Boy Crazy

For the Vienna Boys' Choir

MON 11/29

Austrian contributions to global culture include little sausages, wienerschnitzel, Conan the Governator and the Vienna Boys' Choir. The latter performs its always-popular holiday program at 8 p.m. at the Saint Louis Cathedral Basilica (4431 Lindell Boulevard; 314-533-7662). Fresh-faced, clean-cut and angel-throated, the Vienna Boys' Choir is really the standard to which all boy bands aspire (lame choreography aside). Since long before Menudo enacted the "if your voice changes, you're outta here" rule, the choir has maintained a strict policy of boys only (there is no Vienna Men's Choir, you'll note), and so fate dictates a short stay in the supergroup -- but successful solo careers are not out of the question. Remember Franz Schubert, he of the dimpled face and sweet voice? That's right, he was old-school VBC before busting out on his own à la Justin Timberlake. So for elegant, ethereal entertainment in an inspirational setting, you can either rewatch Girls Gone Wild in your living room or hoof it over to the Central West End for the one and only Vienna Boys' Choir. Tickets are $15 to $35, and be warned that the show has sold out in recent years. -- Jedidiah Ayres

Home to Toot
Jeremy Davenport blows into town

Thanksgiving is traditionally the time of year when people return home to check in with family and friends and see what's happened to the old neighborhood in their absence. Of course, then you're trapped with family and friends over the long weekend, but c'mon, it's Thanksgiving. Trumpeter Jeremy Davenport is a fortunate man in this regard. The University City native comes home every year (his mother must be ecstatic), but he gets out on the weekend to work Jazz at the Bistro (3536 Washington Boulevard; 314-531-1012; $30). Known for his smooth style, polished under the tutelage of Wynton Marsalis and Harry Connick Jr., Davenport swings and croons at 8:30 and 10:15 p.m. on Friday and Saturday (November 26 and 27) and at 4 and 6 p.m. on Sunday, November 28. -- Paul Friswold

Jive Turkeys
Give thanks if you're not in the front row

SAT 11/27

It's a scientifically proven fact (and when has science ever been wrong?) that laughing burns calories and helps us digest food. In other words: The more you chuckle, the tighter your belt buckle. That's why the Laughter After Thanksgiving Comedy Jam at 8 p.m. at The Ambassador (114 Northland Shopping Center off West Florissant Avenue; 314-389-6767) is a stroke of genius. Not only will your $25 to $35 get you in to see comedians Shawty Shawty, De Ray, Alex Thomas and your host Li'l Rock, but you'll also shed a few pounds you might've picked up two days before. Just think, one "yo' mama so ugly, she made a blind girl start crying" could mean sayonara jellied cranberry sauce! You and yo' mama so stupid if you don't visit or for more information. -- R. L. Nave

Gimme Sugar

FRI 11/26

Like life with children, Alexandra Ballet's free Nutcracker Sugar Plum Parties aren't always the Land of Sweets; that goodness is mixed in with the Nutcracker's battle with that mean old Mouse King. Who wins this time? Bring the kids to the Saint Louis Galleria (Brentwood Boulevard and Clayton Road, Richmond Heights; 314-863-6633) at 9:15 a.m., 10:45 a.m. or 12:15 p.m. to find out; pre-dance concert registration is required at the Famous-Barr court. -- Alison Sieloff