Why Are You Such a Knucklehead?

Week of November 13, 2002

David Muccigrossa
Sophomore, Priory School
"I'm a knucklehead because I like to screw around and my teachers just, like, hate me because I'm strange to them. But, really, sometimes I do it just to piss them off."

Noel Bowman
Co-Owner, Front Street Grille, New Haven, Missouri
"Because I'm an Army brat and a redhead, but mostly because I'm married to another knucklehead!"

Tony Hubert
Executive Producer/Host, Motor Sports Weekly,
KFNS (590 AM)
"Because I go to stock-car races and actually watch them. Most people just wander around the infield, drink too much and pass out -- it's just a party. I check out the cars and drivers, the action. I'm the dude with the headset on."

Jill England
Aspiring Novelist
"Because I always want to be right -- and that makes you a knucklehead sometimes, when you think you're right and you're not."

Lucas Moore
Hired Hand, Eat-Me Cattle Company,
Springfield, Missouri

"That's the way President Bush has made me, twisting my mind, making me think I'm gonna be sent to kill people on the other side of the world!"

Jay Iverson
Social Director, West Nile Amusement Park
"Funny, that's what my dad said to me when I told him I was getting married."