The Science

Thursday, November 27; Pageant

You'll hear it at least once this Thanksgiving: Some relative will lean over you and, with a gravy-smeared smirk, ask, "Gettin' sleepy? It's the turkey, you know. Some chemical called tryptophan."

It's a lie. An urban myth. The tryptophan in turkey doesn't make you sleepy. Eating like a pig in the middle of the day makes you sleepy. So skip the third plate, stay awake and go see some guys who really know how to handle platters. The Science, St. Louis' best underground hip-hop show, is moving from the Duck Room to the Pageant this holiday, so your extra-wide holiday ass will have some extra room in which to bust a move. With local mix-masters like DJ Needles and DJ Crucial manning the decks, the heads will be nodding their way out of torpor, and while maybe no one will do the Worm with a stuffing-stuffed stomach, the crowd's dancing is always one of the best parts of The Science. It's not just DJs and dancing that will make the party happen: Nite Owl and the Midwest Avengers will be dropping some of the tightest lyrics the Lou has to offer, and the duo All Natural (pictured) will be bringing some of their patented Chicago-style hip-hop into the mix. It'll be a chance for Natural's Capital D and Tone B. Nimble to check out some love in a real hip-hop city (sorry, Chi-town). That is, if any of us can get off the couch and make it to the party.