The Beach Boys

7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 13. Powell Symphony Hall, 718 North Grand Boulevard.

Purists are likely already sniffing with disdain that the version of the Beach Boys coming to town lacks an immediate member of the Wilson clan. But to be fair to current figurehead Mike Love, he and cousins Carl, Dennis and Brian Wilson started the band along with Al Jardine in the '60s — and Love's temperate vocal croon marked many of the band's earliest hits. (Only later was he part of the band responsible for the Problem Child movie theme and the John Stamos-fronted, Full House-aired video schmaltz "Forever." Just saying.) Lawsuits, deaths and drug problems have marred the sunny-day mood of the Beach Boys' tunes over the past quarter-century, but now that the weather is finally turning warmer, who can resist the puka-shell classic "Kokomo," surf-rock daydreams like "Fun, Fun, Fun" or the beachfront melancholy of "Wouldn't It Be Nice"?