11 Best Sexting Sites: Free Sites And Apps To Chat With Strangers (2023)

Back in the day, people used to write each other love letters and steamy poems. Then once photography became more mainstream, couples started taking scandalous pictures for their partner. That's all to say - even our ancestors found creative and unique ways to partake in it.

While the methods of sexting have changed with the times, it remains popular in today's culture. The internet and technology, in particular, have paved the way for the next evolution of how singles and couples can communicate, flirt, and engage in foreplay. Several dedicated sexting sites allow you to easily find a sexting partner, even if they're on the other side of the world. These platforms provide an outlet to gain affirmation, relieve some stress, and ultimately feel close and connected to other people.

Whatever your reason for sexting maybe, we're here to help you get started. Below you'll find various sexting sites and apps that have impressive services and features - like a private chat to send photos and videos, anonymous sexting for dirty talk, chat rooms for niche fetishes, and so much more.

Best sexting apps and sites:
  1. Sextfriend - best sexting site overall
  2. JKMate - best for video chat
  3. Chatrubate - best for free live cams
  4. Arousr - best for experienced sexting professionals
  5. AdultFriendFinder - best for kinky chat rooms
  6. Instabang - best for local sexting
  7. Zoosk - best for worldwide connections
  8. ChatRandom - best for fast chat
  9. Seeking - best sugar dating app
  10. Tinder - best for young adults
  11. Confide - best for private sexting

Best Sexting Sites


With Sextfriend, you no longer need to rely on third-party applications and social media platforms for erotic conversations. This quality sexting site allows you to easily find a sexting partner in the nearby area. There are plenty of potential sexting buddies that are active daily and ready to start chatting with you. You can post and send content - such as photos, videos, and private messages.

Sextfriend offers some free sexting services, including the site's search engine and basic private messaging app. To access even more features and benefits, like the adult chat room full of videos of other live users, you must become a premium member.

  • Some free sexting features
  • Large sexting community on the app
  • Quick and easy sign-up process
  • Not a sexting site for beginners


JKMate is an online sexting app that pairs users with live models via webcam. It's an excellent platform to video chat with beautiful models and engage with them and other users in the chat rooms. For example, while you're enjoying the show there will be an option to send messages in a specific chat room that's dedicated to the live show. But, this site is less about finding a dedicated sexting partner and more about watching and enjoying the performances. If you're more interested in special treatment, you can ask for a private show from one of the models. While many of the live videos are completely free for users to join, a private interaction will likely cost you some money.

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  • Anonymous sexting and video features are available
  • Beautiful models giving live performances
  • Not typically used as a messaging app


Chatrubate is one of the best free sexting sites. Most of the content on this site comes from live webcam videos. You will find a plethora of online models - including men, women, and even couples -who are ready to put on a show at any given time. Afterward, you can choose to purchase credits and tip the performer. For the most part, however, access to a majority of videos is completely free.

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  • Free to use cam chat sexting website
  • Private messages and chats are available
  • Some features on the site aren't free


Arousr is a thrilling sexting site where you can message professional sexters. This platform is full of men looking to connect with some beautiful ladies. You will be required to buy credits used to pay the talent for the sexting session. When registering, however, this sexting app will grant you 100 free credits to get started. Then, the site will find someone you can send flirty messages to. And it doesn't stop there. If you want multiple sexting partners at a time, Arousr will make it happen. There are also voice messages and video chat features available as well. This could help the experience feel more authentic and interesting.

  • 100 free credits at sign-up
  • Chats are usually sexy and interesting
  • You must pay to sext
  • Video chat and voice messages cost more credits


AFF enables you to find sexting partners fast, without the hassle of small talk or a lengthy registration process. This platform doesn't pretend to be an online dating site. It's very straightforward and transparent about the fact that most users are looking for casual relationships, dirty talk, and chat rooms.

There are all different types of users on this site, with various sexual orientations, gender identities, experiences, and interests. You'll easily find some suitable matches, no matter what you're seeking.

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  • Great site for straightforward sexting
  • Many active users with various sexual preferences
  • Viewing sexual content isn't free


Instabang, also known as SnapSext, is another free sexting app where you can send and receive messages. If you're interested in getting photos quickly, this is the site for you. With an extensive search engine and large user base, you should be able to find a couple of sexting partners or even someone to meet up with in real life.

There are both regular people and sexting professionals available to chat on this site. If you get bored of all the sexting, you can enhance the experience and enter an erotic chat room or live stream video session.

  • Opportunity for fast exchanges
  • Plenty of potential sexting partners here
  • Ability to search locally
  • Payment required for video features


 Zoosk is one of those online dating apps that can be used to find a committed relationship or sexting buddy. The options are endless. This can, however, make for some confusion when reaching out to other users. Some may be interested in a long-term partner, which doesn't align with your intentions.

Luckily, Zoosk has a huge user base of over 40 million people. You'll be able to browse through a wide variety of profiles, both locally and across the world until you come across a compatible match. Additionally, this dating app has a photo verification option, where users can choose to verify their photos. This ensures they look like their photos and you're not being catfished.

