Ian's Too Damn Nice!

Bring back those lousy restaurant reviews!

CAFE, July 5, 2007

Get mean!: Has Ian Froeb ever eaten at a place he didn't like? The RFT restaurant review section used to have very descriptive, critical (but fair) reviews that ran the gamut of the St. Louis scene. Now we have a critic that has a "good enough" attitude, and gives restaurants far too much leeway when the food or service is not up to par.

Plus he leaves the St. Louis area for effectively half the summer to give reviews on Illinois restaurants in towns that are not only outside your circulation area, but in towns that readers have barely heard of?

I'm used to reading this sort of "this is really a promo for the restaurant but in the guise of a review" crud in the Post-Dispatch, but not in the RFT. Tell Ian to grow a backbone and call a spade a spade. Until then, I guess I'll have to go to Sauce for my fix. Dean Berry, Clayton

NEWS REAL, MAY 31, 2007

The tip of the iceberg: The activities Kristen Hinman reports in "Careless Care" in regard to quality of care at the St. Louis Veterans Administration Medical Center's John Cochran Division have been going on for three years.

Hinman slants this from a spinal cord-injury point of view; it is horrible for them there. How did you contact the Paralyzed Veterans of America to see what they had to say about what was going on with SCI injuries? Did you contact vets seeking healthcare at the JC hospital? If you only concentrate on one segment of the veteran population, it is a disservice to other veterans.

With all due respect to Mr. Brown, he doesn't have a clue as to what really goes on there. In order to really know, you have to speak to spouses; some of the older employees there are waiting to retire, as they do not like what is going on with the patients.

Riverfront Times should get copies of the reports by the PVA, along with reports by other organizations to see how they have been fighting to get things right. Legislators should be advised that they are exposed to a routine dog-and-pony show when they arrive. They need an unscheduled visit so see what in the world is really going on, not a scheduled visit.

While Mr. Brown's efforts are appreciated, a one-man band is not what is needed. He should work with the other veterans' organizations. This cannot be solved by one person, and it won't be. It will take a concentration of every veterans' organization in the area to make things right. What I could tell you about some patients' and their families' point of view would make your hair rise and fly off of your head. Although I will provide my name, I fear retaliation from the hospital and several others about my (very true) comments if it is published. Name withheld by request, Florissant


Making history: Thank you for "Walk the Walk," Alex Weir's nice article on our first annual historical home tour. We are a new organization with the mission and goal to share our history with surrounding communities. Due to this wonderful article, you have placed our first public function on a positive road to possible success. Again, thank you.

Maureen Morris, president, Citizens Reviving Historic Belleville

Ask a Mexican, March 1, 2007

Now with more Internet! I just wanted to tell you that I really like the articles that are published in Riverfront Times. I never checked this newspaper out online until I Googled "Immigration Reform" and I came across an article and read it. Anyways, I just want to let you know that I enjoy your articles; keep up the good work. You entertained me with your responses to the questions people ask about Mexicans.

Andrea Rodriguez, Fairmont City, Illinois

Our issue of June 28 included a letter signed by Barbara Manzara of St. Louis. We have no idea who submitted that letter, but we do know that it was not Barbara Manzara. It is Riverfront Times' policy to verify the identity of anyone whose letter we publish. We failed to do so in the case of this letter — a lapse for which we apologize.


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