Do We Choose Whom We Love, or Is Love Beyond Our Control?

Week of February 13, 2001

Charles "Ed" Brown
"I think it just happens, because my first love was my mom, and when I looked up from the crib ... there she was."

Dori Applebaum
Cupid's Li'l Helper
"I think it's part of a higher master plan that's beyond our control. I'm definitely in true love, and I think that this person was designed with, uh ... with me in mind."

Mary Hamilton
Doctor of Mixology, Rizzo's Restaurant
"Depends on how many beers you've had ... love is a myth made up by wedding planners and Hallmark card designers."

Michael Bowers
Hairstylist, The Source Salon & Spa

"You get burned once or twice, and then you choose -- carefully -- for the rest of your life."

7-Eleven Susan
Planetary Citizen
"No, we don't choose. I believe in destiny. I believe in fate. I believe there's a person out there for me and he will be sent to me -- 'cause I sure ain't very good at picking them myself!"

Keisha Samuels
Student, Mechanical Engineering
"It's beyond my control. It's just totally kismet. The right someone could come along at any moment and change my life romantically. Now, if I could choose a soulmate? LL Cool J."