Where Were We Before We Were Conceived?

Week of January 30, 2002

Ryan Wilson
American Studies, Webster University
"Before I was conceived? I was floating around in some dimension of space and I was caught, I suppose, by both my parents and brought into a life with them. That may seem like an insane thought, but it makes sense to me."

Sherman Calhoun
Co-Owner, Out Da Milla Records
"I believe in reincarnation and what we did in our past life basically prepares us for this life, and I believe in my past life I was a king. And right now all I'm doing is striving to get back to my kingdom."

Jim Pierce
Retired Truck Driver
"Nowhere. Nonexistent. I'm an atheist. I don't believe in the hereafter. There's no 'was' and no 'will be,' only 'is.' We're just here for our short period of time to help ourselves and other people and do the best we can."

Rhonda Rizzo
Cosmic Cowgirl
"Before this time around? I was here, probably somewhere out West. Then I died, but I didn't get some things right, so I had to come back ... but I'm gonna get it right this time."

Pete Kyle
Construction Laborer
"I never thought about that. It's a puzzle. We might've been atoms, floating in space. Where was God when he made the Creation? Was he floating around in space, thinking, 'What can I do with all this?' Maybe he just took the stars and planted these stars in women. Maybe that's where we came from."

Chrissy Kopec-Duhr
Music Major, Webster University
"I imagine this big waiting room -- clean, almost sterile, with fluorescent ceiling lights -- and everybody's got a number. And when two people 'merge,' as we call it in philosophy, some nurse calls your number and out you go."