Where to Buy Cannabis Seed in Canada: The Best Canadian Seed Banks in 2022 (Marijuana Seeds Online in CA)

If you’re tired of spending a lot of time and money buying marijuana, then you might want to consider growing your own cannabis seeds. Not only is it more economical, but it allows you to really get the most out of the whole experience. There’s a reason why many dedicated smokers swear by growing their own strains, after all.

That means you’ll need to find a reputable supplier, though. Many of the best seed banks are in Canada, where marijuana use is legal. However, just because a seed bank is based out of Canada doesn’t mean you should trust it.

We’ve assembled a list of the best Canadian seed banks currently in operation so that you can buy your seeds without worrying about getting scammed. Every site below has years of experience to prove their reliability — not to mention thousands of satisfied customers who swear by them.

First Look at the Best Seed Banks in Canada

  1. Best seed bank in Canada overall: I Love Growing Marijuana
  2. Good for newbies: Crop King Seeds
  3. Best in Quebec: Quebec Seed Bank
  4. Great seed selection: Rocket Seeds
  5. Top boutique for seeds: Beaver Seeds
  6. Organic weed seeds: Sonoma Seeds
  7. Fastest delivery of seeds: Mary Jane’s Garden

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Seed Bank in Canada

If you’re buying from Canada, then there’s not much to worry about when buying cannabis seeds. You shouldn’t have any issues with getting or completing your order, nor should you have to worry about your seeds getting confiscated.

However, if you’re buying from somewhere other than the Great White North, you need to make sure the bank you’re buying from ships to your location. Not only that, but make sure they take every precaution to ensure your order will be delivered in a safe and timely fashion.

Also, just because a seed bank will ship to where you live doesn’t mean it’s legal for you to buy from them. Always check your local laws about buying cannabis seeds before you order anything.

The Best Canadian Seed Banks

1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) — Best Seed Bank in Canada Overall

  • Over 25 years of growing experience
  • Site is well-organized
  • Seasonal specials for events like 420
  • Caters equally to experienced growers and novices
  • Multiple growing guides available
  • Extensive strain catalog

  • Limited shipping options

ILGM is one of the biggest and best-known seed banks in the world. Based out of Amsterdam, the company ships all over the world, with Canada being one of their biggest bases of operations.

The owner of ILGM, Robert Bergman, has been growing marijuana seeds for over 25 years, and he brings that wealth of experience to this seed bank. Their offerings are equally balanced to cater to both experienced growers and novices, making ILGM accessible to smokers of any stripe.

The site offers multiple grow guides, so they hold your hand through every step of the process. They also have a troubleshooting feature if you get stuck on any step that’s not covered in the guides.

It’s all well-organized as well, allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for in no time at all. If you have particular tastes, they’ll likely have your strain on hand, too.

Their biggest issue is their shipping options, or lack thereof. Your only choices are standard shipping without tracking or $25 for the privilege of knowing where your seeds are at any time. It can take some time for your seeds to get to you, too — up to 25 days in some cases.

2. Crop King Seeds — Best for Newbies in the Seed Bank World

  • Geared towards North American customers
  • Accepts Canadian dollars
  • Heavily geared towards educating newbies
  • Excellent customer service

  • May be off-putting for experienced growers
  • Certain strains have germination issues

Crop King Seeds is primarily geared towards U.S.- and Canada-based customers. They accept Canadian dollars as well as American, and they list the Canadian prices separately on their website.

This bank is an excellent choice for new growers, as they make a considerable effort to educate their customers. They have growing guides, a blog that’s updated frequently, and a step-by-step germination walkthrough. You shouldn’t have any questions about how to make their seeds blossom.

If you do get stuck, though, their customer service is on the ball. You should get an answer to your question quickly, and they’ll jump through hoops to make things right if they go wrong.

If you already know your stuff, though, you might find all that education heavy-handed. You can’t complain that they don’t give you enough to think about, though.

They do offer an 80% germination guarantee, but you might have to make them prove it, as their seeds don’t germinate as reliably as those you’ll get from some other banks.

3. Rocket Seeds — Best Selection of Seeds in Canada

  • Incredible array of seeds and strains
  • Offers fast-version seeds
  • Canadian customers get unique strain packaging
  • Extensive germination instructions

  • More complicated than buying direct from a seed bank
  • No germination guarantee

Rocket Seeds isn’t a seed bank per se, but rather they’re a consortium of banks from around the world. That gives you a ton of different options while also driving prices down.

