Send Your Sweetie a Puppy Gram on Valentine's Day for a Good Cause

click to enlarge Send Your Sweetie a Puppy Gram on Valentine's Day for a Good Cause
If you are having a "ruff" time deciding what to get that special someone for Valentine's Day, Gateway Pet Guardians has you covered. With a donation of $100, the nonprofit shelter will send your sweetheart flowers and puppy snuggles on the day of February 14.

Sign up for the service, and Gateway Pet Guardians sends two puppies to the office or home of your Valentine. The dogs get to stay for ten to fifteen minutes — enough time to get some furry love in, but not so long, presumably, to saddle your beloved with pooper-scooper duty.

Since the organization is a rescue group, every puppy is up for adoption as well. The organization has rescued so many pregnant dogs in the last couple months, it says in a press release, it's got approximately 50 puppies to share with you and your loved ones.

The rescue group has offered Puppy Grams for a few years, and it is one of the staff's favorite events, says Executive Director Jamie Case. And you don't have to be in a relationship to use the service. Case notes, “Offices will go in together & order a puppy gram just to have a puppy come to their office to play."

Puppy orders must be placed by February 9, so if you want to send some pups this V-Day, visit Gateway Pet Guardians' website to donate and fill out the application.