore neck, you can also roll your neck and shoulder muscles over your yoga wheel. Sit on the floor and place the wheel behind you. Begin by extending your back over the wheel, then rock your body forward so that your neck and shoulders are touching the wheel. Continue rocking back and forth slowly to relieve tension in your neck.

Final Thoughts – Is A Yoga Wheel Right For You?

Many people have found relief from back pain, improved flexibility, and better balance after adding the yoga wheel to their daily routines. This prop is perfect for yoga experts and complete beginners alike, and using it every day can produce noticeable results for your posture, strength, and overall well-being.

Order one of the impressive yoga wheel products on our list today to see how a yoga wheel can benefit your lifestyle.
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