However, since the company doesn’t grow the seeds themselves, that makes them a middleman — and middlemen can make things a bit more complicated.

Canadian customers will receive their seeds in unique strain packaging, which gives it a nice flourish. The packaging also shows the original breeder, allowing you to determine which breeders offer the best seeds.

They offer fast-version seeds, which grow and flower much more quickly than other strains. This is great for the impatient smoker who wants something to harvest as soon as possible.

They don’t offer a germination guarantee, but they do provide extensive instructions on how to ensure your plants grow successfully. You may be able to sweet-talk them into replacing any seeds that don’t grow, but you’ll probably have to prove you followed their instructions to the letter first.

4. Beaver Seeds — Best Boutique for Seeds

  • Quality seeds
  • Can pick your own bonus seeds
  • Competitive prices
  • Less of a corporate feel than larger banks

  • Selection is limited
  • Few sales or discounts

Beaver Seeds isn’t as well-known as some of the other banks on this list, but this Canadian-based bank is a real up-and-comer. If you don’t like buying from some faceless corporate monolith, Beaver Seeds is like having connections to your very own neighborhood weed-growing operation.

They’ve actually been around since 2007, but they underwent a complete rebranding in the fall of 2020. That means brand new seeds, brand new genes, and brand new packaging.

Beaver’s philosophy certainly seems to be “quality over quantity,” because they don’t have nearly as many cannabis strains as most other banks. You won’t find a loser among their seeds, though, and you should thoroughly enjoy anything you buy from them.

Their prices are competitive with most larger seed banks — and better in many cases. However, they don’t really offer much in the way of promotions or discounts, so if you live for a sale, they won’t be much help.

They include bonus marijuana seeds with every order of 5 seeds or more, and unlike most other banks, Beaver Seeds actually lets you pick your bonus seeds. It’s a great way to try out new strains on the cheap.

5. Sonoma Seeds — Best Organic Seeds

  • Seeds are grown organically
  • 80% germination guarantee
  • Good selection
  • Bonus seeds available

  • Have to spend $420 to get those bonus seeds
  • Review system is suspicious

If you’re fully committed to the organic lifestyle — even when it comes to what you smoke — then Sonoma Seeds is the perfect bank for you.

All of their seeds are grown organically, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals mixing with your cannabis. Even so, their stuff grows as well as any you’ll find elsewhere, and they have an 80% germination guarantee.

You can get 10 free bonus seeds, but you have to spend $420 to do so, which is a steep price to pay. However, given that this is a smaller operation, it makes sense that they can’t offer the same rewards that some bigger banks can.

Sonoma Seeds has a good selection, though, and they’ll have all the well-known strains plus some lesser-known varieties. You can spend quite a bit of time smoking your way through their catalog, so don’t worry about running out of options.

Many of their strains have user reviews and ratings attached, but all those reviews seem to be 5-star, which is suspicious. That’s not to say that their stuff isn’t high-quality, because it is, but we wouldn’t put too much faith in their rating system.

6. Mary Jane’s Garden — Fastest Delivery of Seeds

  • Website is extremely thorough
  • Extremely fast shipping times
  • Good for occasional smokers
  • Reliable delivery

  • Site is clunky and hard to navigate
  • Limited payment options

The Vancouver-based Mary Jane’s Garden is truly a thorough Canadian seed bank, as they’ve listed their seeds by type, location, and even country of origin. If you can’t find it on their website, it probably doesn’t exist.

That said, actually finding anything on the website is a bit of a chore. It looks like a relic from the MySpace days, and while it’s loaded with information, it’s hard to read and understand.

They do make it easy to find their top sellers, though, and those strains are popular for a reason. This makes it a good site for occasional smokers, as you can find something great in seconds without having to wade through hundreds of different strains.

They do well with Canadian orders, but are equally adept at delivering worldwide. In fact, they have a 90% rate of successful deliveries.

Mary Jane’s Garden prides itself on offering rapid delivery, so you should get your marijuana seeds in a week or less if you live in North America.

They have limited payment options, as they only accept Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, or cash. If your credit card company usually declines cannabis-based orders, you might not be able to complete your transaction successfully.

7. Quebec Seed Bank — Best for Experienced Growers

  • Ideal for experienced growers
  • Strains designed for North American climate
  • Packaging designed to keep seeds fresh
  • Smartly-curated mixed packs

  • $70 minimum orders
  • Only offers $10 flat-rate shipping

You need to know what you’re doing before you visit Quebec Cannabis Seeds, but assuming that you have some experience, they’ll be one of the most knowledgeable seed banks you’ll find anywhere.

