What Would You Like to Ask God?

Week of December 15, 2004

Christy Howell
Bartender, Jimmy & Andy's
"I guess I'd ask why some babies are born with disabilities. Or about the creation of the universe: 'Did You make it, or did it evolve from something else You made? And will it last forever? Because there's all these people out there talking about doomsday.'"

Jamie Allman
Investigative Reporter, KMOV-TV (Channel 4) and Co-Host, Allman & Smash in the Morning (97.1 FM)
"'How can I possibly repay You? How can I be of service?' That, and 'Why does it have get below 32 degrees around here?'"

Tom Fucoloro
Clerk, Game XChange
"Well, I'm a deist. I subscribe to the 'watchmaker' theorem, which says you just wind the watch and let it run. You don't touch it after that. God made the universe, and once that happened, He's just sitting there on His big sofa watching us. So I would ask: 'Is humanity amusing to You? Do You get a kick out of us, or are You indifferent?' Whether God cares about us in the afterlife, I'm not sure -- but from what I can tell, He certainly doesn't care about us while we're here."

Carrie Finnestead
Graduate Student/Future Art Teacher, Webster University
"There's a million things I'd like to know from God: 'Is this all there is? Is this the only chance I get to get it right, or do I get a few more chances without knowing it?'"

William B. Faherty, Society of Jesus
Author and Local Historian
"I was at Kennedy Space Center working on a book, and I was interviewing a fellow there. I asked him what he did, and he said, 'Well, I track this particular space probe.' He'd been doing this for twelve years, and it was still going, all these minutes, all these days, into infinity. And I thought, 'This universe is a magnificent place, and God put it all in operation.' So, to answer the question, I'd be so awed by meeting the Lord, I would be speechless.

Beverly Jackson
Secretary, Association for Biker Awareness, Training and Education (Piasa-Gateway Chapter)
"I would want to know where the good fishing holes are, because I never catch anything when I go out, and I try just about everything -- every live bait you can imagine, lures, bobber, no bobber, cast from the shore, cast from the boat. It's just not happening for me, and I need some divine intervention. I would also like to know where to find some good morels."