What Is the Title of Your New Hit Single?

Week of August 1, 2001

Matt Picker
"'Quit Complaining About St. Louis ('Cause the Rent Is Cheap, You Loser)' -- a song for people who don't do anything but bitch about St. Louis. An alternate title could be 'As Cool as Chicago.'"

Sherman Parker
Political Animal
"It's called, 'Don't Blame Me -- I Voted for Talent.' It's kind of bluesy, and it goes something like 'The people wanted a change in education and transportation/but they voted for the same ol' lame game/Now who's to blame?/Not me/I voted for Talent.'"

Dana Kenney
College Student
"'Go Vegan or Die.' It's about the need to get the world off the animal-eating habit before we destroy ourselves, our planet and our fellow creatures."

Herb Ramirez
Chef, Jimmy's Café
"If I were to have a song, it would have to be something about me and my friends, 'cause whenever we get lit, we just play around among ourselves, sing some harmonies. And we just came up with a name for ourselves, De la Posse, so maybe the song is called 'DLP.' It wouldn't be strictly hip-hop, because we all like different things. It'd be a mix of blues, jazz, some bebop."

Sarah Kenny
Aspiring Actress
"The song is 'Monkey Boy,' and it's probably a theme for a TV show. Monkey Boy is actually a superhero in the comic that I write, which is based on my brother, Tim."

David Quigley
Server, Laclede Street Bar & Grill
"'The 15 to 20 Percent Blues -- Or Lack Thereof."