Given that they’re based in Quebec, it makes sense that their strains would be geared towards surviving in a North American climate. That’s good news for outdoor growers, as their strains should be able to thrive in both Canada and the USA.

They offer stealth delivery on all orders outside Canada, while Canadian customers will get their seeds in the company’s attractive packaging. The packaging is specially designed to keep the seeds fresh as well.

Their mixed packs are a big selling point, as they offer some excellent curated options. It’s a great way to find out about new strains, especially those that complement the ones you already like to smoke.

You’ll have to buy in bulk from them, though, as they require a $70 minimum order. There’s also $10 flat-rate shipping on each order, so you’ll end up spending a good amount on every visit.

8. Grower’s Choice Seed Bank — Best Seed Bank in Canada for Bargaining

  • High germination guarantees
  • Excellent prices
  • Lots of in-depth info on each strain
  • Loyalty program available

  • Only a few dozen strains available
  • Shipping is expensive

Grower’s Choice has one of the highest germination guarantees in the industry at 90%. You’ll have to prove you followed their growth instructions before they’ll honor it, though.

Their prices are excellent, and anyone hunting for a bargain should start at their website. They also have a loyalty program, so you can save even more if you’re a repeat customer.

However, their selection leaves a bit to be desired, as they only have a few dozen strains on offer at any given time. Most of those strains are high-quality, but if you want something that’s fairly niche, you may need to look elsewhere.

The good thing about having a limited number of strains is that they give you lots of in-depth information about each one. You shouldn’t have any unanswered questions before you order, at the very least.

Shipping is expensive, with a $14.95 flat rate for Canadian customers. You can get free shipping, but you have to spend a whopping $500 to earn that particular privilege.

9. Dr. Greenthumb Seeds — Best Mom & Pop Seed Bank

  • Seeds grow large plants with many flowers
  • All orders are certified disease-free
  • Generally creates huge yields
  • Small business operation

  • Website is old and clunky
  • Have to print off order form and send it in
  • Limited payment options

If you don’t trust sleek, corporate-looking websites, Dr. Greenthumb will be perfect for you. It’s straight out of the AOL dial-up era, and it’s not easy to navigate.

You’ll also have to work to complete each order, as they don’t accept orders over their website. You’ll have to print out an order form and send it in the old-fashioned way.

They only accept bank drafts, certified checks, and money orders, and they only offer tracked shipping for Canadians — and it costs $35.

Given all the hoops you have to jump through, why does anyone bother with this seed bank? Because their seeds are some of the best in the world, that’s why. They generally grow large plants with fragrant flowers, and the potency is off the charts.

All of their seeds are certified disease-free, so you shouldn’t have any issues growing them. Each seed should generate a large yield as well.

FAQs About the Best Seed Banks in Canada

Is It Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Canada?

Yes, it is completely legal to buy marijuana seeds in Canada. However, they’re only sold for “novelty purposes” (wink wink), and they can’t be sold or shipped after germinating. As long as you’re just buying seeds, though, you don’t have to worry about the long arm of the law.

What Should I Look for in a Canadian Seed Bank?

Not all Canadian seed banks are created equal, and there are a few things you should be on the lookout for if you want to find a trustworthy provider. These include:
  • How long they’ve been in business: not only does a long history make them more trustworthy, but it also increases the odds that they know how what they’re doing when it comes to growing seeds
  • Online reputation: check their reviews to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. You don’t want one that has complaints about trustworthiness or reliability
  • Payment options: while buying seeds is legal in Canada, there are many financial institutions that don’t want to be affiliated with cannabis-based businesses. Make sure you have plenty of options in terms of fulfilling your order
  • Trustworthy shipping: obviously, you want a bank that will actually deliver what you’ve ordered. Pick one that offers the option to track your shipment, as well as one that uses packaging that will keep your seeds fresh

Some of the Best Seed Banks in the World Are in Canada

If you’re looking for a convenient way to grow your own cannabis in Canada, seed banks like I Love Growing Marijuana and Crop King Seeds can hook you up in a safe and reliable manner.

They offer some of the finest strains you’ll find anywhere, and they’re all known for their trustworthy business practices.

Growing your own cannabis can be a cheap and rewarding way to ensure you always have something to smoke, and these sites make everything as easy as possible. Just be careful, because unlike smoking it, growing marijuana can be quite addictive.
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