Some Girls

Heaven's Pregnant Teens (Epitaph)

Forgotten in the wake of Green Day or Good Charlotte's commercial success is the fact that punk is supposed to make people uncomfortable. However, it's safe to say that San Diego's Some Girls aren't out to make anyone feel comfortable on their second release, Heaven's Pregnant Teens. Even the most seasoned noise fans should prepare to be brutalized: Guitars thrash, drums attack and growled vocals are spit in a short (but jarring) ride through the most abrasive sides of music. Song structures are chaotic and feature repeating themes that build until they seem to be on the verge of falling apart — as on "Deathface," with its three minutes of repeating the word "ape" over a relentless beat and shrill guitars. Still, while it's admirable that the band isn't shy about wanting to push the limits, one can't help but wonder how long people are going to keep listening.