RFT Summertime St Louis

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RFT Summertime St Louis

Here we go again, getting ready to make that headfirst leap into the wondrous ferocity of a St. Louis summer. The final lusty days of May will soon depart, and our sweaty descent will begin.

Of course, we realize that summer is St. Louis' signature season. Be proud of that. Happy lunatics that we are here at Riverfront Times, we've grown fond of summer's brutality, of the air-conditioned confinement that invariably ensues, but mainly of the way it defines and binds us together.

Face it, summer is a glorious time in this city. Delightfully lethargic, life rolls in slow-motion, sensuous and sticky. So much is there to embrace: the crackle of a summer storm, the blazing blessed nights, the soothing splash of water at an outdoor pool.

So boundless is our love of summer that we have again produced a guide on how best to enjoy the endless bounty of a St. Louis summertime. This guide is our way of saying, "Don't let the heat get you down. Get out there and live it to the fullest."

Yes indeed, seize the season.

With the help of some of our finest writers, we have compiled a number of ways to happily survive the toasty days ahead. Find out the things you'd best not miss this summer. Check out the best farmers' markets and the hottest places for some serious outdoor boozing. We'll even let you know what to read, where the perfect spots are to hear the musical sounds of summer, and which bars to visit to play cornhole, washers and other games.

Have a devilishly divine summer.
By RFT Staff

Summer's can't-miss events.

A rundown of summer's best concerts.

Where you can play outdoor bar games.

The city's best places to drink al fresco.

A guide to the area's farmers' markets.

A list of hot and cool page-turners.

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