Film Openings

Week of January 2, 2002

Impostor. Gary Fleder. Based on a short story by sci-fi genius Phillip K. Dick (also responsible for both Blade Runner and Total Recall), Impostor takes place in 2079. The earth is at war with aliens, and government scientist Spencer Olham (Gary Sinese) is working to save the world. When he is accused of being an alien spy, his world is turned upside down; he becomes hunted. Also starring Madeleine Stowe and Vincent D'Onofrio. Opens Jan. 4 at multiple locations.

A Trial in Prague. Zuzana Justman. In 1952, 14 Czech communists were charged by their government with high treason and espionage. After being convicted, most were hanged. This documentary traces the story from start to finish and features interviews with survivors, archival footage and, as a backdrop, the high tension of the Cold War. Plays at 7 p.m. Jan. 4-6 at Webster University.