RFT's City Guide 2020: The Future of St. Louis

RFT's City Guide 2020: The Future of St. Louis

St. Louis is a city tied to its history.

The 1904 World's Fair still looms large. Cards and Blues fans can recite with vivid clarity the triumphs — and near misses — that have been the heartbeat of generations. And if you feel like an argument, grab a beer at Broadway Oyster Bar or the Duck Room and debate the legacy of rock & roll legend Chuck Berry.

St. Louis' very beginnings as a hub along the Mississippi River locked us in as an instrumental player shaping this country. But the city has never been stagnant, and that is definitely true as we begin 2020. This year is sure to be one of upheaval and change as dreams, big and small, will get their opportunity to shine or burn out.

We've put together a guide to this forward-looking time as we examine the future of St. Louis from all angles. In these pages you will find a primer on the major projects — including those already underway such as the skyline-changing rebirth of Union Station and those yet to come, like miles of new bike trails and the hotly debated Major League Soccer stadium — that have the potential to alter the way St. Louis looks and feels.

Our respected food writers will introduce you to restaurants and chefs to know in the new decade, and revisit our favorite innovators who helped define our world-class culinary scene for drinks and dining.

If you're into the arts, you can learn about one of our hometown fashion designers and explore the music and cultural events you should be adding to your calendar. You can also dive into the world of St. Louis' local video game makers and the comic book artists who have created one of the most inventive storytelling techniques you've ever seen.

And, yes, this will always be a baseball and hockey town, but maybe we can make room once again in our jaded hearts for football and embrace the culture of Ka-Kaw!

Somebody bury the Stan Kroenke era under Forest Park. That time is history. Welcome to 2020.

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