Murder Was the Case

Solve a cyber-murder (and interact with real people, too!) at TripleXpresso's

Sometimes it's hard to get the significant other (SO) out of the house to do much of anything fun, unless eating hot wings at one of St. Louis' many sports bars counts (it doesn't). The SO is either on the couch watching sports or on the computer doing who knows what (hopefully, playing solitaire or buying presents or something else wholesome -- wishful thinking). You probably feel that if only you had your own computer, you could have your own cyberfun. But before you go out and spend the holiday money on a desktop to e-mail the dude in the next room, the Entertainment Group might help solve some of your relationship problems (or at least those defined above), especially if you buy a laptop instead. On Wednesday, December 1, the group hosts an interactive murder-mystery dinner event (it'll be competitive, just like sports!) at 7 p.m. at the somewhat bizarre and high-tech TripleXpresso's coffeehouse/café/conference-center complex in south city (1900 Arsenal Street; 314-754-4800 or

This murder-mystery dinner is different from the others around town. First of all, it's a bit cheaper ($35 per person). And second, you'll need to bring that new laptop: The detective mission you embark on is a "Murder in Cyberspace." TripleX's Wi-Fi network helps participants Nancy Drew it up -- you know, ask questions of a chat-room character and live participants, put together clues and solve the mystery of a dead person (like the guy pictured). See? You and SO can spend time together and use computers and compete, all at the same time, all away from home. Plus, you might as well use your computer for good before the evil forces of the cyberworld take it over and use it as a pawn in their wicked plans, usually consisting of sending viruses out to all in your address book or resetting your homepage to millions of porn pop-ups. Cute. For more information about the host group or to make reservations, visit or call 314-495-9454.