Local Motion

Week of January 5, 2006

In the dead of winter, dark things rouse themselves and set their hands toward doing the Devil's work. Harkonin, not content with putting out St. Louis' best metal album of 2005, have been writing new material for what could be St. Louis' best metal album of 2006. With studio time booked for February, the band offers fans a taste of the new songs this Saturday. "Lee from Chunks of Meat is putting out another comp thingy and asked us to be on it," drummer Clayton Gore says. "Rather than re-use a song from Sermons, we're recording our show at Just Bill's, and we'll use one of the new songs live — providing it doesn't sound like ass." Ass? Kickass is more likely. Harkonin wreaks havoc, son; best to get in the pit and bang your head while the bangin's good.