  • Mobile app available
  • A large pool of users
  • Not a dedicated sexting app


ChatRandom pairs you with a random partner, taking out the hassle of finding someone to connect with. You won't be mindlessly scrolling or swiping for hours on end, instead the results will be immediate. Of course, this runs the risk of matching with someone who may not share your interests. But, you can always click next and move on to the next person. Overall, this chat and video service provides a convenient and easy way to start sexting.

  • Webcam roulette available
  • You can search by gender, relationship status, or location
  • Possibility of a bad match


Seeking, or Seeking Arrangement, is mainly used as a dating site, but it can also be a reliable resource for sexting. The basis of the site is to connect attractive women with men who are often successful. Matches can choose to take the relationship into the real world, or it can remain solely online. It's up to the people involved to decide where it all goes.

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  • Free sexting site for women
  • Video chat feature
  • Membership for men is expensive


When it comes to sexting and casual online dating, Tinder is one of the best sexting apps to try. It's an extremely popular app, with a huge following that includes millions of active users, helping you easily find someone you like. Most user interests skew more towards casual relationships. Many even choose to keep everything on the app, which provides ideal circumstances for a sext-only relationship. The way Tinder works is pretty simple. It's based on the "swipe left for no and swipe right for yes" idea.

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  • Easy browsing
  • No serious questions when creating a profile
  • No option to remain 100% anonymous


If you're concerned about privacy and want to keep everything anonymous, check out Confide. Most sexting apps and dating sites require you to provide your full name and email address at a minimum. That's not the case with Confide. Everything you do on this site is untraceable. It's nearly impossible to track down a message or sext that you previously sent to another person. For discreet and secretive sexting, we highly recommend this sexting website.

  • Privacy protection is unmatched
  • Sexts are completely concealed
  • Screenshot protection feature is not bulletproof

Tips on how to start sexting

Sexting can be a lot of fun. However, the nature of these kinds of messages will require you to use your imagination a bit. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what to say at the moment, even when the mood is right. Writer's block or even the fear of sounding too cheesy can take over.

Don't worry! With some practice, you can turn yourself into a sexting pro. The more you allow yourself to let go and enjoy the thrill of the online, the hotter your sexting experience will be. Here are a few sexting and online dating tips if you need some inspiration:

Start slow
Whether you're sexting a potential date or strangers online, go ahead and start with a subtle message. It'll help you test the waters to see if they're on board, and what topics they're interested in discussing. If you have their full attention and they're equally ready to sext, then you can start to spice up the conversation with some riskier messages.

Set the scene
The best sexts come alongside a steamy visual. Help the person form a picture in their head by describing something sexy you're doing. For example, you could say - "I just stepped out of the shower" or "I'm about to hop in bed". Then you could follow up with a sexy photo. It will make the experience feel that much more authentic.

Describe what you want
Good sexting is all in the details. Don't be afraid to turn into a romance novelist during your sext sessions. Be bold and send flirty messages that describe in extreme detail what you want from them. Getting specific and clear in your intentions will make it that much hotter. The more descriptive you are, the better.

Let them do the work too
Sexting isn't a one-person job. There are usually two people on either side of the screen, both of which should contribute to the conversation equally. If your sexting partner isn't as engaged as you would like them to be, try asking for visuals to help your imagination.

Safety tips for sexting sites and apps

While meeting someone on the internet and sharing your desires is fun no doubt, it also puts you in a vulnerable position. Especially if you decide to share some nude or semi-nude photos. While that risk can be quite exciting, you should still put your safety first at all times. Here are some tips to do so:

Avoid giving out your personal information
This one might be obvious, but it's still important to cover. Do not give out any of your personal information within the chat rooms or directly to an individual on a private chat. This includes your banking information, social security number, home address, and other items that fall under similar categories. Just as with any other dating site, there are unfortunately some scammers active on these sexting sites and apps. If someone is asking for extremely personal info, that's a major red flag and it should be immediately reported to the sexting site's customer support team.

Use secure sexting sites
Each sexting site we've reviewed above provides users with the utmost privacy and security. But, other platforms on the internet may not. You always want to use a sexting app that sends texts and photos through an encrypted messenger service. This should apply to the site's chat rooms, private messaging system, and all other forms of communication available. Having these systems in place will help to ensure nothing is hacked and leaked on the internet for everyone to see. Overall, an encrypted messaging app will make everything more safe and secure.


Sexting apps and sites can be used for a variety of purposes. You can send texts to whoever you're dating as a form of foreplay or you can sext total strangers in a chat room. Whatever the reasoning may be, it's guaranteed fun. A sexting site is a great way to get started. You can connect with new people without having to meet up in real life.

As with any online dating experience, it requires you to get personal on some level. Online sexting can be especially personal. You want to make sure you're being smart, safe, and protective over your privacy. Luckily, the internet provides a fantastic backdrop to remain anonymous. You can rest assured knowing things like your identity and personal information are kept under wraps.

Overall, sexting is a fun and convenient way to explore your fantasies and desires. We hope this article can help you do so!


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