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Nyara Williams
The Ethical Society of St. Louis

You can live in St. Louis for decades and not know many of the city's treasures. Sure, it's easy to get caught up in our history; we still talk about the 1904 World's Fair like a recent event, after all. But that often means ignoring the vibrant subcultures and thriving artists living and working here today.

New entertainments often lurk just beyond your front door. Fresh and exciting events, personalities, restaurants and artists? They're all out there — you just have to look for them.

And for those who are shy about it, we offer this year's City Guide, which is on newsstands now and online (see below). Our theme, St. Louis Undercover, encourages you to cloak yourself in a bold alter ego, step outside your comfort zone and visit spots that you might not otherwise.

For example: Who knew you could find such great food in St. Louis dive bars? Cheryl Baehr details incredible dishes prepared in less-than-glamorous watering holes. Daniel Hill gives the rundown on local artist Jason Spencer, who created those amazing "sci-fi raypunk" murals you've likely seen around town. Ryan Krull keeps pace with BICI, a boozy cycling event that goes well into the night.

Jaime Lees profiles the stunning Ethical Society building on Clayton Road — so much stained glass — while Devin Thomas O'Shea shares details of a beat battle that draws some of the city's best hip-hop producers (and also has a cash prize). Jenna Jones, meanwhile, shouts out four under-the-radar St. Louis boutiques, which you'll likely want to visit yourself.

The pandemic is winding down, right? Hopefully? If you've been hibernating for the last couple of years, this might be a good opportunity to acquaint yourself with some exciting St. Louis culture — undercover. 

City Guide 2022
*Top 10 Dive Bars That Actually Have Good Food, by Cheryl Baehr
*Jason Spencer's Murals Capture St. Louis' Spirit, by Daniel Hill
*BICI: A Casual Cycling Club for Social Deviants, by Ryan Krull
*The Ethical Society of St. Louis' Incredible Building Inspires Awe, by Jaime Lees
*Four Thriving Local Businesses Flying Under the Radar, by Jenna Jones
*Fresh Produce, a Beat Battle, Draws Hip-Hop Luminaries, by Devin Thomas O'Shea

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