The Mosquitos

Monday, November 8; Borders Books & Music-Brentwood

Why, oh why, are the Mosquitos touring during the fall? Their mixture of bossa nova rhythms and melodic indie pop belongs to the sunniest, breeziest days of summer. Vocalist Juju Stulbach's voice floats over the gentle music like a gull above the surf; they sound like Poi Dog Pondering on Valium. The Mosquitos' latest release, Sunshine Barato, is handclaps and happiness, the soundtrack to the tropical vacation you should be taking right now.

Let's be clear: This is as fluffy and inconsequential as music gets. But some days, that's a good thing. They ought to play a pool party, but the Borders on Brentwood will be a suitable enough venue. Too bad you can't bring in a mojito to sip while you browse the books and chill out to the Mosquitos.