What's the Last Thing You Mooched Off Someone?

Week of December 12, 2001

Ted Luby
"Coffee and change from the clerks at the courthouse, who are irritated with me because they think I'm a pest."

Mary Powell
Occasional Laborer
"All of it -- cigarettes, clothes, food. Everything to sustain a body. I just look at it as a hanging-out activity, like people going window-shopping without any money. You might be walking down the street, you see someone who looks nice, you say, 'Hi, I'm thinking I sure could use a soda.' Whatever works. It's really called 'professional panhandling.' That's the technical name for it."

Lee Carlson
Network Engineer
"Software to do some kind of analysis. I've got a certain task to do, and I can't get it done easily without this software, and management won't spring for it, so I've got to mooch it from a colleague."

Lea Redmond
Customer Service, Whole Foods Market
"Had to be beer -- from my younger brother. He brought it over to my house to drink, and I told him he didn't need it, that I needed it. So ... I mooched it!"

Al Walker
Utility Cook, Sqwires
"Probably a ride ... or a cigarette. I smoke all mine up before coming to work and mooch off my buddy, Stan, all day. He don't care, and mooched cigarettes taste better, too -- a lot better."

McGraw Milhaven
Co-Host, Morning Meeting/
Total Information P.M.

"The last thing I mooched? As a matter of fact, it was yesterday. I mooched a dollar off Charlie Brennan with no intention of ever paying him back."