Stranded on a Desert Isle, You Get the Same Two Food Items and One Drink Every Day: What Are They?

Published the week of Aug. 30-Sept. 5, 2000

Randy L. Haenel
Air Force, Retired

"Beer, cheeseburgers and pineapples -- tell you what, I lived off that diet for almost a year in the Seychelles. Call it the Jimmy Buffett approach to survival."

Debbie Fellenz
Antiques Dealer

"I'd say chocolate from Bissinger's, pizza from anywhere and a chocolate malt from Crown Candy. That's a balanced diet, isn't it? I could eat that every day. I'd have that for my last supper if I knew I was going to have a last supper."

Doug Morgan
Owner, Delmar Restaurant & Lounge

"That's easy! Juicy Juice -- it's cheap and it's all-natural -- and Imo's pizza -- they deliver -- and bananas. They keep me regular, and when my stomach's upset after a night of Juicy Juice and Imo's, that's the only thing I can handle."

Robert Vincenc
Bartender, Rossino's

"Oh my God, eggs Benedict from Balaban's in the morning and leg of lamb from Sidney Street Cafe in the evening. And then a Black Russian, a very large one -- I mean very large -- for health and vigor, you know. I could do that each and every day."

Shellie Garceau
Biology Major, Washington University

"Probably something with rice and beans to cover the basic protein requirements, and then water and strawberries. Would there be other people there? Having to eat the same food wouldn't bother me as much as not being able to interact with other people. But then again, what if it turned out like Survivor?"

Jamie "Thurston" Howell "III"
Manager, Save-A-Lot, South City

"For the food combo, I would do Honeycomb and Quarter Pounders. I've been know to scarf down those two things while lying on the couch in my underwear watching TV. My beverage of choice? Miller Lite with salt -- that's every boy's dream, all-American, too. But I wouldn't go to this place, anyway -- I think it'd be horrible!"