Largest Portions


We know one local gourmand who, when asked if he'd like to try an unfamiliar restaurant, asks, "It's not a count-your-peas place, is it?" What he means is that, even if the food is excellent, it's so often the case these days that there's not enough of it. That's not a problem at Hodak's, where the food is excellent and there's plenty of it on your plate. Order the fried chicken and you'll be treated to several sizeable pieces -- and where do they find chickens that large to begin with? There are also heaping portions of mashed potatoes or fries, as well as the proverbial mounds of coleslaw. The only thing you'll be counting after one of these meals is your blessings.

1. Hodak's
2. Cunetto's
3. Krieger's
4. Lotta Watta Creek
5. Miss Saigon